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Candy Morningstar

Lucifer returns to LA with an "exotic dancer" as a wife, and Chloe is less than thrilled. He insists on joining her in her current case, but she isn't interested. Meanwhile, Charlotte tries to use Lucifer's new wife to find out what he plans for her.

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By Gadfly on May 2, 2017

At Lux, Charlotte is with a man and kisses him. When he starts to walk out on her, Charlotte demands to know why her son walked out on her two weeks ago. he has no idea what she's talking about, and Charlotte describes how she went to Hell and saved Chloe. The man quickly leaves, and Maze comes over and says that Lucifer hates it when people manipulate him. She warns that Lucifer is plotting his revenge as they speak, chuckles, and walks away. Lucifer meets with a man and they ask if he's sur…

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Episode Discussion

Gadfly posted 7 years ago

Fox U.S. is the owner, and they aired it on 1/5/17. Are you saying that they aired it on 30/4? Per TVmaze policy, the episode is listed by the owner's airdate. "If a show has a single unambiguous owner throughout its lifetime, the episode airdates should be set to the premiere dates on the owner's TV Network or Web Channel as described above." (under Data Policies - Episodes)

PerpetualPunk posted 7 years ago

This episode has already aired on 30/04/2017. Please update your records.

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