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In the Blood Recap

Eight Years Ago

At the Utkin Prison in Siberia, two guards toss a beaten Anatoly into a cell with his brother Vladimir. Vladimir confirms that Oleg is dead, and assure Anatoly that they only need each other. When Anatoly worries that he'll soon be dead, Vladimir assures his brother that they're leaving that night together. He then takes out a shank and explains that he got it from a dead prisoner, Alexei. Anatoly wonders if they'll see Moscow, and Vladimir tells him that they need to look to the future as he pulls another blade out of Alexei's corpse.


Anatoly runs out of a building and calls his employer, and demands to know where his brother is. He gets into a taxi and a body lands on the windshield. Despite that, Anatoly drives off while Daredevil watches from the window above.

Later, Matt goes to Claire to have her stitch up his wounds, and she mentions that Semyon is in a coma. He gives her a burner phone so he can get her number and call the next time he comes by, and Claire warns that Matt is going to get himself killed. Matt says that he can't ease off and asks if she's heard of the name Wilson Fisk. Claire hasn't, and Matt says that he's found no public record of the man. He plans to keep applying pressure until he has something.

Wesley goes to the taxi company where Anatoly and Vladimir are having their men replace Prohaszka's cab markings with their own. He tells them that Leland has finalized the paperwork to take over Prohaszka's holdings, and warns them that they're light again. Vladimir warns that Daredevil has been asking about Wilson, and Wesley warns that Nobu and Madame Gao are both concerned that the brothers can't handle one man. He tells them that Wilson is going to take over their operation, and Vladimir tells him to have Wilson come there and collect personally if he wants to take over. Wesley advises them to talk it over and they'll be in touch. Once Wesley leaves, Vladimir tells Anatoly to reach out to Piotr. He then tells his brother to wake up Semyon and find out what he knows about the vigilante.

Karen meets Ben at a diner and the reporter warns that it's a typical story. She insists that they tried to call her, and Ben warns her that she's been lucky since everyone else associated with Union Allied has died. Karen insists that there has to be a paper trail but Ben says that he needs some credible sources and has done some digging into her past. When she points out that Ben used to break a lot of stories, Ben admits that he got older and smarter and leaves.

At the hospital, Vladimir and Anatoly go to Semyon's room and unhook the monitors. As they prepare to inject him with epinephrine, Anatoly tells his brother that Piotr will call when he has something on Wilson's movements. He warns Vladimir that after the three years in prison, he swore to never lose what they had. Anatoly figures that they've lost their way in America, and Vladimir says that it's time to find it again... together. He then injects Semyon with the epinephrine, and the man regains consciousness. The brothers ask Semyon if there's anything that will help them find Daredevil, and Semyon whispers some information to Vladimir.

A short time later, Sergei and Dmitry man break into Claire's apartment. As they search the place, Santino comes to the door to see what's going on.

Wesley meets with Wilson in his limo and suggests that Anatoly may be the way in. Wilson prefers to handle matters quietly, and Wesley assures him that things are moving ahead as planned as long as they settle with the Russians. As for Daredevil, Wilson says that he'll find another solution if the brothers can't handle him. They arrive at the museum and Wilson tells Wesley to stay with the car while he tends to it himself.

Wilson goes inside and finds Vanessa, and thanks her for helping him choose the painting he purchased. He then invites her out to dinner, and Vanessa says that she's the only one there. She's surprised when Wilson doesn't offer to buy every painting so that she can close early, and Wilson says that a woman who can be bought isn't worth having. After a moment, Vanessa agrees and they introduce themselves.

Claire is at her friend's apartment feeding his cat and taking pills for her allergy. She hears something in the hallway and checks the peephole, and sees an elderly tenant go by. As she takes her pills, she's unaware that Sergei and Dmitry are at the window.

Matt and Foggy leave the station after bailing out a drunk electrician, and Foggy wonders if they should have joined a major law firm instead of going independent. As Foggy hails a phone, Matt's burner phone rings. Once his partner leaves, Matt takes the call and hears Claire struggling in the background. He runs to her apartment but by the time he arrives, Claire and her abductors are gone. The window is open and Matt goes to it and concentrates. He hears the Russians mentioning Santino, then throwing Claire into the trunk of a taxi and driving off. By the time he get down to the street, the Russians are gone.

Karen goes to a liquidation auction and when Union Allied's computers come up, she starts doing sketches of the bidders. Ben sits down behind her and tells her to stop, and points out two people that aren't bidding. He advises her to buy on a small lot to avoid attention and then meet him at the diner when she's done.

Sergei and Dmitry bring Claire to the taxi company and drag her out of the trunk.

Matt goes back to the apartment and finds Santino there. He warns the teenager that Claire is in trouble and asks for his help. Santino admits that they threatened to come for his mother if he didn't tell them what he knew, and says that he saw them drive away in a taxi and gives Matt the name.

Wilson and Vanessa go to an Italian restaurant and he admits that he doesn't know much about wine. She realizes that Wilson doesn't date much, and he explains that he's been preoccupied for a long time. Wilson says that the city isn't changing fast enough, and as a child he dreamed of moving away from Hell's Kitchen to somewhere beautiful. His mother sent him to a farm to stay with relatives, but he came back when he realized the city was in his blood and he would do anything to make it a better place for people like Vanessa. Vanessa offers a toast to a better place.

At the cab company, Sergei and Dmitry beat Claire. She insists that she doesn't know who Daredevil really is, and Sergei warns that he'll start breaking her if she doesn't talk. The lights go out and the Russians turn on the cab headlights. The man Sergei sends to check on the breaker doesn't respond, and Claire tells the Russians to ask Daredevil himself what his name is.

Daredevil lassos one man with a metal cable and takes him down, and then tosses his guns across the floor. The remaining Russians open fire into the darkness, while Claire pulls her handcuffed hands under her legs. Meanwhile, Daredevil picks off the remaining men until only Sergei and Dmitry are left. He takes out Dmitry with a thrown tire iron, and Sergei grabs Claire. Daredevil tells him to let her go and put the gun down, and warns that he won't be walking out. When Sergei refuses, Daredevil disarms him and breaks his fingers. Claire grabs the Russian's baseball bat and knocks him out. She breaks into tears and Daredevil holds her and says that it'll be okay.

Karen goes to the diner and admits that she bought a lot and charged it to the law firm. She wonders how Ben knew that she'd be there, and Ben says that he didn't go there for her. The reporter admits that he's looking into Karen's accusations, and has confirmed that the man behind Union Allied is buying back his office equipment. Ben then warns Karen that his sources in the past have been killed or discredited, and they have to be smarter. He tells Karen not to come to his office, and Karen agrees. Ben then tells her to sign the NDA agreement to protect herself.

Anatoly and Vladimir return to the cab company and find their injured men. Sergei tells them that Daredevil is there, just as Piotr calls Anatoly and says that Wilson has emerged from hiding. He suggests that they need Wilson's help dealing with Daredevil, but Vladimir insists on handling it himself. He's surprised when Anatoly offers to go and bow for both of them, but tells his brother to make the deal.

At the restaurant, Wilson suggests that they get dessert and Vanessa agrees. She finally asks who he is, and Wilson insists that for now he's just a man enjoying the company of a captivating woman. Anatoly barges in past Wesley and asks to speak to Wilson, but Wilson ignores him and escorts Vanessa out. As he goes, he tells Wesley to put Anatoly in the car.

At the law office, Karen shows Foggy the fax she bought. She admits that there's more that's coming and she charged it to the office, and claims that she has some money coming in. Foggy assures her that it's okay.

Matt takes Claire to his apartment and patches up her wounds. He explains that he used to patch up his father the same way. Matt apologizes for getting her involved, and admits that he doesn't have an end plan. All he's trying to do is make the city a better place. When Matt worries that he's getting people hurt, Claire assures him that he's doing something for everyone who can't fight back. After a moment, Matt gives her his real name.

As Wilson walks Vanessa home, he asks if he'll see her again. She admits that she doesn't date customers, and he offers to return the painting. Vanessa says that she's not interested in gestures or his money, and she went out with him because she saw something different in him. Wilson asks her if she wants to see him again, promising that she won't see him if she doesn't. Vanessa says that she doesn't know how she feels and goes inside.

Anatoly tells Wesley what happens, and admits that they didn't get Daredevil's name. The Russian explains that he wanted to reach out to Wilson in person and put the past behind them. The car pulls over and Wesley says that the past is never gone. Wilson calls and Wesley tells him that Anatoly is on the passenger side. He then tells Anatoly that Wilson wants a word with him. Wilson yanks open the door, tosses Anatoly out on to the street, and beats him without mercy. Anatoly draws a knife and cuts Wilson's shoulder, but Wilson ignores the wound and breaks the Russian's hand. He says that Anatoly embarrassed him in front of Vanessa and beats him to the ground. Wilson then slams the car door repeatedly on Anatoly's head until he decapitates him.

Wesley calmly gets out of the car and comes around the other side. Wilson tells his assistant to order him a new suit, and to send Anatoly's remains to Vladimir. When Wesley warns that it will start a war, Wilson says that he's counting on it.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 15, 2015

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