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First Born

Eph helps Quinlan steal the Lumen to draw the Master out. While Abraham and Vasiliy close in on their prey, Quinlan reviews how he came to be. Meanwhile, Gus convinces Angel to help him get Guadalupe to safety.

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By Gadfly on Sep 12, 2016

Eph sits with Kelly as she gives birth to Zach. Dr. Samani assures Kelly that long labors aren't a bad thing anymore and they proceed with a C-section. The doctors gasp and take out the baby, and Kelly and Eph look up to realize that the baby is covered in a caul. They remove it and confirm that Zach is fine. Kelly tells Zach that the caul was an omen and that because of it he's part of her. He wonders if they're bonded even with what Kelly now is, and Kelly says that she regrets her son seei…

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Episode Discussion

ElisaDiaz posted 6 years ago

It was a good episode despite some things i still don't like. But it moves faster and it is more consistent altogether than prior seasons, i think. Good to know that this is going to be original story going forward. Sometimes books work but the same stories don't fit tv so well, and i believe this is one of these cases.

spockers posted 6 years ago

Hell of an episode, maybe the best yet. I've read the trilogy and I don't understand how the show can continue now, obviously they're going to seriously deviate from the books. I can't wait to see what happens next week!

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