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Meet the New Boss Recap

Lucy appears briefly in a boy's bedroom and looks down at the sleeping figure. She disappears and the by wakes up when he hears something. He goes to investigate and finds Lucy standing at the mantle. He boy calls to his father and Lucy disappears. He says that a ghost was in there, but his father figures that he was imagining things. As the man starts to go, he sees a broken frame on the floor. Lucy appears and demands to know why the man is there. The ghost calls to someone named Joe, and the man says that he hasn't lived there for years. Lucy passes through the man's body, and when he looks at his son, he sees him with a demon's face.

Robbie leaves his house and drives off in his Charger. Daisy follows him in her van to the garage where he works. As he goes into the trailer, Robbie sees Daisy's van and realizes that she's following him.

At S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ, Jemma and Fitz examine the box that they recovered from Chen and his people. Fitz suggests that there's something in the apparently empty boxes and uses light outside the visible spectrum to pick up traces of advanced technology. Mack comes in and says that he thinks that he knows what it is. He tells the scientists that a father and son turned up at an ER in LA, with the same dementia as the gang members. The father describes a female ghost, and Mack has found the same ghost on the footage of the warehouse attack.

Coulson and Melinda wait to meet with the Director, and Coulson figures that the Director is pissed at him for going after Daisy without authorization. He says that he'll leave immediately afterward and Melinda points out that he'd still be director if he fought for it. Coulson refuses to discuss the matter and says that the Zephyr is his and they can't take it away.

Robbie meets with a customer and sees Daisy's van again. He grabs a tire iron and goes over, but discovers that the driver's seat is empty. He goes in and finds Daisy there already. She calls Robbie by name and claims that they went to high school together. Daisy talks about how her van burst into flames and has heard that Robbie is an expert on the topic, and it was time for them to reconnect.

Robbie brings the van in and he tells Daisy that she'd be best off leaving thigns alone. She says that she hasn't been able to verify that all of his victims deserved death, and Robbie says that she doesn't know him. Daisy notices one of the workers, Canelo, nearby and says that Robbie used to act like he was hiding things. She asks Robbie how his uncle is doing, and Robbie tells her to leave before he loses control and forgets who he is. Daisy figures that he won't transform in front of his friends, and when he fixes the engine Daisy uses her powers to knock the engine out again.

The Director finally lets Coulson and Melinda in. A guard finally lets them in. The Director--Jeffrey Mace--warmly greets them and orders his assistants out. He tells Coulson that it's okay that Coulson went out after a friend and respects his loyalty, and says that he's impressed. Jeffrey insists that trust is important, and they want to capture Daisy before he takes S.H.I.E.L.D. public again. Melinda isn't impressed, but Jeffrey warns that public opinion is important and he doesn't want Daisy to destroy what they've rebuilt. Coulson says that it won't come to that, and Jeffrey asks Melinda to go. as she leaves, Melinda briefly sees him with a demon's face. Once they're alone, Jeffrey says that he has a special mission for Coulson.

Fitz concludes that when Lucy touches people, she infects them with dementia. The metal the box is made of is only found in three locations aroun the world. All three have been shut down for years, and one was in Pasadena. Mack confirms that the father and son lived in Pasadena and prepares to head out. Fitz insists on going with him, but Jemma says that she's stuck on assignment for Jeffrey giving a tour.

As they head down the hall, Coulson complains that he has to conduct the tour. Jeffrey figures that he'd be the perfect person for it, and warns that he doesn't have the anonymous unlimited funding that Coulson has. They have to impress the House Appropriations Committee to get the money they need.

Lucy goes to Momentum Alternative Energy Labs and passes through a wall to where a large chamber is glowing. She opens one of several boxes similar to the one that she was contained in, and a male ghost appears. Lucy addresses it as Hugo, and he wonders what "he" did to her. She points out that his hand is intangible, and Hugo stares at it in shock. He asks where the others are, and Lucy explains that they're trapped in the other cells. When Hugo wonders how long they were imprisoned, Lucy says that they were there for years.

Robbie asks Daisy what she wants, and she says that some of his kills check out. He assumes that she's a police officer, and Daisy says that the Watchdogs are hunting Inhumans. Robbie says that he's not an Inhuman and that he sold his soul to the Devil. He tells her to try and do what she wants because he has nothing to lose, and Daisy points out that he's all that his younger brother Gabe has. Canelo says that he has to drop off a truck, and Robbie tells him that he'll lock up. Once the man leaves, Robbie grabs a wrench and ignites it with hellfire, and says that Daisy shouldn't have brought Gabe into it.

Robbie comes at Daisy, who knocks down a car on the hydraulics. He yanks a muffler off of it and ignites it, and hits her arm. As she winces in pain as the bone fractures, Robbie punches her unconscious.

Melinda tells Piper to get the squad ready. Piper addresses her as a superior officer, and Melidna tells her to stick to her name. Coulson and Jeffrey come by with the House Senators, and Jeffrey convinces Coulson to tell them the history of the base. Coulson continues talking about the base, and Melinda sees the senators as demons.

Chen is in his cell and Melinda visits him. she says that she sees what he sees and asks how she can help them. Chen says that it's everywhere and pounds on the glass, and beats his head on the glass. Jemma comes in and Melinda sees her as a demon, and Jemma pumps knockout gas into Chen's cell. When she turns around, she discovers that Melinda has left.

Fitz and Mack fly to Pasadena and run an inventory. Mack complains about the long deployments, and insists that they tried to bring Daisy in.

At Momentum Labs, Lucy frees another prisoner, Frederick. He realizes that Lucy helped imprison them using the darkhold book. She insists that she didn't have any idea, and Lucy insists that the book can fix them, find the Darkhold, and kill the traitor and anyone who tries to stop them.

Robbie ties up Daisy and she's unable to break free with her fractured arm. He admits that he's never been caught before, and Daisy knowing who he is is a problem that has to go away. Robbie figures that Daisy has a death wish, coming back after he let her live, and now he's looking for proof that she deserves his vengeance. Once he finds it, he'll kill her.

Lucy frees another prisoner, Vincent, but he's unable to talk because he's further gone than the others. She says that they're going to find the book and reverse what was done to them. Frederick refuses, saying that she doesn’t control him anymore. He tells her to take the boxes if she wants but he's destroying the place.

Robbie asks Daisy what in her past is haunting her. He figures that she's serving penance, and finds photos of her dead teammates. Daisy asks why he hunted down the skinheads, and Robbie says that they spilled innocent blood. She explains that they were armed with RPGs and working with the Chinese gang, and warns that someone is uniting them. When Daisy mentions Momentum in Pasadena, Robbie recognizes the name and she says that the weapon was stolen from there. He gags her and leaves without saying anything else. Daisy manages to use her powers to break herself free and goes after him.

As Robbie drives off, Daisy launches herself onto his Charger and hangs onto the roof. He speeds up and swerves, trying to knock her off, and finally succeeds when the front engine sprouts fire.

Melinda goes to the gym where her squad is sparring. Ignoring them, she walks past.

Jemma returns to the lab and finds Coulson and the others there. Jemma notices the footage of Chen in his cell and and glances over at Coulson, who picks up that something is wrong. Jeffrey asks her to explain what she's doing, and she says that she was at the containment cells. One of the senators asks to see them, and Jemma says that it's not a good time. She privately tells Jeffrey that there's blood everywhere and it's not a good time, and Jeffrey invites them to see a Quinjet. Once they go, Jemma asks Coulson if she's spoken to Melinda recently.

Mack and Fitz enter Momentum and Fitz detects a current spike behind a door. When Mack breaks it open, they find the chamber. Fitz checks the controls and starts to warn Mack that they've got a problem. Frederick comes in behind him and Mack opens fire. The ghost disappears but they figure he'll be back.

Mellinda is going through the lockers when Coulson comes in and asks what is going on. She says that the base has been infiltrated and figures that she's trying to find the item causing the infection. Coulson suggests that she take a break and make a plan, but Melinda keeps searching. When he suggests that they go to the labs, Melinda calms down and agrees to go with him.

Frederick appears again and Fitz yells at Mack not to let him touch them. Mack hits a steam pipe and when the steam fades, the ghost has disappeared again. Meanwhile, Fitz warns that the ghost set the reactor to explode, just as the ghost knocks Mack into the chamber and closes the door. When Fitz says that he can help him, Frederick says that he can't and disappears.

As Coulson takes Melinda to the lab, she sees her squad members and Coulson as demons. She attacks Coulson and then attacks her squad members. Coulson warns them not to hurt her because she's sick, and she takes them all down. As Melinda goes, Coulson says that she's not well. Jeffrey comes in and tells him to stop. She hits him repeatedly but her blows have no effects. Jeffrey says that he's an Inhuman and slams her into a wall, knocking her out.

Frederick continues keeping the reactor in meltdown. He appears again and says that he won't go back again, and reaches for Fitz. Robbie arrives and grabs Frederick, who is surprised that Robbie can touch him. Robbie's skull bursts into flame and he forces Frederick to the floor. Fitz tries to get the chamber door open, and Daisy arrives and blasts it open. The scientist then goes to the controls, while Robbie in his Ghost Rider form burns Frederick to ash. Fitz shuts down the reactor, and Ghost Rider goes to a board on the wall. He sees a photo of Lucy and the others, grabs it, and leaves. When Mack starts to go after him, daisy stops him.

On the Quinjet, Mack binds Daisy's wounds. She says that Robbie isn't an Inhuman, and Mack wonders if she's running with a vigilante. Daisy points out that Robbie saved Fitz's life, but has no idea what Frederick was. Mack asks her to come home with them so they can give her the bone-healing drug, and realizes that she already has the drug because Yo-Yo has been stealing it for her. He's furious that Daisy has been tearing apart what they've been trying to rebuild. Fitz speaks up, saying that Daisy suffered a terrible loss and is trying to get through it on her own. However, he's angry that she's turned her back on them. Daisy says that she's doing what she needs to do, and Mack warns her that it affects them whether she likes it or not. She thanks him for helping her injuries and leaves.

The senators ask Coulson to take a picture of them with Jeffrey. Jeffrey then reminds them that everything that they've seen is top secret, but the next time they meet will be at the public unveiling of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Once the senators leave, Coulson offers his help. Jeffrey reminds him that Coulson told the President that he didn't want to be the Director. Jeffrey was chosen, and Jeffrey says that when it comes to Melinda and Daisy, Coulson can't be objective. He tells Coulson to focus on the field work and he'll focus on being Director. He refuses to discuss his treatment for Melinda and leaves.

A Quinjet flies away from the base. Melinda is inside, strapped to a gurney, and screams at everyone to get away from her as agents look on.

The next day, Daisy goes to her van and discovers that Robbie has sabotaged the engine. Robbie pulls up and confirms that she's alone, and says that he may be the connection between everything that is happening. He opens the car door, and after a moment Daisy gets in and they drive off.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 28, 2016

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