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Sam Casey, Sam Casey Recap

At the Fountain of Youth Health Spa, a man--Rick--with bandages on his face is in his room throwing shrunken at a target of Leonard Driscoll when Dr. Armistead comes in. Armistead tells the patient to only use the weapons if there's no other way out, and their poison will kill Driscoll if they scratch him. She then removes the bandages, revealing the face of... Sam Casey.

At INTERSECT, Armistead's orderly Tanner is working as a gardener and uses a parabolic mike hidden in his truck to listen in on Sam's office. Sam is looking for his wallet as Abbey comes in, and he reminds her that he has two weeks off to visit a tennis ranch. He complains that he lost his filling, and Abbey notes that his security card was in the wallet. She wonders if it's been stolen, but Sam doesn't believe it. He says that the button on his stabilizer watch is jamming, and Abbey removes it. Sam turns invisible just as a security guard comes in and he sees the invisible Sam going through the junk on his desk. The scientist says that it's an experiment in telekinesis, and the guard says that they found Sam's wallet out on the lawn. Once he leaves, Abbey confirms that Sam's security pass is still there. She fixes the watch and Sam puts it on before leaving.

Back at the spa, Tanner plays a recording of Sam to a Cockney, Rick Brown. Rick works on his impersonation of Sam's voice. Armistead has Rick spit out his gum and do it again. Once he does, he says that soon Sam will be dead and kisses his masseuse.

At the tennis ranch in Arizona, Sam defeats his opponent Dick and the female tennis instructor, Susi, arrives. She has him demonstrate his serving stance and gives him some pointers. Sam easily follows her instructions and readily agrees when Susi suggests that he meet her in her room for cocktails at 5:30.

At the spa, Rick confirms that he's wearing a duplicate of Sam's watch concealing a hidden camera. Armistead says that he'll have to find out why Sam and Abbey have duplicate watches, and Rick will have to find it out. He has the stars strapped to his leg and a duplicate of Sam's wallet, and Armistead gives him some gas bombs disguised as mints. She tells him to be careful, and Rick says that he has it under control.

When Sam gets together with Susi in her room, they soon kiss and compliments him on his serve. She pricks him with a tranq dart in the neck. He passes out and her henchman Alf comes in and takes him away.

Leonard is on the phone in his office when he receives word that Sam is back. Surprised, Leonard has "Sam" come in. Rick claims that there was a heat wave, and Leonard asks how his watch is doing. The imposter bluffs and before Leonard can follow it up, he gets called to check a new research computer. Once he leaves, Rick finds a file with top-secret information and takes photos of the content. Later, Rick passes off the film to Tanner at a an outdoor burger joint. Tanner tells him that Sam should be dead soon.

Susi and Alf take the unconscious Sam to a deserted mine, take him inside, and plant an explosive charge. They light the magnesium fuse and leave, and Sam wakes up. He can't put the flame out, and staggers out. Alf opens fire with a rifle, and Sam is forced to duck back inside. He fades out and slips away, and Alf and Susi assume that he's still inside. The bomb goes off, bringing down the mine, and they figure that Sam is dead. Once they drive off, Sam fades back in and starts walking back.

When Leonard returns to his office with Abbey, he complains that Sam keeps playing with his watch at dinner, fading in and out. They find Rick going through the papers in the adjoining lab. Leonard confronts him about playing with the watch the day before, but is called away to take a call. Meanwhile, Abbey takes a sip of Rick's coffee and is surprised he has so much sugar in it. Meanwhile, Leonard receives a call from Sam. Leonard says that "Sam" is standing right in front of him, and Rick dismisses it as a joke. Despite that, Leonard takes the call and tells Sam to disappear. When Sam does, it registers on Leonard's watch and he realizes that he's talking to the real Sam.

Rick throws one of the poisoned shuriken and Leonard ducks out of the way just in time. Abbey runs and yells for the guard, while Leonard takes cover. The guards arrive and jump Rick, disarming him, and Leonard tells Sam to get back as soon as he can.

When Sam arrives, Abbey and Leonard show Sam the imposter. Sam grabs him until security chief Robbins pulls him away. Rick's fingerprints and dental records are a dead end, and they find the hidden camera in Rick's watch. The film had photographs of Leonard's mail, but they figure he doesn't know about Sam's invisibility. Sam glances over at Rick and suggests that he switch places with Rick and try to get the film back. He insists on doing it, with or without Leonard's authorization, and Leonard agrees. They've found sugar packets for a burger place in Rick's pockets.

Sam goes to the burger place and pours sugar into his coffee. Tanner sits down next to him and asks for the film, and Sam says that he doesn't have any. When the man warns that Armistead won't like it, Sam says that he needs to talk to her in person because it's too important to pass on. Tanner agrees to take Sam to the spa and they leave.

As Robbins tries to make a deal with Rick for a reduced sentence, he gets a call. His people tell him that they lost Sam.

Tanner drops Sam off and tells him to go to Armistead's office. Once he's alone, Sam spots Susi and Alf going in and carrying a box. He follows them in and the masseuse, Barby, comes out and kisses him. Barby takes him into a supply closet. She says that Susi was taking the box to the steam room vault, and Sam sees the target of Leonard in a corner. Barby wonders what's happened to "Rick"'s Cockney accent, and Sam fakes one. He says that there's a spider behind Barby and when she turns, he fades out and invisibly heads for the steam room.

Rick refuses to say anything, and Leonard goes to have the prisoner moved to a security cell.

Sam comes up as Susi leaves the steam room vault, gives the keys to Alf, and the two of them walk away. As they go, Sam takes the keys and enters the steam room. As he turns visible, a group of women come in and angrily tell him to get out. Sam quickly gets out, fades out, hides the keys in a nearby plant, and leaves as the women come out after him. Susi runs back and the women tell her what happened, but there's no sign of a man in the steam room. Once Susi gets the women back into the steam room and leaves, Sam fades in just as Barby arrives. Tanner comes up and says he can meet with Barby later.

Leonard returns and says that everything is set. Rick says that he'll talk, and tells them that he's in the country illegally and some men found out. He asks for a mint before he continues.

When Sam gets to Armistead's office, she offers him some gum. He hesitantly takes it.

Rick tosses down one of the gas bombs, knocking out Abbey and the others. He takes Leonard's watch and runs out.

Armistead asks Sam how she can know he isn't the real Sam, and he says that the real Sam is buried in a mineshaft in Arizona. Satisfied, Armistead sends Tanner and Barby away.

Outside, Rick hails a taxi and heads to the spa.

Armistead asks for Sam's watch, figuring it has the information he brought for her. Sam agrees, since he's wearing the stabilizer watch under his sleeve and has Rick's watch on his wrist. He then gives Armistead a price of $100,000, and she agrees to pay him. The doctor goes outside, saying she'll get it, and tells Tanner that "Rick" is demanding more money. She tells Tanner to disconnect the phone in her office and make sure no one leaves.

Rick arrives at the spa.

Sam tries to call out but discovers the line is dead.

Rick finds Barby and kisses her. He tells her to wait because he has to talk to Armistead. Rick finds Tanner outside, and Sam overhears them talking. He fades out as Rick and a puzzled Tanner come in, find no one, and Rick goes to find Armistead.

Robbins calls to tell Leonard that his people have located the cab that Rick took and where it went. Abbey calls to get Leonard a police escort to the spa.

Sam gets outside and runs into Barby, who assumes that he's Rick and kisses him. He doesn't remember Barby's early conversation with Rick, and quickly excuses himself to head for the steam room. As Barby heads back to the main building, Rick comes out and she has no idea what's going on. He goes back inside to look further.

Sam sees Alf in the hallway looking for the keys and fades out, and then goes past the man and recovers the keys. He enters the steam room and the woman inside--Dora--stares, puzzled, at the keys apparently floating on their own.

Leonard and Robbins head to the spa.

Rick finds Armistead and Susi, and he says it's the first time that day that he's seen her. The imposter realizes that Sam is there impersonating him, and explains that they caught him at INTERSECT and he saw Sam there. Armistead starts a search for Sam.

In the steam room, Sam scares Dora into running so he can work unobserved. Rick and Alf find her and Dora tells them that there's a ghost in the steam room. She mentions the keys and Alf figures they're the ones he lost. Rick gets more shuriken from his locker and heads for the steam room.

Sam opens the vault door just as Rick arrives.

Leonard and the others arrive, and arrest Armistead, Susi, and Tanner as they come out.

Rick enters the steam room and throws a shuriken at Sam. Sam fades out and dodges, and then disarms Rick. He fades back in and tackles Rick, and the two men fight. Leonard comes in, gun drawn, and has no idea which man is the real Sam. They both pretend to be Sam, until Sam fades out to prove he's the real Sam. He then reappears behind Leonard.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 29, 2016

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