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World on Fire Recap

Claire checks her cuts and bruises in Matt's bathroom mirror, and then comes out to find him making her breakfast. She wonders what he does for a living, and Matt explains that he's a lawyer. Matt tastes the blood when Claire opens one of the cuts in her back, and checks her for broken bones. He explains that his other senses compensate, letting him see the world as if it's on fire. Matt asks Claire to stay there now that the Russians know who she is, and Claire reluctantly agrees. They kiss and then Claire suggests that he go to the police with what he has on the Russians. Matt points out that he's a masked vigilante, and admits that he hasn't been able to get a lead on Wilson. Claire tells him that she heard the name Vladimir when she was held at the garage.

Vladimir is in his office on the phone when Dmitry escorts Wesley in. Wesley says that Wilson accepts Vladimir's offer, and asks where Anatoly is. The middleman claims that Anatoly left him after they confirmed their deal, and Vladimir admits that his brother isn't answering his cell. Sergei arrives with Anatoly's decapitated corpse and Vladimir admits that they should have returned to Moscow like he wanted. He finds a Daredevil mask in Anatoly's pocket and assumes that the vigilante is responsible, and tells his men to bring him Daredevil's head.

At a chop shop in Hell's Kitchen, Leland, Nobu, and Madame Gao watch as a man cleans the blood off of Wilson's car. Gao chuckles while Leland asks if anyone else is wondering what's going on. Wilson and Wesley arrive, and Wilson says that there's an opportunity for those who want to see it. He apologizes for his recent absence and says that they're no longer working with the Russians since he decapitated Anatoly. Leland, Nobu, and Gao aren't happy with being kept out of the loop, and Wesley explains that Vladimir believes that Daredevil killed Anatoly. Wilson tells Gao to keep sending her product to the Russians for now, and eventually he'll take over and divide the profits four ways instead of five. Gao and Nobu agree, and Leland quickly falls in line. He wonders what happens if Vladimir finds out the truth before Wilson is ready to make his move, and Wilson says that it would be unfortunate.

As Leland walks off, Nobu reminds Wilson of his promise to him and those he speaks for. He leaves and Wilson tells Gao that he wants to put matters behind them as quickly as possible.

Two of Vladimir's men pick up one of Gao's blind runners. As they drive him, they ask him if he knows about Daredevil but he says nothing. They stop and take the delivery inside, and Daredevil takes them out when they come back. Two more Russians come out and open fire, and hit the runner as Daredevil takes cover. They check the corpse and Daredevil knocks them out as well. He questions one of the men, who begs him not to cut his head off as well. Police arrive in response to the gunshots, and Daredevil disappears into the darkness.

The next morning at the office, Karen is trying to get the purchased office equipment to work. Matt asks if they heard about a Russian's decapitation. As they talk, an elderly woman--Elena Cardenas--comes in. She explains that Brett's mother Bess sent her, and that her landlord, Armand Tully wants to convert his rent-control apartments to condominiums. He sent men to tear up the apartments and then offered to buy the tenants out. Elena and the others don't want to leave. Matt speaks in Spanish, telling her that Foggy will speak to Tully's lawyer at Landman and Zack, the firm where they interned. Matt heads for the precinct to see if there have been complaints against Tully, and suggests that Foggy take Karen with him. She immediately agrees to accompany him.

At the precinct house, Matt talks to Brett. Brett knows all about Tully but warns that the landlord has managed to stay legal--barely. He agrees to help Matt pull the complaints against Tully and let him talk to the investigating officers. As he waits, Matt hears Detectives Hoffman and Blake questioning one of the Russians, Piotr, about the dead runner. Piotr gives them Wilson's name and offers them what he knows in return for a deal. Blake frees Piotr and then punches a willing Hoffman, then draws his gun, tells Piotr he shouldn't have said his name, and shoots the Russian dead.

Foggy and Karen arrive at Landman and Zack and go to the desk. Lawyer Marci Stahl comes over and affectionately greets Foggy, and explains that she signed on there just after Foggy and Matt left. She tells them that she's representing Tully and that Elena can either take the offer or live in squalor until she's evicted. When Foggy points out that the workmen wrecked the place and left, Marci says that they feared for their safety from the criminal element. She advises Foggy to convince Elena to take the offer, and Foggy refuses. He says that Elena has the leverage and will stay, and Marci's partners will lose Tully as a client. As Foggy and Karen walks away, Marci admiringly says that he should have stayed at the law firm. As they go, Foggy admits that he used to date Marci and tells Karen to walk a bit faster.

That night, Wesley assures Wilson that their contacts in IAD will clear Hoffman and Blake on the shooting. He then advises his boss on what wine to choose and Wilson thanks him for his help.

Foggy and Karen go to Elena's apartment and tell the woman that Tully won't be fixing the apartment. However, Foggy says that they're going to fix up the place and take care of her.

Blake goes out for a cigarette and Daredevil takes him down and questions him about Piotr's murder and Wilson. The detective points out that Daredevil killed a Russian as well, chopping off Anatoly's head, and the vigilante demands Vladimir's location. Blake says that he doesn't know where he is and Daredevil, monitoring his heartbeat, realizes that he's telling the truth. He asks how Wilson and the Russians are connected, and Blake goes for his gun as he realizes the vigilante doesn't know. Before he can draw, Daredevil kicks him unconscious and takes his cell phone.

Vanessa arrives at the restaurant and discovers that Wilson has reserved the entire place. He explains that he didn't want to be interrupted again, and assures Vanessa that she can leave if she wishes. Vanessa asks if Wilson feels the need to be dishonest about the things that matter, and Wilson assures her that she can ask him anything and he'll always be honest with her. She agrees to stay and Wilson has the maître d' bring over the wine Wesley recommended.

Vladimir is cleaning off Anatoly's headless body when Sergei brings Turk in. Turk is there in response to Vladimir's summons, and says that he has a friend at the chop shop where Wilson met the others. His friend overheard enough to believe that Daredevil is working for Wilson. Furious at being played, Vladimir tells Sergei to pull their men back and get ready. He then tells Turk to put out the word that he'll pay $1 million to anyone who can tell him where to find Wilson that night. Once Turk leaves, Vladimir promises his brother that he'll avenge him.

At Elena's apartment, Foggy gets the cold water working. Elena invites Foggy and Karen to stay for dinner and leaves them alone. Foggy realizes that she's set him and Karen up on a date.

Matt takes Blake's phone to Claire and has her check it. She confirms that it's a burner and there are no numbers, but there is a list of four addresses. Matt recognizes one of them as the restaurant where they held the boy he rescued. He explains where he got the phone and figures that Vladimir is at one of the other addresses. As Matt goes, he says that he's going to do whatever it takes. Claire says that she can't believe he enjoys the violence... because she can't love a man who does. Matt says that she shouldn't and leaves.

At the restaurant, Vanessa talks about her past and mentions a man that she slept with. Wilson assures her that he isn't shocked, and only wishes he had been as suave. When Vanessa asked if he picked the wine, Wilson readily tells her the truth and says that Wesley is not only his assistant but his friend. Vanessa asks why he said he was lonely, and Wilson explains that he's an artist who wants to set the city's potential free. She notices his cufflinks are the same that he wore the last time, and Wilson explains that they belonged to his father and he wears them in memory of the man.

Wilson has a question for Vanessa: why did she feel the need to bring a gun in her purse? She admits that she knows what he really does, and Wilson admits that he has hurt people, and will hurt many more. However, to rebuild the city he has to destroy it first. Vanessa wonders if she needs the gun, and Wilson assures her that at her side is the safest place she could ever be. After a moment, Vanessa gives the gun to Wilson and he pockets it, smiling. Meanwhile, the maître d' receives a call.

Sergei interrupt Vladimir's mourning to tell him that they received Wilson's location. Daredevil listens in from the roof as Vladimir tells his man that he'll deal with Wilson himself.

At the apartment, Foggy shares stories of his time in college with Matt. Karen finally asks him how he ended up with Marci. He admits that she was different when they met, and maybe he got involved with the wrong girl like Matt always does. Karen asks how long Matt has been with women, and asks if Matt has ever asked what she looked like. She asks Foggy to touch her face so she can know how someone who is blind would see her.

Another of Gao's runners arrives at the Russian safe house and one of the two guards lets him in. Once the door is closed, Daredevil leaps down and attacks the other guard.

Inside, Vladimir and Sergei are loading up with guns along with their men. The guard brings the runner in and Sergei points out that they're not expecting another delivery. The runner holds up a trigger and pushes it as Sergei and Vladimir dive for cover.

Outside, Daredevil hears the trigger click and uses the guard as an explosion rocks the building.

Karen has Foggy close his eyes and touch her face. An explosion blasts the windows in and knocks Karen and Foggy to the floor. Elena staggers in, bleeding, as another explosion rocks the building. Foggy has Karen stay with the woman while he sees if anyone else needs help.

At the restaurant, Wilson and Vanessa watch as more explosions go off across the city. He tells her that he eliminated the men that abducted the boy, and Vanessa says that it's good. Wilson says that it's time to get her home before the roads close, and gives Marcel a thick envelope in return for him making the call earlier.

Daredevil wakes up and shoves off the stunned guard's body. He hears Sergei inside, calling to Vladimir.

Vladimir is stumbling through the wreckage when Sergei finds him. Sergei says that they have to go.

Turk meets with Wesley and receives his payoff for giving the fake tip to Vladimir. He wonders why they set Daredevil up for Anatoly's murder, and Wesley explains that they need to distract Vladimir while they set up the bombs.

Sergei gets Vladimir outside and Daredevil attacks them. He knocks out Sergei and beats Vladimir down. As he prepares to finish the mobster, the police arrive and order Daredevil to put up his hands. Surrounded, Daredevil has no chance but to comply.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 17, 2015

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