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A Man Called Grandpa Recap

Jill has just been in an accident and is semiconscious. She hears voices, some speaking German. She sees people with flashlights and smells cigarette smoke, but the details are fuzzy. Then paramedics arrive and see blood everywhere, blood from Boris and Marisa's baby that she was transporting to a medical facility for storage. They intubate both Jill and the driver Natan, and transport them to Hamptons Heritage hospital.

In Florida, Hank is giving details about the missing Shaw Morgan to police. Afterward, Ted Roth reminds Eddie about his curfew and leaves. Hank insists Eddie return to his sponsor's home, promising to continue the search for Shaw.

At Hamptons Heritage, Boris and Divya are in the maternity ward watching the infants through the window when the paramedics and hospital staff burst through the door with Jill on a gurney. Divya wants to know what happened and the paramedic tells her about the accident.

Morning in Florida and Hank is still searching for Shaw when Evan catches up to him on the beach. They talk about their new grandfather and Evan reveals that Ted agreed to sponsor Eddie in order to meet his grandsons.

Suddenly, Hanks sees Shaw washed up on the beach next to a kayak. Hank rushes to his side while Evan calls 911. He is overheated so Hank uses some bottled water to cool him until paramedics arrive and take him away.

Jill wakes up in her hospital room with Divya by her side. She is still intubated and Dr. Redliner refuses to remove it, agreeing to slowly wean her off it according to hospital policy, policy she is fully aware of.

After seeing Shaw taken away, Hank and Evan discuss Hank's lukewarm response to Evan's news that he wants to propose to Paige. They agree to leave that touchy subject alone and focus on helping Eddie with his parole hearing. They are worried that Ted will not support Eddie, so Evan decides to spend some time with Ted and show him how much Eddie means to he and Hank.

Divya comes back to see Jill and notices the distressed look on her face due to the presence of her family visitors. Divya asks Dr. Redliner to rescue Jill, and he says he needs to go over her test results anyway. Divya asks if she can tell Jill the bad news.

Hank and Eddie are watching the surgeons remove the lead pellets from Shaw's back. They have a heart to heart talk where Eddie reveals he was trying his best to reunite their family, but the plan was too complex.

Evan and Ted have lunch at the racetrack where Evan tells his grandfather about HankMed, Paige and their relationship with Eddie. Ted asks Eddie to pick a horse in the next race and when he does, Ted gives him a wad of money to bet on him.

Divya calls Hank with the news about Jill. Hank is torn between coming home for Jill and Marisa's baby, but Divya assures him everything is under control, and he needs to make sure Eddie gets his parole. After hanging up, she reveals to Jill that the CT scan showed a “blush”, possibly a hemorrhage, but also possibly just an anomaly. Jill is still intubated and cannot speak and begs Divya to remove it. When Divya refuses, Jill pulls the tube out herself.

Shaw is back in his room and Hank is explaining that all the pellets were removed, but they still need to flush any lead still in the bloodstream out of his body.

At the track, the horse that Evan picked actually wins and Ted reveals he owns it. They decide to celebrate with a dinner with just the four of them at Ted's mansion. When Eddie is late for the dinner, Ted starts bad mouthing him. When Eddie arrives, he reveals that Shaw checked himself out of the hospital. Ted and Eddie start fighting and the basic difference they have that caused their rift is revealed. Ted believed Eddie's wife, Hank and Evan's mother, was a gold digger and was after his money. Eddie declares that his decision to choose his wife over his father was the best decision he ever made, and runs off to find Shaw. Hank chases after Eddie leaving Evan alone with Ted. Evan tells his grandfather that his mother never cared about money but only cared about family, and his attitude probably cost him not only a relationship with Eddie but with he and Hank too.

Hank catches up with Eddie and tells him that when they find Shaw, Hank will spend the night with him to make sure he is okay. Eddie must return to Ted's for one last night before the parole hearing.

Divya brings some flowers from Hank into Jill's room. They talk about the “blush” and agree it is not serious enough to tell Hank just yet.

Hank and Eddie find Shaw at home and Hank starts the IV flush for removing the lead. Shaw reveals he has decided not to see his daughter, that he has not changed, that the lead poisoning was the cause of his visions. Eddie tries to change his mind but Shaw tells him to butt out, that Eddie is not his father. Eddie pours his heart out to Hank about running away when Hank's mother was sick and points out that Shaw should not make the same mistake he did.

Divya takes Jill by wheelchair to check on Marisa's baby. Jill tries to apologize about the core blood, but Marisa won't hear of it. When Jill is alone with Boris, they talk about the accident. She mentions the faint memories of flashlights and cigarette smoke, and this gets Boris' attention.

Shaw shows Hank a picture of his daughter and asks his advice. Shaw starts seizing due to an allergic reaction to his IV. Hank treats him and calls for an ambulance.

Jill gets another CT scan and the results show the “blush” is gone. Jill begs to go home but Divya says she needs to stay with someone and offers to be that someone.

Evan arrives at Shaw's place on the day of the parole hearing to pick up Hank. They talk about Eddie and Ted's fight and lament there has been no reconciliation.

Shaw awakens in the hospital to find Eddie has brought his daughter and her mother to see him. Eddie agrees he is meddling, but he doesn't care. Shaw is ecstatic to see his daughter.

Jill continues to have nightmares about the accident and awakens with a start on Hank's couch. She assures Divya she is alright. Meanwhile Boris is inspecting the wrecked limousine and finds a cigarette stub that he recognizes on the floor. The next scene shows multiple black SUV's arriving at Boris estate, probably additional security.

Eddie, Hank and Evan are preparing for his hearing with his attorney. They reveal that Ted, his sponsor, is not coming. When they enter the building, they find Ted waiting for them. They shake hands.Eddie, Hank and Evan are celebrating Eddie's parole when Ted shows up with the Roth family album. The album shows several ancestors that are doctors and businessmen. Eddie tells them he wants to stay in Florida for awhile and work on his relationship with his father.

Hank and Evan are on the road back home where Hank apologizes for his reaction to Evan's news about proposing to Paige. The sincere apology finally eases the tension between them and they relapse into their usual teasing banter as the episode ends.

Written by pentar on Sep 17, 2016

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