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Talking Points Toward a Wholistic View of Activism in Government: Can the Top Rebel? Recap

Laurel meets Luke, who tells her that the CIA briefed him that there are bugs in people's brains. He realizes that Laurel is disappointed, and she wonders why Bob told Luke that. Luke says that Bob needs them to stand down, and Laurel insists that they're lying. She admits that they were doing something with Red the night before and Luke tells her to let the professionals do their job.

Later, Laurel tells Gustav and Rochelle what Luke told her. They figure that Bob is infected and suggest that their attack on the queen injured her. Rochelle proposes that Laurel meet with Red to get the money he offered for her documentary, and they lure the queen out again.

Cole is still reviewing Red's new budget as the committee meets for a vote. He tells Luke that there's something in the farming authorization and needs 24 hours, but Luke warns that he can't stall that long. Diane calls the committee to meeting and proposes that they honor Native American Iraqi war veterans, and delay the vote for a day. Red says that he thinks that they should vote immediately, but is vague because of the queen bug's injury. Diane agrees with the motion and Red staggers out. Once he's back in his office, the wounded queen emerges from his ear. Ella comes in and complains about his performance, warning that they only have 12 days left. She warns that the queen is dying and declares that she's taking over. Red refuses and orders her out. Once she leaves, Red assures the queen that Ella isn't getting near him.

At Luke's office, Cole continues coordinating the staff on their analysis of the budget. Jake Nickerson comes in with champagne from LA for Laurel, and tells him that they get funding to finish the documentary. Laurel confirms that the foundation in question came to them and asked them to start in three weeks, and figures that they're trying to get rid of her. She tells Jake to tell them that they'll finish it in six months and she has an obligation in DC. Laurel goes to red's office and tells him that he can't get rid of her. He claims that he has no idea what she's talking about, and Gareth comes in and asks if something is wrong. Laurel tells him that Red wants him gone and walks out, and a sobbing Red insists that he doesn't know what she's talking about.

In her office, Laurel reviews her partial documentary and then looks at the piles of budget papers. She checks the ocean League, the foundation offering to fund her. She then calls for a meeting with Gustav and Rochelle. As they wait, Gustav invites Rochelle out on a date. She laughs and points out how different they are, and says that she has a boyfriend. Laurel arrives and wonders what they can do. Gustav wants to kill Red, but Rochelle objects. Laurel says that she's done and they can't save the world on their own, and accuses Gustav of pushing things to support his paranoia. Disgusted, he tells her to go to hell and they both walk off.

Later, Laurel meets with Gareth and he suggests that Luke is just stopping the budget because it's a liberal issue. He points out that their priorities are different, and Laurel says that she got the money for her documentary and is leaving DC in a week. She insists that the CIA is onto it and she needs to take a chance, and says that when she's back they can get together if they still like each other. Before Gareth can respond, Red pages him and Gareth says that they'll talk later.

At Red's office, Red says that they're coming after him because they smell weakness. Gareth wants to take him to a doctor, but Red says that he needs Gareth now more than ever. He asks him to write him a script and make him look good, and makes Gareth promise. Gareth wonders why he's doing it, and Red says that it's a matter of survival… but doesn't say whose.

Laurel gives Luke her letter of resignation, but he refuses to accept it. He asks her to help to get to the bottom of the budget and not leave him in the lurch.

At the next committee meeting, Red insists that the budget is essential between lapses into gibberish. Ella asks the committee to dismiss Red from his chair because of his poor condition. Reading Gareth's statement, Red points out that Ella took an absence to adopt a Chinese baby. Ella realizes that Gareth is providing Red's words.

Later, Ella meets with Hal, a protestor on a bench, and tells him that they need him to deal with Gareth because he's propping Red up.

A frantic Cole bursts into Laurel's office and says that he found it. He explains that there's a provision in the budget to buy glass for windows. Laurel confirms the site of the nearest internment camp, in Manassas, Virginia, and says that she wants to make her last week in DC count.

Laurel and Cole go to Manassas and the foreman says that the whole project is messed up. He explains that the plumbing isn't adequate and there is a sprinkler system but no bathrooms. Potting soil is coming and they haven't put up the glass roofs yet.

Back at Luke's office, Laurel tells Luke that the "camps" are hothouses to grow cherry blossoms. The bugs are using federal money to grow cherry blossoms to spread across the country. Luke insists that the CIA is handling it and tells Laurel to leave, but Laurel doesn't believe it. Gareth comes in and Luke says that he'll tell the CIA. Laurel meets with Gareth and realizes that he's been drinking. He asks her to marry him and walks out.

Luke meets with Bob and tells him about the hothouses. Bob points out that he asked Luke and Laurel to stand down, and tells Luke to let him do his job. Luke insists that it is his job and the budget vote is that day, and asks if Bob knew about the bugs infiltrating the water supply. Bob says that he did, and Luke realizes that he's lying.

Back at his office, Luke finds Laurel waiting for him. He tells her that the CIA is lying and calls Dean to get his advice. Laurel stops him and says that he can't. Soon, Luke visits Dean in his office and tells him to sop fixing illness. Dean realizes that Laurel told him the truth, and says that Luke is the pragmatist and Laurel is the dreamer. Luke realizes that he's on his own and walks out as Laurel comes in. Dean warns her that she doesn't want him as an enemy, and Laurel says that she doesn't but it just is.

In the committee meeting, Luke says that the budget is designed to make the public think that they're doing something. He insists on asking questions and wonders why the structures are being made. He offers to cut out the farm provisions for a separate vote after debate and amendment. When Ella objects, Luke insists that he's trying to get at the truth. He asks Red and Ella to explain the buildings, and Red says that they're for secret use. When Luke asks what the secret is, Red turns to Gareth but Gareth has nothing for him. Diane agrees to Luke's proposal and Luke smiles in satisfaction.

That night, Hal ambushes Gareth and attacks him. He stabs him with a knife and wounds him, and Gareth fights him off. A woman sees them and screams, and Gareth manages to disarm Hal.

Later, Laurel visits Gareth in the hospital. He insists that it was a random mugging and he's fine, and Hal ran off. Gareth tells Laurel that he'll be out in a few hours and tells Laurel not to pit y him. She reminds him about his proposal, and Gareth says that he was joking. He tells her that getting married makes no sense given their jobs, and Laurel admits that she thought Gareth was dead. She asks Gareth to come with her and help her make her documentary, but Gareth says that he can't be her kept man. Laurel wonders what she does, and Gareth says that he needs to stay and she needs to go.

The next day, Bob visits Luke and demands to know what he's doing. He complains about Luke's speech, and says that they don’t want the bugs to know that they're onto them. Luke says that he's an elected official and he'll serve his constituents no matter what secret plans the CIA have. Bob figures that they're at cross-purposes and Luke points out that his right ear is leaking blood. The director quickly excuses himself and figures that Luke isn't involved in the directorate, and Luke wonders who he'll be serving.

The committee votes and Gareth has Red vote the bill. As they talk, Red notices that Gareth has been wounded. Luke's motion is denied and Luke notes Bob standing in the back, smiling. When Diane asks if there is new business, Luke gets up and finally says that he's holding a sit-in protest. Ella objects, insisting that it's grandstanding, and then secretly tells Red that it's happening because of weakness.

Laurel sees Luke's protest on the news and smiles.

Red returns to his office and snorts seaweed for his pain. Ella storms in and says that he's staff, and admits that she sent Hal after Gareth. She says that ending it is for the best and takes out a gun, and orders Red to force the queen to come out. He dares her to shoot him, and then attacks her when she forgets to take the safety off. He grabs the gun and shoots Ella dead, and his queen comes out to attack her queen at it escapes her head.

Luke and several other Senators continue the sit-in, and Red and Gareth comes in. Red is back in control and says that they're going to follow procedure. He suggests that they have a closed door session, but Luke refuses. In her office, Laurel watches her brother and then looks out in the office where Luke's people are cheering. She then texts Luke and says that she's staying. Luke gets the text and says that it's new participatory democracy. The broadcast goes off the air, and Laurel warns Luke. Luke asks Red what he's afraid of, and Red wishes him luck as he walks out.

Back in his office, Gareth realizes that Red recovered. He says that Laurel won't leave Gareth and thanks him for nurturing him in his time of need.

Laurel goes to the committee room and sends it via a live-streaming app. It's soon going out on the air again, and Red sees it. He calls Gareth in, and Gareth says that they can't shut it off. When Gareth goes back to his desk, he finds Laurel waiting. She kisses him and says that she isn't leaving until the job is done. After a moment, Gareth kisses her back and asks what they have to do. Laurel says that she'll be back and goes to Rochelle and Gustav. She tells them that she's staying and she knows what the bugs' plan is... and how to stop it.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 12, 2016

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