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Borrowing Problems from the Future Recap

Barry has a dream of seeing Savitar kill Iris. He wakes up in bed with Iris and tells her that he had a bad dream, and she' asks if he wants to talk about it. Barry says that he wants to unpack since it's been a month since they moved in, but iris figures that he's ducking the subject. As they start to kiss, their phones go off as they get an alert about a fire. Iris tells Barry to go, and he says that he loves her. They kiss and then Barry speeds off.

Flash aces across Central City and speeds in to rescue Detective Patterson. Kid Flash arrives and Flash points out that opening the door to Patterson will let the oxygen in, spreading the fire. He says that they have to create a vacuum to pull the oxygen out, putting out the flames. Working together, the two speedsters put out the flames and get Patterson out. Patterson thanks Flash and realizes that there are two of them.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry tells Wally that he's an old hand at dealing with emergencies and says it's important for Wally to follow him. Wally speeds off to breakfast with Joe, putting his suit on Barry's mannequin. Caitlin worries that her wrist cuffs are running low on power, and asks Cisco to fix them for her. H.R. comes in and says that he's ready to announce that the new S.T.A.R. Labs museum is ready for its opening. He takes the team on a tour.

Wally arrives at the station and hears Patterson complaining about how Kid Flash just stood and watch. He says that Kid Flash is a coward, and Joe objects. Patterson suggests that they send Kid flash to Keystone, and Joe sees Wally listening.

H.R. shows the trio the remodeled lobby and introduces the receptionist, Olga. He admits that she doesn't speak much English, and continues the tour. When Cisco says that they're too busy to help out, H.R. points out that they need the money. He turns on a virtual tour guide of Cisco, and Cisco is less than thrilled. The hologram breaks down and H.R. asks Cisco to take a look at it, but Cisco and Caitlin quickly leave.

Later, Caitlin arrives at the police lab to check on Julian. She notices some sleeping pills and figures that he's having trouble sleeping because of what Savitar forced him to do. Caitlin then says that she needs Julian's help to get rid of her powers before she hurts someone. Julian abruptly tells her that she's on her own, and her power cuff power light goes off. Caitlin runs out and charges up the bracelet just before her powers overwhelm her.

That night at the loft, Barry shows Iris the unpacking that he did at superspeed. He tells her that he wants to give her the home she deserves, and Iris wants him to talk about his nightmares. She refuses to let him put her off, but Barry gets an alert about a robbery in progress and speeds off without answering.

At a jewelry store, a costumed supervillain blasts open a case with an energy rifle. Flash arrives and realizes that the villain is who he saw when he jumped to the future. The supervillain blasts him back with his futuristic gun and takes off on his motorcycle.

The next day at S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin makes sure that Barry is okay. She gets an alert and says that she needs to run an errand. H.R. suggests that they call the villain Plunder, and Barry remembers that's what the villain was named in the future. Once Cisco and H.R. leave, Barry tells Wally that he's not ready to take Plunder on. Once Wally leaves, Joe tells Barry that he agrees with his son but agrees that they should do some research on Plunder first.

Caitlin goes to the station in response to Julian's text, and he says that seeing Caitlin reminds him of what he did and the officers that Savitar killed. She assures him that he's a victim, and says that she tortured people and nearly killed her best friends. Julian admits that he doesn't know how to move forward, and Caitlin invites him to join Team Flash. The scientist says that he'll give it some thought and thanks Caitlin for coming.

That night, Cisco fixes the hologram and goes to order more pars. Barry comes in and asks H.R. if he's written about time travel in his science fiction romances. H.R. has, and says that some fans thought that the future isn't fixed. Another group insisted that the future was fixed and can't be changed. Barry asks for his opinion, and H.R. figures that the future is fixed. Cisco alerts them that there's a robbery, and Barry speeds off.

Plunder goes to the rooftop chopper pad to hijack the helicopter, and Flash arrives. The villain fires at him and this time Flash evades the energy pellets and knocks Plunder out. However, the pellets circle around and follow Flash, who speeds off. He can't shake them, and Cisco tells him to phase. Flash phases through a concrete barrier and the pellets explode harmlessly. However, the speedster freezes up when he remembers the future he saw. Kid Flash arrives as the gun aims itself, and grabs the gun and Plunder. The helipad worker has captured everything on video, and Kid Flash introduces himself to the city.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, the team congratulates Wally. He says that they locked up Plunder in Iron Heights, and Joe says that he's wanted for a string of robberies. Barry complains that Wally got involved, and says that if he can't follow orders then their deal is over. H.R. comes in and says that the opening is soon and they all have to be dressed. Once he leaves, Wally walks off and Joe tells Barry to get over whatever reason he has for ragging on Wally.

The team arrives at the opening, but no one shows up. Two people finally come in and H.R. welcomes them. They thought the museum was free, and they quickly leave. Cisco tells H.R. that he's not useful and neither is the museum, just as Julian comes in. He says that he's accepting Caitlin's invitation, and Caitlin takes the team aside to explain that she invited him. She says that she needs Julian's help to remove her powers, and points out that they had each other to deal with their losses. Caitlin points out that Julian hasn't told anyone that Barry is Flash, and figures that they can give him a choice. Barry tells her to tell Julian that they'll think about it.

As the others go, Barry takes Iris to the time vault and shows her the newspaper from the future. He explains that her name was on the byline originally but the future has changed. Barry tells Iris about how he accidentally jumped to the future and saw Savitar kill her because Barry wasn't fast enough. He explains that Plunder was in jail in the future, and worries that he can't change the future. Iris tells him that he can't stop protecting the city to save her life, but Barry doesn't believe it. She wonders how long she has until it happens, and Barry says that they have four months to stop Savitar. He swears on his parents' lives that he'll protect her, and Iris tells him that they can't do it alone.

Barry and Iris go to the cortex and tell the others what happened. Wally says that Joe needs to know, but Iris figures that her father would go after Savitar himself. As Wally starts to go, Barry tells him that there's still hope. H.R. warns that the future wants to happen and is difficult to change, but admits that Barry could change where he ends up. However, he warns that he has to be very careful about which events that he alters.

The next day, Cisco is working and still complaining about H.R. H.R. finally says that he hoped to find redemption on their Earth. Cisco tells him that greatness takes time and to have patience, and the two shake hands. The others come in and Cisco explains that he's revised the vibe machine to pick up the news scroll that Barry saw in the future: May 23, 2017. Cisco hooks himself as up and begins the vibe, and they relive what Barry saw. They see Flash emerge from the Speed Force and make note of the headlines in the news scroll. One headline says that Killer Frost is at large, and another says that the museum closes.

Savitar prepares to kill Iris, and Cisco spots H.R. on the roof with a rifle. Barry is sure that H.R. wasn't there before, and watches as Savitar kills Iris and then speeds to the roof and kills H.R. Cisco ends the vibe and Barry tells H.R. that he had a rifle that told him what happened in the future. They figure that if they change the headlines then they change the future. Wally speeds in and says that Plunder escaped.

The next day, Joe tells the team how Jared broke out. Barry remembers the future newscaster saying that Flash recaptured Plunder at the museum, and tells the others. When Joe wonders how he figured it out, Iris covers by saying that there's a diamond display there. Barry tells Wally to suit up, and assures him that he's ready. Wally accepts and Joe, watching, smiles.

Plunder is leaving the museum when Kid Flash arrives. The villain fires at him and Kid Flash evades the shots and speeds forward… and the last shot hits him. Flash confirms that Kid Flash arrives, and tells him that Kid Flash has to capture Plunder because it will change the future he saw. Kid Flash figures that's why Flash sent him out, and Flash says that he's a hero and iris needs a hero right now.

The two speedsters go after Plunder, who fires an energy barrier at them. They speed through it and then evade Plunder's explosive bullets. Cisco directs Kid Flash to an alternate route, and Kid Flash takes it and flanks Plunder, taking him down. The people cheer Kid Flash, who takes a bow.

Later, the news runs a story about Kid Flash capturing Plunder. Cisco examines Plunder's rifle and says that Barry stole it for him. Barry figures that if they can change one event then they can change them all and change the future.

That night, the team goes to the museum. Cisco has called a local elementary school and gave the principal discounted tickets, and H.R. thanks him. The Cisco hologram is working, and Cisco and H.R. watch it in satisfaction.

At the loft, Barry and Iris get ready for their housewarming party. She tells Barry that she's fine with what she's learned, and their friends arrive. Julian arrives with a bottle of champagne, and Barry welcomes him to the team. He then joins Joe at the bar and says that Wally is a real hero. Joe says that both of his sons are heroes and they share a toast.

Cisco and Julian tell Caitlin that they've created a solar recharger for her cuffs. She thanks them and puts it on. H.R. offers to Barry and Iris, saying that they are perfect for each other. The others raise their glasses, and Barry and Iris kiss.

In an alleyway, a woman--Gypsy-emerges from a dimensional portal and brings up a hologram of her quarry: H.R.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 25, 2017

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