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Clementine Recap

The Shepherd guards lock up the team in an underground cell. As they look for an escape, Mitch worries that Clementine will have less than 12 hours to leave once the TX gas is dropped over Maine. Jamie finds Logan in a crevasse and says that some kind of animal gets in there and he barely made it in. An alarm goes off and Logan says that when the gate opens, the animals come in and feed. Abe breaks off a metal bar as a weapon and they head out the gate as it opens, Jackson carrying Logan.

The team runs for the airfield as the animals pursue them. They come to the experimental section and Abe tosses his bar on the fence, shorting it out. As the gate opens, a van pulls up and a guard orders them to freeze. However, the mutated razorback wolf "mistakes" arrive and jump the guard. The team gets to the plane and grab their weapons, and Mitch goes on ahead. The Triple-Helix animals are gone, and the serum with them. Abe and Dariela search the plane and Trotter steps out, gun drawn. He says that he's been hiding for hours, and the Shepherds took everything back to the lab. The pilot confirms that there's no one else on-board and goes to do the pre-flight.

Jackson tends to Logan's wound and Mitch confirms that the serum is gone. He figures that it will be safe for Clementine, and refuses to leave without the cure. Once he leaves, Jackson tries to work out why Robert was working with the Shepherds.

Mitch tries to call Clementine and a man answers. The man says that animals attacked the safe zone and killed Audra and Justin. Mitch asks about his daughter, and the man tells him that all of the children were evacuated to a temporary shelter along the coast. An alarm goes off in the background, and the man says that they're dropping the gas. Jackson arrives and hears the last part, and assures Mitch that they'll find Clementine and give her the cure… once they find a way into the Shepherd bunker.

Jackson, Jamie, and Mitch enter the bunker and finds everyone dead, killed by the hybrids. They find the lab where the animal fossils are.

On the plane, Darielaand Abe watch news reports about how the animals are so far unaffected by the gas. More than 12 hours have elapsed. Logan says that unless all 2.2 million people with the ghost gene drop dead at the same time, it won't be on the news. He offers to make up for his earlier betrayal by finding Clementine through his military contacts. Dariela warns him that it won't get him back on Jamie's good side, but Logan figures that it's better than doing nothing. After a moment, she gives him a phone.

The trio searches the lab and Jamie assures Mike that they'll find the serum and get together with his daughter. She finds an old X-ray film and Mitch realizes that it's the originals from 1895. Jamie also finds a journal revealing that Pierce knew his X-rays were affecting the Triple-Helix animals. He developed a chemical compound to sterilize the animals, but the Triple-Helix only went dormant until the Mother cell woke it up. As Jackson finds the serum, an alarm goes off warning them that there has been a perimeter breech. The trio get to the control room and see the hybrids on the fence. Mitch warns that they'll swarm the runaway and keep the plane from lifting off, and they have to get the electrical fence working.

Mitch redirects the power while Jackson finds Robert's data and Jamie finds the Shepherds' flash drives. He was working on the TX gas long before Dnavies was, and the gas would be safe for animals and target humans. Meanwhile, Mitch sees several wolves on the monitors and tells his friends that they should go back. When they refuses to leave without him, Mitch says that he'll have to stay and monitor the power in case there's another fluctuation. Jackson and Jamie reluctantly leave, and Mitch runs to close the other doors just as the wolves arrive.

Logan gets Clementine's location and has Dariela confirm it. He says that he pays his debts and asks if they're good, and Abe warns him that only Jamie can answer the question. However, he says that it's a start and walks off. Jackson and Jamie arrive and tell Abe and Dariela that they found the serum. Dariela tells them that Clementine is at a power plant outside of Portland, and they go to work.

Mitch calls Abe and tells him that he made the right call to leave Jamie behind. Abe prepares to get him, but Mitch says that the wolves are outside the door and it's not looking good for him. He warns that they have nine hours to get the serum to Clementine, and tells Abe to make the right call again. Abe listens to the wolves breaking in, and tells Mitch that he will. He promises to look after Clementine and Mitch says that they're Clementine's family now. Mitch then tells Abe to tell Jamie "Thanks," and Abe says that he will as the power to the fence reaches 100%. Abe tells Trotter that they need to lift off.

In the lab, Mitch says that he wins as the wolves leap at him. Abe calls to his friend but there's no response.

Once the plane lifts off, Abe goes to the others. There's nothing useful on the flash drives. Abe tells them that the hybrids got to Mitch. Jamie calls Trotter and orders him to go back, but Abe countermands and says that Mitch gave up his life so that they could save Clementine. She breaks into tears and walks off. Jackson realizes that Mitch knew when he told them to leave the lab.

Jackson finds Jamie and tells her that they have to save Clementine for Mitch.

The plane lands in Portland and the team drives to the power plant. They have 20 minutes left to find her and start questioning the refugees. Jamie and Jackson find Clementine and introduce themselves, and she asks where her father is. They avoid the question and Jackson says that they have the medicine that Mitch made. Clementine is angry that Mitch didn't fix the animals, and says that she doesn't want to see him. The girl describes how the animals killed her mother and stepfather, and now the people at the shelter will kill the quarantined animals. Clementine asks about her dog Henry, and Jamie promises that they'll find it once she takes the shot. After a moment, the girl agrees.

At the safe zone, the people are trying to break down the cage holding the quarantined animals. The team arrives and Abe sees the birds from Pangaea. The animals are panicking, and Jackson figures that it's because the people are preparing to kill them.

While Jamie and Clementine go to the cage, the others pass more animals that are equally violent. Abe opens a cage and approaches one dog, and it growls at him. However, it calms down and licks his hand, and they realize that the cure worked. They go to the main cage with the dogs and the people aim guns at them when they see the animals. Abe insists that the animals are cured and releases the dogs. As the people hug their pets, Clementine runs to her dog Henry. She says that her father cured all of the animals, and asks where he is. No one says anything.

Later, Jamie tells Clementine what happened to Mitch. The girl says that she pretended that Henry would tell Mitch how she was doing. Jamie says that she knew Mitch and describes what he liked and how he was always solving mysteries. She assures Clementine that Mitch loved her and she was the last thing he thought about. Clementine breaks into tears and Jamie hugs her.

Later, the team goes back to the plane with Clementine and Henry. Jamie shows her around while Jackson checks the email that Robert sent to Davies.

On the news, the IADG takes credit for the TX gas. Logan is at the bar drinking and Jamie comes in. He offers his condolences for Mitch and says the world should know what he did. Jamie says that she's grateful for what Logan did but asks what was real. Logan says that most of it was real, and says that his real name is Edward Robert Collins. He talks about how he always wanted to be a reluctant hero, and liked being Logan with her.

Jackson finally cracks Robert's password and finds the formula that Robert sent to Davies. Jamie recognizes itand confirms that it's the same formula that Pierce developed to fix the animals in 1895. The neutralizer protects the animals, which means that the Shepherds sterilized mankind. Dariela wonders if it's too late for their child, and Jackson realizes that Robert made sure that the animals would one day reclaim the planet... by eliminating humanity.

Years later, a school holds its graduation ceremony. Isaac and Dariela are in the crowd and applaud as their son Isaac gets his certificate. Abe looks back and sees a blonde woman in the doorway, watching. She leaves after a moment. Afterward, the principal asks them to have Jamie sign her new book, A Rumor of Crows. Dariela warns that they don't see her very often, and the principal says that it's worth the water. Once she leaves, Abe congratulates his son.

Outside, a news crew is filming the school's final graduation ceremony since there are no more children. As the students and their parents come out, air raid alarms go off and the authorities announce hybrid animal attacks. Abe assures Isaac that it's nowhere near them. He then gives Isaac a card from Jackson with a hybrid spike inside. An adult Clementine is standing nearby and calls to Abe. She says that the problem with the hybrids is getting worse, and there's only one person who can solve the problem. Abe points out that Mitch is dead, and Clementine says that he isn't. She knows where he is and needs Abe's help to get to them, and introduces herself.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 7, 2016

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