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That Great Big Hill of Hope Recap

The team's jet liner goes down in the Atlantic Ocean. As an injured Jamie tries to hang on, a boat pulls alongside and a man helps her aboard. As she lies on the deck, Jamie sees a piece of metal sticking out of her leg. She fades in and out of consciousness, and the man takes her to his cabin and removes the metal. After passing out from the pain, Jamie wakes up later and discovers that she's wearing man's clothing. Her leg is bandaged, and the man comes in when Jamie tries to get out of bed and collapses. The man, Anik, doesn't speak English, and Jamie tries to explain about the others. Jamie looks out the window and realizes that it's night and winter, and asks for a phone as she realizes that she's been unconscious for months. Anik sits her down and leaves, locking the door behind him.

Later, Jamie watches Anik out the window, locking the gate. He comes back in with food, and Jamie comes out of the closet and attacks him. She takes his keys and runs outside, and outside only for several animals to charge her. Anik grabs her and throws her back inside, closes the gate, and yells at the animals. Jamie realizes that he was protecting her.

September 13, 2015

A battered Jackson makes a video recording about how the Canadian government calling off the dive crews. The cure was lost in the crash along with 47 passengers, and he figures that they have to find something that they overlooked. Jackson explains that he and Chloe have been given a team.

October 17, 2015

Jackson explains that an international team arrived in Zambia and there is a general panic.

December 8, 2015

A multinational team of crisis manages arrived with scientists and don't need Jackson anymore. He figures that they don't want to be associated with failure. Jackson then stops the playback.

Mitch meets with a reporter, Amy Falco, at a bar in Washington. She wonders if Reiden made a deal to provide the Mother Cell so that Mitch could create a cure, in return for immunity from prosecution. Mitch wonders why they would do that, and Amy says that Mitch and the others were forced to sign a NDA in return for prosecutorial immunity. Mitch realizes that Amy is doing more than a puff piece, and Amy points out that Reiden was an obsession for Jamie. Depressed, Mitch says that now he can't say a thing, and everything that Jamie card about died with her. When Amy persists, Mitch advises her to drop it and she leaves. Before she goes, the reporter asks Mitch if all hope is lost. Mitch doesn't have an answer for her.

Abraham is at a building where a group of mercenaries have gathered. Their leader tells Abe to take a real gun to pick up their client, Victor Holman, because animal attacks have increased. Abe says that the tranq will be enough, and says that he'll be fine when the leader says that he's being paid to protect him.

Chloe and Amelia review casualty figures, and Chloe warns that killing the animals is insane. A military officer comes over and says that a unit is about ready to capture the leopards in Zambia. They enter the command center and watch video from the helmet-cams. Pascal is embedded in the team and they shoot one of the leopards with a tranq. Birds start screeching in the background and Chloe tells the commanding officer to warn the team. As they send a warning, thousands of birds move in and attack the field team. They finally take cover in a building and escape with the leopard.

Once Jackson hears that they have the leopard, he records a video log and explains that they're going to mass-produce the cure. The issue is to somehow distribute it. The consulting scientists want to aerosolize the cure and drop it from planes, but it will decay in the atmosphere. Jackson believes he can come up with a solution. His neighbor and friend Goldy is in a wheelchair and knocks over a bookshelf. Jackson checks on him and Goldy says that the zoo is moving the animals into quarantine. There's an empty pill bottle on the table, and Jackson warns his friend needs to take them to avoid infection because of the leg he lost to a dog attack. As Jackson goes to refill the prescription, Goldy advises him against it. Jackson says that he'll do it and Goldy tells him to take his gear. As Jackson suits up, he tells Goldy that Chloe has a leopard. Goldy wonders if they'll find a better way to share the planet once they resolve the crisis. He gives Jackson a baseball bat and tells him to be careful.

As Jackson heads to the drugstore, he voice-records notes about how they should distribute the cure through the food web. However, he notes that now the animals are feeding on humans rather than each other. Cats on the streets spot Jackson and he takes an alleyway.

Abe picks up Victor and drives him through the empty streets. Victor asks if he's lost everyone since the crisis began, and Abe admits that he has. He explains that one friend is dead and he chose not to see the others. Victor tells him to make a stop before the hospital and Abe reluctantly takes a turn. There's a rhino in the street, and Abe backs up and turns around.

Two dogs spot Jackson and two cats that are following Jackson direct the dogs after him. He jumps a fence and runs off, and the animals pursue him. Jackson climbs up a fire escape but a baboon spots him. More baboons close in and Jackson jumps through a window and shoves a dresser in place to block it. He calls to the occupants and no one answers. A German Shepherd attacks him and Jackson sees the owner's corpse on the floor. He knocks the dog away, gets out into the hallway, and closes the door.

Amelia attends a Reiden conference talking about how after the current animals are killed, scientists will recreate them using DNA samples. Chloe comes in and tells her that the leopard should be there in ten hours. The Reiden execs note that the ads are polling well, and Amelia warns that Chloe that they still don't know how to distribute a cure. The airborne delivery has failed, so the extermination and repopulation plan is the only option.

Victor tells Abe that it's the first day of his chemotherapy, and he wants to go to an underground restaurant to enjoy one last meal of meat before the treatment robs him of his sense of taste. He asks Abraham why he chooses not to see his friends, and Abe says that it's a reminder of how they failed to stop the animal attacks.

At the bar, three businessmen come in and drink to global chaos. There's a dog on the bar and the owner, Dalton, says that it's his pet. One of the businessmen prepare to shoot it, and Mitch interrupts to talk about how they take for granted the ones at their sides until they're gone. He finally says that he's talking about love and how it only comes around once. Mitch slaps the men and raises his feet, and the three businessmen beat him. When Dalton tries to intervene, one of the men knocks him down. The men leave once they're done.

As Jackson picks up Goldy's antibiotics, a man comes in to busy mosquito repellant. Jackson explains that they're feeding on the decay, and then gets an idea about how to spread the cure. He meets with Chloe and explains his plan. She agrees that it could work and they tell Amelia about the plan. She tells them that the leopard they retrieved was contaminated and is no longer viable for the cure.

At the restaurant, Victor explains that his family moved out west after his divorce. His son called and said that they're getting a camper van and driving across country to be with him. As Victor talks about RTC--Reasons to Continue--the people in the restaurant start singing along with the musician.

At his apartment, Jackson is going over his notes when Abe knocks at the door. Jackson invites his friend in and tells him about the contaminated leopards. He bemoans the fact that they're going to wipe out the animals and doom themselves, and says that Chloe is getting by. Jackson hasn't talked to Mitch in a couple of week, and Abe figures that he was in love with Jamie. He says that he was sorting things out, and all that he's learned that it's not the time to retreat from the people one cares about. Abe says that they must continue despite the suffering, and they have to look for the next solution. He's sure that Jackson will figure something out, and they shake hands.

Anik gets a portable phone from Jamie. As she goes back inside, she notices the box that was holding the cub on the plane, underneath Anik's cabin. He takes her to an isolated spot where the leopard--now fully grown--is pacing.

At the bar, Mitch tends to his wounds and Dalton tells him that it's closing time. Jamie calls Mitch and Mitch insists that she's dead. She insists that she's alive and is glad that he is as well, and says that it's good to hear his voice. Jamie says that she has the leopard and the cure.

The next day, Mitch meets with Jackson and Chloe. Abe pulls up to take them to Delaware. There's a boat that will take them to Jamie, and Mitch notices that Jackson has an infected dog bite. Abe pulls to a halt when he sees hundreds of animals block the street ahead of them... and then charge.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 16, 2015

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