Borrowing Problems from the Future

Barry finally tells Iris and the others--except Joe--what he saw in the future and together they set out to stop that future from coming to pass. Meanwhile, Caitlin invites Julian to join Team Flash, and H.R. prepares to open the museum.


By Gadfly on Jan 25, 2017

Barry has a dream of seeing Savitar kill Iris. He wakes up in bed with Iris and tells her that he had a bad dream, and she' asks if he wants to talk about it. Barry says that he wants to unpack since it's been a month since they moved in, but iris figures that he's ducking the subject. As they start to kiss, their phones go off as they get an alert about a fire. Iris tells Barry to go, and he says that he loves her. They kiss and then Barry speeds off. Flash aces across Central City and speed…

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