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Taking on Water: How Leaks in D.C. Are Discovered and Patched Recap

Rochelle and Laurel contemplate room SRB-54, and wonder what he's doing in there. Back in her office, Laurel writes down "SRB-65" on a piece of paper and goes to the room. A man, Don Pickle, answers the door, and takes the package. Laurel glimpses Samira inside working in a war room, and Don slams the door in her face.

Later, Laurel asks Luke what SRB-54 is. He has no idea what it is, and Laurel explains that it's a war room and Samira is there. Luke calls a woman named Judy and says that he got a delivery from SRB-54, and asks what it is. Judy says that there is now SRB-54, and Luke goes to the room and knocks on the door. Don answers it and Luke demands to speak with Red. The man insists that Red isn't there and identifies himself as a legislative aide but refuses to say for who. Two men in black suits come over and Don says that they're busy.

Laurel and Luke return to the office and Paige shows them a newscast. Claudia Monarch is saying that she has received personal confirmation that the testimony from Syrian dissidents is bogus, and someone in the committee has leaked that the CIA told the committee that there is no link between Syria and the head explosions. Claudia wonders why Red is misleading the public.

Gareth is watching the same newscast and checks on Red. Red says that he's fine and calls in the new intern, Jed. Jed runs in and Red has him get him a smoothie. Ashley Cook, a freelance investigative analyst, comes in and Red tells Gareth is trying to confirm that Luke leaked the information. Red points out that Luke is the only one with a motive, and Ashley says that Luke has had affairs with several Capitol staffers. He tells Ashley to check Laurel as well and find out anything that they can use against her. Once Ashley leaves, Red tells Gareth to help facilitate her.

Back in his office, Gareth paces and finally gets a call from Laurel to meet her at the Smithsonian.

Back in the committee meeting, Luke says that there is no reason for war. Red arrives and points out the CIA briefed four of them and one of them leak. Luke says that's not the point and Red lied to the press, and insists that he didn't leak. Red insists that the Syrians are behind the head explosions and calls for a censure against Luke, and asks for a special prosecutor. Ella nominates former Senator Lawrence Boch, respected on both sides of the aisle. Red agrees in the spirit of bipartisanship, and everyone applauds. Luke asks Ella what she's doing, and Ella says that they're playing a different game now.

At the Smithsonian, Laurel asks Gareth if Red is running a war room out of SRB-54. Gareth has no idea what she's talking about, and tells her that Red is having Ashley look into Laurel as well as Luke. Laurel wonders why, and Gareth figures that Red is worried about her. He asks if there's anything in her past that could hurt her, and Laurel admits that she's sleeping with a staffer from the other side of the aisle. Gareth says that she shouldn't break it off and tells Laurel that he wants her right now, anywhere. Laurel takes him to the planetarium and they have sex in the darkness.

Lawrence meets with Luke and says that he know he leaked. He advises Luke to hire a lawyer, and warns that they're paying him $2 million to prosecute someone. Lawrence tells Luke not to say anything else, and he's going to interview Luke at noon the next day and Laurel at 3. He tells Luke to tell Laurel to get a lawyer as well, shakes Luke's hand, and leaves.

Gareth goes to SRB-54 and Don answers the door. He tells Gareth to ask Red about what's going on, pointing out that he outranks Don, but don refuses to let him in. Gareth goes back to his office and Ashley shows him the file on Laurel's sexual relationships. It's a large file, and Gareth says that he'll go through it on his own. Once Ashley leaves, Gareth contemplates the file and finally starts reading.

Lawrence meets with Claudia and says that he has one question for her. He asks who leaked the contents of the CIA briefing, and Claudia says that it came from a confidential source and she can't be compelled to reveal the name. Lawrence warns that there is no such privilege and has Capitol police place her under arrest.

Luke returns to his office and finds his lawyer Kara Wright waiting. She knows Dean, and assures Luke that he has nothing to worry about if he didn't leak the CIA briefing. Luke says that he believes Laurel leaked the information after he told her. Scarlett comes in and asks if Luke needs anything, and he says that he doesn't. Once Scarlett leaves, Kara closes the blinds and confirms that Luke asked Laurel's and Dean's opinion. The lawyer says that he's in trouble and will have to talk to Laurel, and Lawrence will have Luke sent to prison if he finds out. Kara tells Laurel not to talk to Lawrence again and she'll talk to Laurel.

Laurel and Gareth are at Laurel's apartment kissing, and she wonders if something is wrong. She figures that it's the oppo research, and tells Gareth to hit her with what Ashley has. Gareth asks if she slept with her poli sci teacher and she had to get an abortion. Laurel tells him to break it down and start with the abortion, and admits that she slept with her professor but didn't get pregnant. He gave Laurel a B minus, and Gareth admits that the research says that she has slept with 24 people in college. Laurel refuses to help him correct the record and wonders how many encounters would be acceptable. Gareth doesn't want to discuss it, but Laurel tells him to get out.

Later, Ashley gives the research to Red while Gareth is there. Red points out that it doesn't help them and they need one infraction. When she mentions the abortion, Gareth says that there was no abortion. Red seemingly accepts that and sends Ashley to get something. Once she leaves, Red says that his people in SRB-54 reported that Gareth tried to get in. Gareth admits that he did to find out what was going on, and Red tells him that he doesn't want Gareth involved because it's his.

Kara meets with Laurel, who realizes that she needs a lawyer for something. The lawyer explains about the leak and that she knows Luke told Laurel about it. She asks if Laurel told the press, and warns that Luke thinks Laurel leaked the information. Laurel says that she didn't, and Kara warns that Claudia will soon give up the source. She has Laurel confirm that Claudia won't give her name, and tells Laurel not to tell anyone what they said.

Gareth calls in the office IT man, Isaac Poyer, and asks how he can turn off the Wi-fi in SRB-54. Isaac says that he would have to do it, and Gareth asks him to do it because he likes him.

Soon, the Wi-fi goes down. Don goes to see Gareth after they send him to have Gareth do it. Gareth says that he needs to reboot downstairs, and Don takes him down. There's a countdown clock on the war noting 38 days. Gareth reboots the server and notices blueprints on a desk. Once he's alone, Gareth takes photos of them.

Lawrence meets with Kara and Luke for the interview. She insists on having Luke talk through her, and Lawrence hands over a letter. It was sent by someone in Luke's office, and says that Luke called Claudia five hours before she reported the leak. Kara has him leave, and Lawrence warns that Claudia will soon tell him the truth. Kara then goes to Laurel's office and asks if she called Claudia in the last few days.

Later, Gareth meets Laurel at the planetarium and shows her the photo of the blueprint. He asks what is in 38 days--September 12--and she doesn't know what it means, either. As Laurel goes, Gareth apologizes for what he said earlier and tells her that the past doesn't matter. He offers to make her dinner, and Laurel agrees.

When Gareth returns to his office, Ashley shows him a file that proves Laurel slept with Michael Moore. He tells her not to show it to Red yet and walks off. Gareth goes to the restroom and retches at the thought of Moore having sex with Laurel.

Kara meets with Laurel and Luke and says that they have to talk. Both of them say that they didn't leak, and they thought the other one did. Kara asks who called Claudia, and Laurel admits that she did because she was going to leak the information. However, she decided not to. Kara warns that Lawrence can compel Laurel to testify, and Luke figures that they need to give him the truth.

Later, Luke meets with Lawrence and says that he didn't leak the CIA information. When Lawrence wonders if he told Laurel, Luke tells him that Red is creating false information tying Syria to bioterrorism. He shows Lawrence the blueprints for internment camps for Syrian refuges. Luke warns that Red could do it given the public sentiment, and suggests that Lawrence widen the scope of his investigation and go after the real culprit.

Gareth goes to Laurel's apartment but keeps imagining her with Moore. Laurel arrives and realizes that something is wrong. He says that he forgot dinner and they go inside. As they drink, Gareth tells her that the newest oppo research says that she slept with Michael Moore. He asks if it's true, and Laurel doesn't answer. Gareth points out that there are certain names to a Republican, and repeats his question. Laurel admits that she did, once, and says that they should go to dinner.

Lawrence shows Red the blueprints and asks why he's pushing for the war on Syria. Red says that Syrian agents killed two of his staffers, and Lawrence warns that he's expanding his investigation into the cause for the war. Red calls him a liberal and says that the country is being taken over from within. Lawrence warns that he's spreading propaganda, and Red says that there are enemies in his office. When the prosecutor says that if he's serious and considers him a threat, he should shoot him, Red takes out a gun and blows Lawrence's brains out.

Jed hears the gunshot and runs in. Red claims that Lawrence killed himself and tells Jed to get a dolly and a drop cloth. Jed runs to obey and Red goes over to Lawrence's blood splatter on the wall. He dips his finger in it and tastes it, savors the flavor, and scrapes some more into a bowl. Jed returns and Red tells him that they're laying a great man to rest.

As Laurel and Gareth end up into bed, he starts asking her about Moore. She finally ushers him out, and tells Gareth not to call him.

Come morning, Red dumps Lawrence's body in a dump truck.

At the committee meeting, Ella points out the brains on Red's jacket. He wipes it off as Diane calls the meeting to order. Red says that they should vote for another special prosecutor, and announces that Lawrence came to him and claimed that he received threatening calls from Syrian terrorists. He was worried about being hunted for his investigation, and Luke says that they need to give it more time. Diane calls for a vote, and Red is outvoted.

Back in Red's office, Red is dissatisfied with Ashley's research. He wants something on Laurel, and Ashley says that she had a lead that Laurel slept with Michael Moore but it turned out not to be true. Gareth is there and shocked to learn that the witnesses confused Moore with someone else. Meanwhile, Red complains about the ugly spot on the wall.

Claudia returns to her station and finds Diane waiting for her. Diane says that she heard that Claudia was going to make a deal... and tells the newscaster not to say anything about her leaking. Claudia agrees and Diane leaves.

Luke confronts Red with the blueprints, and Red insists that they're just buildings. He tells Red to inform the committee that he was wrong or he'll send the internment prints to the press. Red laughs and says that he'll help him, because he'll be a hero because the people want the Syrians interred.

Laurel goes to her office and finds Gareth waiting. He apologizes and says that he knows she never slept with Moore, and admits that he's an idiot. Laurel figures that they're too different and suggests that they take a break. Gareth reluctantly agrees and leaves.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 22, 2016

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