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"The Walking Dead" to conclude with expanded two-year 11th season

AMC announced today that its groundbreaking series, "The Walking Dead," which made history as the highest-rated series in the history of cable television and has given life to a vibrant and expanding content universe, will end with an expanded two-year eleventh season that will span 24 episodes. With the previously announced six extra season 10 episodes scheduled for early next year, there are 30 remaining episodes of the flagship series that will run through late 2022.

News Discussion

NeoRocket posted 7 days ago

Oh God finally. That thing ran out of steam when they brought in Negan to clear out many beloved regulars including indirectly Rick. It pretty much turned into a YA drama fest soap opera with a few zombies in the background that could have been at home on the CW network. Yeah yeah, I get it. When the regulars are death proof it does remove some suspense. But when you are dropping regulars like flies with the turnover being one of the highest the industry has ever seen. Well yawn, that kinda removes any real suspense also. Will he or won't he die? Yawn likely he will.

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