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First Born Recap

Eph sits with Kelly as she gives birth to Zach. Dr. Samani assures Kelly that long labors aren't a bad thing anymore and they proceed with a C-section. The doctors gasp and take out the baby, and Kelly and Eph look up to realize that the baby is covered in a caul. They remove it and confirm that Zach is fine.

Kelly tells Zach that the caul was an omen and that because of it he's part of her. He wonders if they're bonded even with what Kelly now is, and Kelly says that she regrets her son seeing her feeding. Kelly assures Zach that now the boy she was feeding on is no longer suffering, and confirms that Zach's breathing is fine. She explains that the Master gave him a small part of himself, and he's going to end starvation and strife... with Zach's help. Kelly assures Zach that he's destined for great things and hugs her son.

At the Olympian Club, Vasiliy is making something to eat when Abraham calls to him. He says that the Lumen is gone, and Vasiliy figures that Quinlan took it. Abraham insists that they get it back, and Vasiliy says that he put a GPS tracking device into the book's binding. Satisfied, Vasiliy says that they should go get the SOB.

Quinlan visits Eph at his lab as he studies the book. Eph says that the Lumen is filled with myth and figures that there is something of value to the Master in it. He wonders if he's trading humanity's future for Zach's soul, and Quinlan points out that there are various human emotions in play... including hatred and revenge. He tells Eph not to shy away from the truth of what motivates him, and assures him that he'll get Zach back while he kills his father.


In the Roman countryside in 58 AD, a carnival owner shows a woman named Ancharia a caged "leech man," and explains that it's a mute. Ancharia says that she wants to watch the creature feed, and introduces herself. She says that she's been searching for the creature--Quinlan--for a long time. They bring a goat into the cage and Quinlan drains its blood. Meanwhile, Ancharia says that Quinlan is a prince born of a dark being. She tells the owner that Quinlan is a hybrid creature: half-human and half strix. The owner wonders what he's done, and Ancharia asks how much it's worth to him to remove the cursed creature.

Ancharia leaves with Quinlan and slowly teaches him language. She says that he is the fifth Invictus, the Unconquerable, begotten of the Master, the seventh original strix. Ancharia removes his protective headpiece and says that his thirst is his nature. Animal blood is not enough, and he must feed on the species he was created to save. She says that Quinlan will remain hidden with her until he is ready to fulfill the prophecy, and says that he is a unique destined to rid the world of the Master.


In his apartment, Gus drains more blood from himself to feed his mother. Weakened, he takes it to Guadalupe and while she's feeding, puts a helmet over her head. Angel knocks at the door and Gus says that he's busy. Undeterred, Angel says that he can't leave and breaks in as Gus collapses from blood loss. The ex-wrestler sees Guadalupe and swears.

Eph and Quinlan drive across town and Eph asks how the Master can be Quinlan's father. Quinlan says that he was conceived by two humans, but his mother was infected by a strigoi. Lore says that the resulting baby would be the strigois' undoing. The Master was prevented from killing Quinlan's mother, and the infection changed Quinlan in utero. Quinlan admits that tit's a suicide mission for him but refuses to explain further.


Two years later, Quinlan hears strigoi approaching Ancharia's tend. He goes inside and kills the strigoi when they follow him in. Ancharia wakes up and warns that the Master will soon come there, and Quinlan isn't ready to face him. Soon, they head through the mountains and take shelter in a cave. When Ancharia falls asleep, the Master and his servants enter the cave. The Master admires Quinlan's spirit, and Quinlan draws a store. Ancharia wakes up and tells Quinlan not to engage the Master, but the Master says that he will put Quinlan to the test. He tells Quinlan that deprivation will reveal his true nature, then leaves with his strigoi and caves in the exit behind him.


Once Gus wakes up, angel tells him that what he's doing is dangerous. Gus insists that he won't kill his mother and can keep her safe. Angel warns that the strigoi isn't Guadalupe anymore, and that Gus will eventually slip up. Gus insists that his mother is inside of the strigoi, and Angel offers to do what Gus can't. The ganger tells him to not even think about it and picks up a hatchet, and Angel shoves him out of the way. The two men fight and Gus pins him to the wall... just as the Safe street Initiative pull up outside and announce that they're sweeping all buildings for inspection. Gus begs Angel to help him and Angel reluctantly gets Guadalupe into a wheelchair.

The two men cover Guadalupe with a blanket and take her down in the elevator. The vigilantes close in and the two men sneak past them. Two more men catch them in the lobby and tells them to take the blanket off, and Gus reluctantly does so. They order Gus to take off the helmet, and Angel agrees. Hey do so and cut Guadalupe free, and she kills one vigilante while Gus takes down the other one. Guadalupe runs off while more vigilantes arrive and capture Gus and Angel.

Eph parks outside of a bodega and goes in, sword drawn. A strigoi attacks him but then hesitates, and Eph realizes that the Master is looking through its eyes. Quinlan grabs the strigoi from behind, and Eph tells the master that he has the Lumen and dictates his terms. He wants to meet the Master in person and bring a human Zach, and they'll meet at a fishing spot that Zach knows. The Master signifies his agreement and Quinlan breaks the strigoi's neck. The half-breed then says that the Master will come for the Lumen and that's all that he needs.


Quinlan collects condensation from the cave walls and gives it to Ancharia. She says that she's dying and knows that he thirsts, and when the Master returns he will be too weak to defend himself. Ancharia tells Quinlan to drink her and then use his strength to escape rather than fight the Master. Quinlan refuses, and Ancharia says that she can feel love and does, and loves Quinlan like a son. He takes her hand and calls her "Mother," and Ancharia begs him to kill her and end her suffering. When he hesitates, Ancharia cuts her throat and tells him to drink. After a moment, he does so.

When the Master returns, he finds Quinlan sitting over Ancharia's path. The strigoi is satisfied that Quinlan has chosen his path and invites him to come with him. Quinlan refuses, calling the Master a fugitive of nature, while he is doomed to stand outside of both worlds. He realizes that the Masters is frustrated that he can't control him and attacks, and the Master easily dodges his first attack. Quinlan says that they will meet again and flees.


Vasiliy and Abraham follow the GPS tracker toward a safe zone. The exterminator warns that catching up to Quinlan is only half the battle, and he brought silver grenades to deal with the Born. Abraham says that if Quinlan costs him his victory over the master then he knows where he will place the grenades.

The vigilantes take Angel and Gus to a high school converted to a holding facility, and Gus points out that they haven't booked them. The head vigilante says that they're at war and Gus and Angel have been conscripted to a sweep patrol.

Vasiliy and Abraham continue following the tracker and see it enter the bay. Since the strigoi can't pass running water, they wonder if Quinlan has a human helper.

Eph takes a boat across the bay to Coney Island and waits until after the sun sets. The Master and Kelly finally arrive with who appears to be Zach, his head covered by a bag. Eph holds up the Lumen and demands Kelly and Zach come over. They walk forward and Eph tells Kelly to remove the bag. She does, revealing that "Zach" is a strigoi. It attacks Eph, who hits it in the face with the silver book and knocks it into the water. Kelly attacks her former husband and Eph deflects her stinger with the Lumen. She yells that Eph will never have Zach, and the child strigoi recovers and attacks Eph. Kelly grabs the Lumen and takes it to the Master, while Eph grabs his sword and kills the child strigoi. Meanwhile, the Master tells Kelly to leave Eph to suffer and she walks away.

Quinlan arrives and kills the Master's strigoi bodyguard. He tells the Master that it ends there.

Vasily and Abraham hear the gunshots and see armed SEALs approaching. The exterminator realizes that they're his early team and they've been turned, as the strigoi soldiers open fire on Quinlan. Quinlan shoots back but the strigoi soldiers gun him down, and Abraham tosses a silver grenade, killing them. The old man yells a warning as Vasiliy throws another grenade, hitting the master. The Master screams in pain as Quinlan draws his sword and cuts off the Master's head.

The worm containing the Master's essence crawls into a drain before Abraham and Vasiliy can stop it. Eph joins his teammates and they stare at the Master's corpse.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 12, 2016

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