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Candy Morningstar Recap

At Lux, Charlotte is with a man and kisses him. When he starts to walk out on her, Charlotte demands to know why her son walked out on her two weeks ago. he has no idea what she's talking about, and Charlotte describes how she went to Hell and saved Chloe. The man quickly leaves, and Maze comes over and says that Lucifer hates it when people manipulate him. She warns that Lucifer is plotting his revenge as they speak, chuckles, and walks away.

Lucifer meets with a man and they ask if he's sure about it. After Lucifer says that he is, he hands over a bag of money and the man on the other side opens a case and warns that it's Lucifer's funeral.

The next day, Dan meets with Chloe She tells him that there's still no sign of Lucifer and he hasn't contacted her. Her ex figures that Chloe is upset, and she claims that she's over it. They arrive at a crime scene, and Ella immediately starts talking about missing Lucifer. She figure that Lucifer hasn't called either one of them, and Chloe catches a glimpse of Amenadiel across the street. He disappears when she turns to get a better look, and Ella explains that the victim is Ash Corrigan, who was beaten to death by something that left small circular cuts around the wound. Dan figures that ash was a clubgoer and Chloe notices a flyer for Ash's band.

Chloe and Dan talk to Ash's band mates, who worry about what will happen now that Ash is dead. They say that Ash was crashing on the couch the last couple of weeks, and he's been in a funk since his divorce. One girl, Marla, says that they should talk to Ash's ex Courtney Sax. They fought non-stop and even got violent once.

At the station, Dan confirms that Courtney was arrested for domestic abuse two years ago but the charges were dropped. Lucifer comes in and hails Chloe, who stares at him in surprise. He assures her that he's okay, and Chloe says that she was worried about him. Lucifer then says that he has news and shushes her, and Chloe gets angry at him for disappearing for two weeks and then shushing her. a woman, Candy Morningstar, comes in and tells Lucifer that she wanted to show his police friends how generous her husband is. She shows them a wedding ring and says that Lucifer paid a lot of cash for it. Lucifer introduces Candy as his wife.

Once Chloe can talk to Lucifer alone, she says that she's not surprised that he disappeared after she almost died and then came back married to a stripper. She tells Lucifer that she's happy for him, and Lucifer explains that he went to Vegas to blow off some steam, and he ended up with Candy. Chloe hesitantly says that she thought that they were friends, and Lucifer insists that they're just friends. Dan comes in and says that he has Courtney in interrogation, and Chloe goes to talk to her. Candy comes over and asks Lucifer if they liked her.

Chloe questions Courtney about where she was the night of Ash's death. Courtney says that she runs an online clothing company and has employees that can vouch for her. She tells Chloe that she was the responsible one between her and Ash, and Ash was the childish one. Chloe says that she was with an immature partner and understands, and she wouldn't mind killing her partner. Lucifer and Dan are watching through the one-way mirror, and Dan figures that Chloe isn't talking about Lucifer. Meanwhile, Courtney admits that she and Ash fought, but ash took everything from her in the divorce. She figures that Ash and the divorce mediator had some kind of side deal, and has no idea where the money went.

Amenadiel and charlotte check the Internet, and Amenadiel discovers that someone tagged Lucifer with Candy getting yogurt to celebrate their wedding. Charlotte is shocked that Lucifer betrothed himself to a stripper, and figures that he's planning something.

Dan confirms Courtney's alibi, and the divorce mediator Anthony Annan has a clean record. Lucifer comes over with Candy, and Candy points to a photo of the crime scene and notes that Anthony is in the crowd. Danny goes to track Anthony down, and Candy says that she's good with faces from her other job. When Lucifer offers to partner with Chloe, Chloe tells him that he's not on the case. She explains that their partnership ended when Lucifer ghosted the entire department, including her. Chloe tells Lucifer that he let her down as a partner, and says that she doesn't need him anymore.

Later, Lucifer takes Candy to Linda's and introduces his wife. He assures her that he and Candy have no secrets, and insists that he hasn't made any rash decisions. Linda asks about Chloe, and Lucifer says that everything he thought for her was something God set up. He admits that Chloe fired him, and Linda wonders why he returned to Chloe. Lucifer says that he missed his work, and wishes that Chloe would see sense. Candy starts talking about her boob job and how it expanded her horizons. Linda doesn't want to see it, but says that showing up isn't a bad idea. Lucifer figures that he knows how to get back on the case and gives Candy a candy.

Dan calls and tells Chloe that Anthony won't talk. Once he hangs up, he turns and confronts Lucifer, who is following him. Lucifer insists that he's just there to work the case and wants things back the way they were. Dan sympathizes with him based on his own experience, and takes him to see Chloe at her house. Lucifer has a plan: he's going to go undercover with Candy Maze is there, admires Candy, and figures that Lucifer has outdone himself. Meanwhile, Lucifer explains that he and Candy will pose as a married couple to meet with Anthony. Chloe refuses to consider it and ushers them out.

When Lucifer and Candy return to his penthouse at Lux, Charlotte is waiting. She says that she and Amenadiel were worried sick, and Candy assumes that Charlotte is Lucifer's sister. Lucifer performs the introductions and Candy tells Charlotte that she looks amazing. Flattered, Charlotte invites Candy to go shopping with her... and tell her about Lucifer's plans.

Maze asks Chloe what she thinks of Candy, and Chloe admits that she's perfect for Lucifer. The vein on her neck pops out, and Maze points out that it's a sign that Chloe is mad. Chloe says that she's an idiot, and Maze tells her that Lucifer disappears sometimes and does stupid impulsive things. Eventually he comes around, but Chloe says that she's done. Maze points out that Lucifer got an in with Anthony, but Chloe refuses to let him on the case. The demon suggests that Chloe and Lucifer need a mediator and walks off, and Chloe considers her advice.

Lucifer and Chloe go to Anthony's office, Chloe dressed like Candy, and they try to fake an argument. She says that she's tired of sex, and Lucifer insists that he's been faithful. They argue about their issues, confusing Anthony, and Lucifer says that he's been through Hell recently. Chloe points out that she almost died, and she admits that she doesn't know if he's lied to her. Outside, Anthony finds Chloe standing alone and asks if she's okay. She asks him if Anthony is open to a little extra negotiation, and explains that Lucifer has a lot of money. Chloe asks Anthony to swing things her way, and Anthony refuses. Lucifer comes over and says that Anthony did it with Ash.

Realizing that Lucifer has blown their cover, Chloe identifies herself as LAPD and says that they know about Anthony's relationship with Ash. Lucifer asks Anthony what he desired, and Anthony says that he wanted Ash's band to be huge. He admits that he helped Ash but he did it for the music. Ash promised Anthony that he could be the band's manager, and reveals a closet full of promotional items. Chloe asks why he was at the crime scene, and Anthony says that he was looking for Ash after the gig because Ash and Marla were fighting. He went there to check on Ash and found him dead. Chloe tells Lucifer to go home, saying that Candy needs him more than she does.

Candy and Charlotte are shopping, and Charlotte asks them what's coming next. The stripper finally says that they have a lot of plans, and tells Charlotte that someday she's going to open her own business. Candy figures that Charlotte wants is bet for her son and will do anything to make her happy. She tells Charlotte that she has Lucifer's back and they're family.

Back at the penthouse, Charlotte tells Amenadiel that Candy is a genius and didn’t say a thing about Lucifer's real agenda. Amenadiel suggests that there is no agenda, and that Lucifer is doing whatever he wants. Charlotte wonders if Lucifer truly is broken because of her manipulating him, and says that she's a terrible mother.

At the station, Chloe, Dan, and Ella go over Marla's history and discovers that she has a record. Chloe admits that she got the lead because Lucifer got them into the mediator, but warns Ella that they're not close to patching things up. She figure that Marla is a troublemaker rather than a killer, and Ella points out that the marks on Ash's head match the studs on Marla's bass.

That night, Chloe goes to the club where the band is performing, looking for Marla. On the stage, the band calls Lucifer up to the stage to play with the band. He starts playing a song for Chloe, saying that it's for a woman who says that she doesn't need him. Everyone in the audience is impressed except for Chloe. Once he's done, he says that he's singing for Marla and asks if she's there. The audience grabs her and lifts her up to the stage,.

Later at the station, Lucifer is in the office playing Marla's guitar after it's been wiped down. As he plays a song for Chloe, Ella comes in and says that they found traces of Ash's blood on it. Lucifer says that Chloe needs him, but Chloe glares at him and Ella points out that Amenadiel has come in. When Lucifer talks to his brother privately, Amenadiel says that he watched over Chloe after Lucifer disappeared. He thought that Chloe meant something to Lucifer, and Lucifer says that she's a joke that God played on him. Lucifer insists that he had to save Chloe from him, and Amenadiel realizes that Lucifer gave Chloe a choice because God didn't give her one. He apologizes to Lucifer for misunderstanding, and tells Lucifer that he should explain to Charlotte. Amenadiel points out that Charlotte died and went to Hell to help Lucifer, and she just thought that she was doing what was best for Lucifer. He asks Lucifer what more does it take and walks out.

Dan and Chloe question Marla, who is surprised that Ash's blood was on her bass. She says that she ran because she was making fake IDs. Marla admits that she argued with Ash, but is surprised that he was going to kick her out. She says that there's a kid she made an ID for and he hung around her all night on the night ash was murdered. Doug Kennedy, their drummer, is in the video loading the bass and they realize that he had it last. As they go out, Dan sees Lucifer and tells Chloe that he should stay there but her consultant is free.

Chloe and Lucifer go to Doug's place, and Candy calls Lucifer. Lucifer takes the call and tells Candy that he's busy catching a killer, just as Doug garrotes him. Chloe orders Doug to let him go, and Doug insists that it was all Ash's fault. Ash was going to go solo, ruining the band, and he lost his temper. When he threatens Chloe's partner, Lucifer says that he's useless to Chloe. Chloe says that isn't true, and Lucifer tells Doug that she doesn't need him and invites him to do his worst. Chloe finally shoots Doug over Lucifer's shoulder, wounding the drummer. She puts him under arrest and tells Lucifer that she was aiming for him.

As the police take Doug away, Candy arrives to check on her husband. She hugs Chloe and thanks her for saving Lucifer's life, and admits that Lucifer spends all of his time talking about Chloe and the job. Candy admits that Lucifer is already messed up, and figures Chloe knows about it because she's the reason. She describes how Lucifer said that he almost lost Chloe, and Chloe realizes that Lucifer went through a lot, too. Lucifer comes in and Candy leaps on him, and Chloe says that it's okay. She tells Lucifer that she'll see him at the precinct and leaves.

Charlotte is trying to write a letter when Lucifer comes in and tells her that he doesn't forgive her. However, he admits that Charlotte made quite a sacrifice for her and figures that his mother was deep-intentioned somewhere deep down. Lucifer tells her that he's more pissed at God for manufacturing the feelings in the first place. Charlotte says that since leaving Hell, she just wanted to get back to Heaven. She figures that if Lucifer gets the Flaming Sword, the weapon that can that can cut through anything, he would have won his rebellion against God. Lucifer points out that God destroyed it, and Charlotte says that the Sword is on earth and in Chloe's possession: it's Azarael's Blade. She tells Lucifer that they have everything they need to go home.

Later, Lucifer meets with Candy as she goes to her car. He thanks her for helping him learn what Charlotte is up to, and Candy says that it was the least she could do after Lucifer saved his life. She gives Lucifer the fake wedding ring, and he tells her to keep it and gives her his own as well. They hug and Candy wonders what's going on with him and Chloe. Lucifer refuses to answer, and Candy advises him not to screw it up. As Candy gets in, Lucifer mutters that he's trying not to.

Written by Gadfly on May 2, 2017

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