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Chapter 1 Recap

Witnesses talk about how they felt danger at the house from the very beginning.

Shelby Miller says that people didn't like socializing with her and her husband Matt because felt that the couple was too perfect and in love. Matt explains that he met with Shelby during a yoga class, then settled in LA and decided to have a family.

Shelby and Matt are out celebrating when a gang playing a game of knockout hit Matt and then run as Shelby yells for help.

At the hospital, a doctor tells Shelby that Matt hasn't regained consciousness. He takes her to Matt, who is lying in a coma. Shelby, crying, kisses him. When she takes his hand, Matt squeezes her hand. Shelby figures that Matt is going to be okay, but loses the baby when she miscarries. The couple leaves LA and goes to North Carolina near where Matt's mother and sister live. They go walking in the woods and come to a beautiful old farmhouse which was built in 1872.

The couple bids against a local family, and Matt points out that the property seems remarkably inexpensive. The locals get into a bidding war with Matt, who bids $40,000 and gets the house. The three local men drive off without a word, and Matt tells Shelby that they started over. However, Shelby feels danger immediately coming from the farmhouse.

Matt loves the country life, and the two of them start decorating the house. However, he notices that Shelby has a certain reluctance. After making love one night, they hear a strange howling sound outside. Someone pounds on the door, and Matt goes to investigate despite Shelby trying to persuade him otherwise. He looks around the house and finds signs of vandalism. He assumes that the local Southerners are threatening him because he and Shelby are an interracial cover.

The next day, Shelby is at home alone when she hears what sounds like hail coming down. However, when she goes outside, she discovers that it's hailing human teeth. She goes inside and when Matt comes and Matt doesn't back from running errands, Shelby takes him to where the hail fell. There's no sign of the teeth, and Matt figures that she's imagining things.

Later, Matt heads to a hospital in Raleigh to make some major contracts. She assures Matt that she'll be okay, and is happy to have some alone time without Matt there hovering over. That night, Shelby is making dinner when the shutter bangs against the window. As she walks through the house, Shelby sees two women in nurses uniforms cross ahead of her. She calls to them but there's no response. Going down the hall, Shelby turns on the light but there's no sign of the women. She then goes outside to the hot tub and gets in. As Shelby relaxes with a glass of wine, men with pitchforks and torches hold her under.

When Shelby calls him, Matt drives home from Raleigh and finds the police outside. The officer says that he found no evidence of anyone being there, and asks if Shelby imbibes. When Matt says that the men at the auction tried to scare them off, the officer figures that it's the Polks and says that he'll talk to them. When Matt says that they need protection, he tells him to get a gun.

Later, Matt talk to Shelby and points out that what she described didn't make sense. She says that when she came up for air, her attackers were gone. Matt points out the lack of evidence, but Shelby insists that she wasn't imagining things. He assures her that he believes her, unaware that Shelby hasn't told him the truth. She doesn't want to live there.

On another night, Matt hears a howling outside. He grabs a poker and goes to investigate, and finds a dead skinned pig on the doorstep. He buries it so that Shelby doesn't see it, and figures that the Polks are trying to scare them away. Matt sets up security cameras around the perimeter synced to his cellphone, and calls in his sister Lee to watch over Shelby. Lee isn't impressed with Shelby, considering her a phony.

Lee is working as a detective and gets shot while searching a crack house. She gets hooked on painkillers, and one day chases a serial killer. He goes off the road at a construction site and the rapist shoots himself rather than be arrested for his third strike. Lee's superior officer finds the painkillers in her car and fires her, and then her husband divorces her. The judge gave him full custody of their daughter Fiora.

Shelby is making supper and drinking wine when she hears a creaking noise. She looks out in the hallway but sees nothing. When she comes back, Shelby discovers that the knife she was using is gone. She finds it thrust into the meat cooking on the frying pan. Lee comes in, startling Shelby, and Shelby figures that she moved the knife. She says that cooking relaxes her, and Lee notices her taking another drink of wine. The woman asks Shelby not to drink in the house because she's there because she's hanging onto her sobriety. She assures Shelby that she's still packing and walks out.

That night, Lee wakes up when she hears the howling noise. As she gets dressed, her bedroom door opens and a wine bottle rolls in. Lee assumes that it was Shelby and goes to confront her. Shelby says that she didn't finish off the wine and maybe Lee is the one seeing things.

At his hotel room, Matt gets an automated alert from his security system. He brings up the cameras and sees a mob with torches and pitchforks.

At the house, Shelby and Lee are arguing and don't see the people outside the window.

Matt calls his wife and sister, but gets no answer. Shelby and Lee are busy arguing when they hear someone enter the house. The women go to investigate the cellar where the noises are coming from, and hear a man shouting and chuckling. They go downstairs and find a TV playing a video tape. It shows a man running through the woods, saying that it's real. The same howling sounds in the background, and the man holding the camera says that he can smell it. A man wearing a pig's head mask appears ahead of him and the man screams, and then he says that he finally got him. As Shelby and Lee head for the stairs, the door slams shuts and the lights go off.

Matt calls the police but isn't impressed with their answer. He drives home as fast as he can.

Shelby and Lee hear the people outside and crouch down, hiding. Once Shelby finds a flashlight, Lee leads her upstairs and they discover hundreds of wooden stick figures hung up throughout the house. Matt gets there after the cops leave, and the cops figure that it was vandalism. He discusses the situation with Shelby and Lee, and figure that it was vandalism. When Shelby mentions the video, Matt asks to see it and she reluctantly takes him down to see it. He figures that the Polks made the video to scare them away. Shelby wants to leave immediately, and figures the police won't do anything to help them. Lee tells her to let the police do their job, and Shelby tells her not to take it personally. Matt warns that they've spent everything they have on the house and have nowhere else to go, and Shelby walks off in disgust.

When Matt hears their car driving off, he runs outside and realizes that Shelby is leaving. Shelby drives down the road and Matt calls her. As she answers, an old woman appears on the road ahead. The car slams into her and Shelby brakes to a halt. She gets out to check on the woman. The woman gets up, seemingly unharmed, and walks off, ignoring Shelby. Shelby goes after her into the woods but the woman disappears. She can't find her way back out, and hears something moving around her. Following the noise, Shelby comes to more of the stick figure hanging from the trees. Terrified, she runs back and trips on a root. The ground beneath her throbs, and she quickly gets up and runs back. A mob with torches is waiting, and a scalped man stumbles toward Shelby as she screams.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 15, 2016

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