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‘True Lies’ Canceled By CBS After One Season

There will be no second season for CBS’ True Lies. The network has canceled the reboot of James Cameron’s hit 1994 action comedy movie after one season. The news comes ahead of the show’s Season 1 finale on May 17.

News Discussion

NeoRocket posted 5 days ago

One episode. After one episode I couldn't watch anymore. A very pale imitation of the source material. Sad I couldn't get my nearly hour back. 

JUST BINGED FUBAR! The real thing! FUBAR had all the flavor of True Lies and much more! It was a complete deep dive into the story! Guess the people making the series True Lies must have owned the rights to the title or some such. FUBAR was MILES better all around. A rose by any other name.

CostaDax posted 21 days ago

The show could have been better but it was fun and the two leads were great. I won't miss it though.

sorehammer posted 25 days ago

It was dire gun fights that went on with no mag changes, prop guns that were airsoft and not even disguised and poor set locations that were the states and not europe.

suemac posted 25 days ago

I lost interest after 3 episodes. I know I'm getting picky-er in my old age but I just didn't like most of the characters. I may re-watch the 'original' 1994 movie though!

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