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The Night of the Raven Recap

At the Wanderer, Jim and Artie meet with Chief War Eagle of the Black Foot tribe and vow to help find his missing daughter, Wanakee. The agents go over the ransom note, which demands that Jim and Artie come to Grave Town or forfeit Wanakee. Wanekee's fiancé, Chawtaw, wants to go, vowing to kill all white men. James gives his word to War Eagle to bring Wanakee back alive and the chief is satisfied. However, he only gives them three days to bring Wanakee back to him. After that, his people will go on a rampage against the white man.

The agents ride into Grave Town, a place believed haunted by evil spirits. Men step out with rifles and the agents tell them that they're expected. Maniacal laughter bursts out and Dr. Loveless steps out, wearing a sheriff's badge. The agents dismount and Loveless admits that he kept them in the dark to make sure they didn't suspect he survived their last encounter. They give him some advice on how to wear his hat and he draws on them, half-jokingly saying that they're dead.

Loveless invites them into the sheriff's office and forces them to sit at his feet. He tells them that soon the whole world will be at their feet and requests his feet. The agents disarm his men and Loveless applauds them. He reminds them that he holds Wanakee and thus the peace treaty hostage, and the agents turn over their guns and sit down. They ask to see the princess and Loveless assures them that they soon will. However, he wants them there so that he can destroy them. Jim suggests that he release Wanakee now that he has them, and warns that the Black Foot tribe will wipe out the place. Loveless refuses to release her because she might tell the authorities where to find him. He also knows that the Indians won't enter the "haunted" town., and boasts that he has finally found the means to give him absolute power to create a world of his own.

Loveless' men lock the agents in a cell and says that he still has a few preparations to make for his experiments. Artie points out that Washington knows that they're there but Loveless says that they'll be busy fighting Indians. As he leaves, Loveless tells them that Wanakee is at his home on the edge of town. Realizing that they can't pick the lock, Jim removes a miniature blowtorch from his hollow bootheels and cuts through the lock. Artie bangs on the door to the next room and Loveless' men comes in. The agents dispose of them and run out.

Wanakee emerges from a teepee inside a forest setting... inside a room within Loveless' manor. Loveless comes in and summons Wanakee out, and she points out that he has chained her to the floor. He insists that Wanakee is his guest and tells her that she has visitors. She has no idea who Jim West is and Loveless tells her to make herself beautiful to impress the agent when he arrives.

Jim and Artie approach the manor and spot an obviously open window. They figure that it's a trap but realize they have no choice. Jim climbs up to the window and enters the bedroom. The door is locked and a metal shutter blocks the window with the words "Welcome Mr. West" on it. Jim waits until Loveless finally looks in on him through a porthole.

Once Artie is recaptured, Loveless takes the agents to the teepee room and chains them to the floor. He performs the introductions and Wanakee points out that they've already been captured. As Loveless goes, the agents remind him about the impending Indian attack but their nemesis doesn't care. Once they're alone, Jim explains that Chawtaw and War Eagle didn't come because Loveless would kill her if anyone else came. She doesn't understand or care why Loveless is out for revenge, and says that Chawtaw would have saved her if he had come. Disgusted, she goes into her teepee and Jim admits that Wanakee is quite a girl.

In his study, Loveless removes a case from his safe and boasts to Antoinette that his white powder is the perfect weapon. He plans to cut Jim down to size using his powder and checks on the restoring liquid he is working on that is the only thing that can restore Jim.

Jim cuts through his leg manacle using the blowtorch. Before Artie can begin, Antoinette and two men bring in dinner. Jim attacks them and manages to escape, and Artie reminds the thugs that Loveless wouldn't like it if they hurt him. The thugs reluctantly go off to find Jim.

In his lab, Loveless is placing the white powder on tobacco leaves when Antoinette runs in to tell him that Jim has escaped. Loveless tries to work out where Jim has gone and tells his men to search the house since the agent won't have left Wanakee and Artie behind. He then tells Antoinette to take Wanakee to the garden room.

Jim is soon fighting Loveless' men and they knock him into a loveseat. It spins around, depositing Jim into the garden room. Loveless is there with his Venus fly traps and a hostage Wanakee. He doesn't care when Wanakee dies and Jim concedes that he's lost. Loveless tells him to stop escaping because it interferes with his work and asks for Jim's word as a gentleman that the agents won't escape again. When Jim refuses, Loveless threatens to shoot Wanakee until he does.

Back in the teepee rooms, the thugs free Artie now that they have Jim's word the agents won't attempt to escape. Jim explains what happened and Artie is angry until Wanakee admits that Jim only promised because Loveless threatened to kill her. She regrets being the cause of her death and goes into her teepee.

Loveless finishes making a cigar with some of the white powder in it. Antoinette comments that too much will cause Jim to vanish entire, and Loveless is satisfied that once Jim smokes it, his dreams of escape will go up in smoke.

As Artie dozes off, Wanakee comes out and admits that she couldn't sleep. Jim promises that he will save her and Wanakee explains that she rode off alone to think about her coming marriage. She went swimming in a spring and Loveless' men abducted her and brought her to Grave Town.

While Loveless feeds his pet raven, Antoinette makes a small suit of clothing. They then go to the teepee room and Loveless offers Jim a cigar. Once Jim smokes it, Loveless smiles in triumph as Jim realizes that it was drugged and collapses. Loveless assures Artie that Jim isn't dead... but he'll wish he were.

When Jim wakes up, he discovers that he has shrunk to a height of eight inches. He is resting on a bed and wearing miniature replicas of his own clothing. Jim climbs down to the floor and tries to open the door without success. When he hears someone coming, Jim hides as Loveless and Antoinette come in with a cat. When the agent doesn't respond, Loveless places the leashed cat down and Jim steps out. Loveless places Jim in the cat carrier with Wanakee, who has also been shrunk. Loveless leaves his cat to guard them and leaves to make preparations for his banquet. Once they're alone, Wanakee explains that Loveless pumped the white powder into her room and she passed out. Jim realizes that Loveless can put the powder in anything and rule the world.

Loveless and Antoinette return to the lab and the doctor revels in the fact that he looked down on Jim for the first time. He confirms that the restoring fluid is ready and boasts that Jim would sell his soul to get one drop of it.

At banquet that night, Jim and Wanakee are seated atop the banquet table at their own scale table while Loveless and Antoinette sing. Once the song is concluded, Artie is escorted in and sees his miniaturized partner for the first time. A stunned Artie sits down for dinner but hesitates to eat, wondering if Loveless has drugged it. Loveless then describes his plans for a world where everyone is as small as Jim. He plans to restore the balance of nature, but Jim points out that Loveless has failed in the past. Loveless says that he only failed because of Jim and now he will crush him if he interferes. When Wanakee wonders what they can do, all Jim can suggest is that they eat their dinner.

That night, Jim and Wanakee are returned to the cat carrier. With one day left until the tribal attack, Jim crawls out of the carrier and climbs down to the floor. The cat spots him and Jim runs for a mousehole. He makes it just in time as Loveless comes in. He rolls an eight-ball into the hole and Jim narrowly avoids it. The agent continues into the crawlspace only to find a spider web blocking his path. As he uses a shard of glass to cut through it, a spider drops down. Jim cuts some web line free, slips past the spider, and continues on. He comes to the mousetrap and uses the line like a whip to trigger it.

Jim spots a knothole in the wall above and uses the line to snag a nail and climb up to it. However, the tunnel drops him into a pen. Loveless, Antoinette, and Artie are waiting for him. Wanakee is tied to a post in the arena and Antoinette drops the cat into the pen. Loveless says that there is no room for the agents in his new world. Artie secretly takes out his lockpick and tosses it to Jim. The agent uses it to fend off the cat and finally stab it in the paw.

The cat runs off and Jim frees Wanakee. Loveless snags Jim and Wanakee with a butterfly net and takes out the restoring formula. He boasts that Jim will never get it and Artie tries to grab it. Loveless tries to smash it against the wall but Artie grabs it and throws it into the pen where it breaks open. While Loveless is distracted, Jim frees himself from the net laps up a drop of the formula. Restored to full size, he takes on Loveless' thugs while Loveless and Antoinette run to the lab and eat the white powder. Jim subdues his attackers and Artie recovers. The agents run to the lab and hear Loveless laughing from outside. They go to the window and see Loveless' pet raven departing with the shrunken Loveless and Antoinette.

The agents go back to the pen and give Wanakee the remainder of the formula. She's restored to full size and the agents take her to her wedding with a half-day remaining.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 15, 2015

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