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The Path to War (2): The Impact of Propaganda on Congressional War Votes Recap

Laurel watches the PAC documentary questioning whether false evidence is leading the U.S. to war. She warns Luke that she could do better with more money, but her brother says that all she can do is offer criticism. Laurel says that it has nothing to do with financial inequity, and Luke tells her to give the filmmaker advice. She warns that it's a start over job, and Luke says that right now they can out-vote the war-committee extremists. However, they need public opinion on their side. Laurel agrees to do it.

In his office, Red offers Jules congratulations on the job that she's done, and he has some important people to introduce her to. Meanwhile, Noah arrives outside and tells Gareth and Ella that he's there to make a statement and he's angry . Red comes out and invites Noah and Ella in, but tells Gareth that he can handle it. Noah and Jules are soon arguing, and Ella and Red tell them that it's time to talk. They point out that there's almost nothing that they agree on, but they are both idealists and don't want compromise. Ella accuses the Democrats of betraying their ideas, and Red points out that Jules and Noah are both angry. They both remember that they want to destroy the government, and Red says that the enemy is out there.

In the committee meeting, Luke says that the President doesn't welcome their attempt to take the country to war. As Red objects, Gareth brings him a folder. Red says that he has 50,000 signatures, and Jules and Noah stand up with a poster calling for war. Meanwhile, Gareth goes over to Laurel and asks how she's doing. As the protestors are ushered out, Noah nods at Gareth and Laurel notices. She asks if Gareth knows him, and Gareth admits that Noah was in his office earlier.

Afterward, Laurel tells Luke that Noah threatened her earlier. Luke admits that he's not sure if they have the votes and has her go to the conference room where the documentary guy is waiting. Laurel sees him and goes to Luke, and tells her brother that the guy is Ben Valderrama and he's become famous. Luke tells her to give Ben her notes, and Laurel reluctantly goes in. Ben calls her by name and says that she looks amazing. She congratulates him on his documentaries, and they make small talk. Ben talks about how they wanted to change reality, and then asks to see the notes. Laurel says that it's good but..., warns that it's focusing more on the one-percenters and less on the vote. Ben asks what they should do, just as Noah arrives outside and Laurel hears him arguing with Luke.

Noah is in Luke's face, and Luke has the security guards take him away. Ben joins Laurel and she says that Noah at extremist. He says that they should look at extremists. Luke then calls Diane and says that Red is astroturfing. She says that she's had a protestor in her office as well, and warns that she's going to entertain all points of view before she votes. Luke objects, but Diane says that she'll call him and hangs up. She then turns to Jules and asks why she should change her vote on the war.

Luke's wife Germaine comes to Laurel's office and asks to talk to her privately. She immediately asks if Luke is cheating on her, and points out that Scarlett is still there. Laurel insists that it's over between Luke and Scarlett, and Germaine asks where she was the night before. When Laurel says that she was working in the office, Germaine tells her that Luke said that they were at Laurel's home working. She then winces in pain and says that the baby is kicking, and talks about how it's like having a monster inside of her. The TV is running in the background playing a speech by Trump, and Germaine says that the baby kicks every time that Trump speaks. Laurel insists that Germaine go to the hospital and they leave.

At the hospital, Ben calls Laurel and agrees with her that he went a bit off-track. He wants to show her footage about extremist groups and Laurel agrees to look at it later. She then meets with Luke and Dr. Matthew Falcon. Falcon says that everything is fine and there's no need to induce early. Laurel wonders why the sonogram is so dark around the fetus' head, and Falcon insists that everything was normal. He offers to do a biophysical profile and a stress test. Laurel says that she can do the prep work and Falcon agrees. Once they're alone, Laurel tells Luke that Germaine asked her if Luke was cheating. Luke says that he wasn't, and says that he was with the moderates. Laurel doesn't believe him, and Luke finally admits that he cheated with her. She tells him to stay true to Germaine and not make her lie for him again. Luke waves to Germaine and tells Laurel that he will stop cheating on his wife.

Laurel meets with Ben and says that the interviewee doesn't know it's about extremists. Gareth is there and Ben secretly tells Laurel that Gareth helped Red astroturf the extremists. The documentarian starts the interview and asks if Gareth's office created the One-Wayers. When Gareth says that they offer guidancebut not coordination, Ben says that he doesn't believe it and pushes the matter. Laurel says that they have enough and Gareth walks off, glaring at Laurel. Ben tells Laurel that Gareth is the enemy and they won't do the cause any good by pulling back.

Luke tells his mistress Margie that he's breaking off his affair with her. He points out that he has a child on the way and can't do it anymore, and Misty breaks into tears. She suggests that they have one more fling as a goodbye and Luke gives in.

Laurel goes to Gareth's office and offers to walk him home. On the way she apologizes about Ben's interview. Gareth says that they're on opposite sides of the aisle and it's all right, but warns that they're in a business where they can't be together because of their worldviews. He tells Laurel that their friendship is hurting his job, and he just needs to do that. Gareth suggests that when things cool down they might get back together, and hopes that it will be soon.

At the hospital, Laurel meets with Germaine. She says that the new tests looked good. Falcon comes in and asks to talk to Laurel privately. Out in the hallway, Falcon asks Laurel to stop worrying Germaine and making her think that there's something wrong. He tells Laurel to take Germaine and let it rest, and Laurel agrees. As he goes, Laurel hears "You Might Think" playing as Falcon's ring tone.

Laurel meets with Rochelle in her hospital office and asks if she's heard of Falcon. When she explains about the song, Rochelle admits that it's an infectious tone and doesn't know if an infant can be infected. She tells Laurel that she'll check out Falcon.

Luke has sex with another woman, Jamie, and she gives him her contact information just in case.

Ben asks Laurel to take over for his cameraman when the worker is called away. When they go in, they find Noah there. Laurel warns Ben that Noah is dangerous, but Ben figures that it's all good and begins the interview. Noah insists on keeping his tote bag with him, and Ben asks why he's letting the Republicans finance him. The extremist says that he's following his issues and he wants to end human-rights violations. When Ben pushes him, Noah tells him to go to hell and lunges at him, snarling.

Later in Laurel's office, Laurel says that Ben baited him. Ben insists that what Noah did is honest, and that he was asked to make a documentary that would stop a war in the Middle East. He wonders what he's missing, and Laurel says that he isn't.

Dean meets with Luke and tells him to vote for the war. He says that there is a poll out and Luke can take the White House.

Laurel watches Ben's new documentary, which is still claiming that the one-percenters want the war. Ben asks what she thinks of it. When she says that it's not about the one-percenters, Ben wonders if it's about Gareth and says that they need someone else to review the documentary. Once he leaves, Laurel goes back and replays Gareth's statement about grassroot organizations getting funding. Rochelle calls and says that Germaine's water broke. Luke isn't there, and Germaine can't get hold of anyone. Laurel wonders if everything is all right, and Germaine screams at her doctors to get the baby out of her.

After Germaine gives birth, Luke arrives a takes a photo of his new daughter. Laurel is there and Rochelle tells her that the baby is completely normal. Germaine wonders why Laurel is asking so many questions, and Rochelle calls her out into the hallway. Meanwhile, Luke tells Germaine that it will be different now.

In the hallway, Rochelle tells Laurel that the new baby has had every test possible. However, she refuses to sedate the baby to ease Laurel's fear. Laurel hugs her in relief, and then goes back in. Luke is gone, and Germaine says that he left after Scarlett called. Laurel holds the baby and stares at it.

Later, Laurel meets with laurel. He admits that he can't stop cheating on Germaine, and she tells him to get help and stop meeting women alone. Luke says that the documentary she sent him is useless. When Laurel says that she didn't send it, Luke ignores her and warns that he's losing the vote, and even Dean wants him to vote in favor of war.

Laurel finds Ben in his office and he starts to kiss her. She stops him and says that she's in something, and Ben says that they made a hell of a video. He tells her to keep fighting the good fight and leaves. Once she's alone, Laurel goes to work with the documentary, editing it and recording a new voiceover warning that the country has been overrun with an infection: the idea of extremism on both sides. She deletes out the footage of Gareth.

Luke and Scarlett meet for dinner, and Luke says that they won't be together again. He tells her to find another job, and she calls him a weak man. Scarlett then says to give her regards to Germaine. Luke insists that she's not part of it, and Scarlett says that she'll do it herself.

Later, Laurel watches the finished video and shows it to Luke. It talks about how people want to burn down the government instead of compromise. Luke releases the video, and Diane and Ella see it when it goes viral. Red watches it, including the footage of how he says the grassroots are stupid. Furious, he smashes the TV screen. Gareth hears him and chuckles.

At the committee vote, Red and Ella vote for the war. Luke and Diane vote against for it, and the war resolution is defeated. When red objects, Diane says that they were sent there to make informed intelligent decisions and they have.

Laurel is at home watching a newscast about the video. Ben takes credit for it, and Gareth calls Laurel. He says that he knows she really did the video, and tells her that she did good. Gareth points out that she could have used him, and Laurel says that he didn't fit in the story she was telling. Satisfied, Gareth offers his congratulations and hangs up.

Germaine takes her daughter Grace home and tries to comfort her. Luke comes in and starts to kiss Germaine. He says that he missed her and he's there for her, but Germaine pushes him away and says that she feels sweaty. Luke accepts that and leaves, and Germaine turns on the mobile and leaves. It plays "You Might Think" and shows stars on the ceiling.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 29, 2016

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