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Chapter 3 Recap

Lee finds Flora's coat up a tree and calls Shelby and matt over. Once they call the police, they get the coat down and Lee confirms that it's Flora's. The officer in charge points out that they've been involved in a lot of strange matters recently, and Lee figures that something is off. She wonders if he's involved with the Polks.

Volunteers search the woods for Flora, each one going out separately. Lee eventually finds a pig's head laid out on the severed limbs of Flora's doll, and calls Matt and Shelby over. Continuing their search, they stumble on an abandoned barn and look inside for Flora. There's another pig-doll mannequin outside. The trio goes in and finds the place filled with flies and rotting meat in the refrigerator. Lee confirms the place is empty, and they hear a pig squealing. The trio follows the sound outside to the nearby barn and finds pig parts on the ground. They go into the barn and two Polk teenage boys look up and call Flora's name. When the searchers come in, the two men look at them from where they're suckling on a pig.

Once Matt things the cops there, they take the two teenagers to the station. The officer says that the Polks were occupying the land illegally and took Flora and fled before anyone could catch them. Mason storms in and Matt tries to calm him down. He tells Mason to let the police handle it, and Mason walks off. A social worker talks to the boys but they can barely speak. The only word that they seem to know is "Croatoan."

Matt admits that they didn't understand what the boys meant. Later, they understood that it was warning.

As night falls, the people continue their search and the FBI sends agents to help. Over 92 hours had passed since Flora disappeared, and Matt insisted that they get some rest. Back at the house, Mason demands to know where Flora is. He figures that Lee is hiding Flora to avoid losing custody for her, and reminds his ex-wife that Lee kidnapped Flora. Shelby asks why he didn't tell the police, and Mason figures that they'll stop looking for Flora and focus on Lee. When Lee goes after Mason, he shoves her to the floor. He walks out, frustrated, and Lee insists that she's all right.

After everyone goes to bed, the phone rings. Matt answers it and then goes to wake up Lee. He says that the cops found a body. They drive to the scene and find a burned body tied to a wooden mounting. Forensics has removed a piece of jewelry from the body, and Lee realizes that it belongs to Mason.

The next day, Matt and Shelby review the security cameras and see Mason leaving the house. Lee left the house 15 minutes after he did, and came back four hours later. Shelby suggests that Lee was desperate and killed Mason. Lee overhears them and confronts Shelby, and figures that she's not welcome there. Matt says that something is telling them to leave and they should go to a hotel. An older man, Cricket Marlowe, comes in and says that he was called to help them find Flora. He explains that he was in New Orleans and received a message from a spirit telling him to come there. Cricket says that he worked with the FBI before and found a child. The trio confirms that Cricket has helped find other missing children, and Cricket starts looking around the house. Cricket walks through the house and hears children laughing in the distance. He says that Fiona was there and hiding and points to the cubbyhole where they found Flora earlier. The bonnet is inside, and Cricket picks it up and then says that Flora isn't dead. He tells the others that Flora is with Priscilla, and says that Priscilla died in the late 1500s.

Shelby believes that Cricket is authentic, but Matt isn't convinced. When Cricket says that he needs permission from the house's owners to perform a ceremony, Shelby gives it to him.

Cricket performs ritual while Shelby, Matt, and Lee look on. The psychic calls to Priscilla, assuring her that she means them no harm. The candles go out and Cricket warns that it's a horrible woman. He has everyone joins hands to combine their strength, and the Butcher speaks. She says that all that invade and threaten her land do her harm. Cricket demands that she show herself, and the Butcher steps out of the shadows. The psychic holds up a prayer cards and calls upon it for protection, and the Butcher splits a candle on the table.

Matt admits that he couldn't explain what happened.

Cricket insists that the butcher can't harm them, and says that she passed over centuries ago. The Butcher insists that she protects the place and it is theirs, and she will protect the colony. As for Flora, the Butcher says if she had Flora then the girl would be dead by now. Priscilla has hidden Flora away somewhere beyond their hallowed ground, and the Butcher won't step off her land ever again. Cricket says that the land does not belong to the dead, and all of the windows shatter. He shouts "Croatoan!" as the others cower in fear.

Lee asks if Flora is all right, and Shelby asks what "Croatoan" means. Cricket warns that a dark spirit has Flora, but he can take them to her... for $25,000. Matt figures that Cricket is a con artist, figuring that the psychic had an accomplice outside with a BB gun. Cricket insists that his gift is real and he endangers his soul to find missing children. Lee draws a gun and aims it at Cricket, and Matt says that Cricket is just missing with her head. He convinces her to lower the gun, and then tells Cricket to get out of his house. Cricket chuckles and tells Lee that he'll be back and they will invite him. As he goes, Cricket whispers to Lee, saying that Emily says hello and wonders why Lee stopped looking for her..

The interviewer points out to Lee that she went to see Cricket the next day, and asks if Cricket said something about Lee's first daughter, Emily. He asks about Emily, and Lee says that they need to turn off the cameras. After she takes a break, Lee explains that she was 17 when she had Emily. She left Emily in the car as she went to the grocery store, and when lee came back her daughter had disappeared. Lee insists that she had nothing to do with Flora's disappearance.

The next day, Lee visits Cricket and pays him his $25,000. He explains that he let the house and went for a walk in the woods, and the spirits blasted his mind. Cricket says that the Butcher's Christian name was Thomasyn White, and her husband John was the governor off the colony of Roanoke. John traveled back to England for supplies, leaving Thomasyn in supplies.


Once John leaves, two of the men warn Thomasyn that the people are starving and they must venture inland. Thomasyn refuses to leave until John returns.


Lee talks about the legend of the Roanoke Colony, and how 116 settles disappeared without a trace.

Lee points out that Roanoke is over an hour away, and Cricket says that she only thinks that she knows the story.


The men approach Thomasyn as she sleeps and lock her head up in a cage. Their leader, Cage, says that that Thomasyn has lost their allegiance and are thus banished from their protection. Thomasyn warns that they shall hang, and Cage says that they will survive because they're traveling inland. When his lieutenant Ambrose refuses to swear loyalty, Cage puts a cleaver to his neck and repeats his demand. After a moment, Ambrose agrees and tells Thomasyn to beg for a reprieve. She refuses to bend her knee to any man, and Ambrose leads her out.

Dying of hunger and thirst in the forest, Thomasyn finally collapses. She hears a pig squealing and runs off, terrified, but the creature stalks her through the forest. She finally drops to her knees, praying to God, and surrenders her soul. The Woman of the Woods attacks the pig, killing it, and tears out its heart. She then holds up the beating heart to Thomasyn, removes the cage mask, and tells her to eat... and surrender her soul to her. Starving, Thomasyn takes the heart and eats it.

That night, Cage is planning their travel route when Thomasyn comes in behind him and splits his head open with a cleaver. She says that she has been purified by her time in the wilderness. When one settler objects, Thomasyn casually cuts his throat and then tells Ambrose to beg for a reprieve. Ambrose begs her for mercy, and Thomasyn says that if Ambrose wasn't his son then she would cut his throat. She tells him not to defy her again, and says that they're moving inward.


Cricket says that Roanoke settles came to the house's location. She claims dominion over it, and will kill them all for dominion over it.

That night, Cricket and Lee collect Matt and Shelby and go out into the woods. Cricket takes the bonnet and calls to Priscilla, asking her to show herself. He tells the others that they're not alone there, and warns that Thomasyn and some of her people are there. He warns Thomasyn that if she harms them then others will follow and she will never have the peace she seeks. Thomasyn agrees to hear him out, and Cricket tells her to compel Priscilla to give up her playmate. When Flora is safe with them, his clients will leave. Lee promises that they will burn the house down if it gets her daughter back. When Shelby objects, Lee says that Matt agreed to it. They realize that Matt is gone and Shelby calls to him.

Matt says that he has no memory of slipping away or what Shelby saw when she found him.

Shelby searches the forest for Matt and finds the Polks watching Matt having sex with the Woman, and she runs off.

Cricket and Lee search for Matt and find him with no idea where he had been. When they go to the house, they find the police there. Shelby shoves Matt away, furious, and says that he went behind her back and agreed to burn their house down and then had sex with the Woman. Matt has no idea what she's talking about. The police cuff Lee and read her her rights, and Matt wonders what Shelby is talking about. Shelby says that she has no idea what he's talking about.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 29, 2016

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