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The Morgue Recap

At the Ash home, Brock is listening to a record and drinking. He hears a car pull up outside, and Ash, Kelly, Pablo, and Ruby come in. Brock wonders why they’re there, and Ash says that he has some business to take care of and then he’s gone. They argue about Ash running off and Brock not supporting him, and Ash says that he’s the only hero Elk Grove has. Brock tells them that his lady is coming over and tells Ash to leave after his business is done.

Upstairs, Ash goes to his old room and remembers having to kill his girlfriend when she was possessed. They go in and admits that it hasn’t changed in thirty years. Ruby joins them and says that they don’t have much time, and admits that the demons are her children. She says that they have to retrieve the Necronomicon first and Ash wonders where she put it.

At the Kenwood County Hospital morgue, the Book rests inside of a corpse. A coroner is working on another body with earphones o, and just barely hears something pounding from inside one of the drawers. He dismisses it as his imagination and goes back to work, and a Deadite-possessed corpse slides out of the drawer. The lights flicker and the coroner notices the now-empty drawer. When he goes over, the corpse cuts his foot and then stabs the man in the head.

Ruby explains that dead flesh masks the scent of the Book from the spawn. Pablo warns Ash that Ruby is hiding something and Kelly wonders why Ruby needs Ash if she’s so powerful. Ash agrees but figures that it’s the best plan they have. Pablo draws the Dagger and says that he’ll cut open Ruby himself. Ash tells Ruby that she’s waiting there with Pablo while he and Kelly get the book, and Ruby has no choice but to agree.

As they get into Ash’s car, Ash sees Lillian Pendergrast walking by. He admits that he boned her in the back of the car, and sees her go into his house. Brock welcomes her with a hug, and Ash is angry that his father stole his ex-girlfriend.

At the morgue, Ash tells Kelly to guard the door while he goes inside. There are several corpses, and Ash doesn’t notice the fresh blood on the floor. Ash hears something moving but doesn’t see anything, and grabs a bone saw and starts cutting open corpses. The bone saw goes out and Ash finds a bigger saw. There’s no Book in the first corpse, and he moves onto the second body.

Pablo asks Ruby what he did to her, and she’s impressed that he’s deceiving Ash. She doesn’t know what the Book did to him, and throws Pablo to the bed and demands answer to her questions.

Ash cuts his way through the bodies and comes to one that was already cut open. He finds the Book inside and tries to remove it, but it’s caught on the intestine.

Kelly tries to get a pop from a machine but it takes her money. As she prepares to shoot it, the elevator opens but no one comes out. The doors close and open, then close again. After a moment, Kelly goes back to the pop machine and kicks it repeatedly. Sheriff Emery arrives.

Ash finally pulls the Book out but loses his grip. The intestines retract back into the corpse, and Ash figures that something is going on. He grabs his shotgun and looks into the corpse, and the intestines sprout teeth and grabs him by the face.

Emery says that there have been a lot of unexplained deaths recently and figures that they’re connected to Ash’s arrival. He goes to talk to the coroner, and Kelly blocks his path. Emery shoves her into the pop machine and Kelly head-butts him unconscious... and gets her pop.

Ash continues wrestling with the intestines, which pull him into the corpse’s butt. He manages to shove the corpse into a drawer and pull himself free, then grab his shotgun and shoots the intestines, then grabs the Book. Ash then sees a drawer with Lillian’s name on it, saying that she died of pneumonia. He opens the drawer and finds the dead coroner inside, and realizes that a Deadite is with his father.

At Brock’s house, “Lillian” asks when Ash would be back. Brock doesn’t care and wonders why she’s interested. Upstairs, Ruby asks Pablo what has been happening to him. She admits that the Book has never attached itself to a human before, and wonders if it left an imprint. Ruby figures that Pablo has been having premonitions. When Pablo says that he’s not going to tell her anything, Ruby head-butts him unconscious.

Ash links back up with Kelly and sees the unconscious Emery, and Kelly says that he was abusing his rights. Ash pours pop on Emery’s crotch just because he can, says that Lillian is a Deadite, and heads home to save Pablo.

Lillian hears something upstairs, and Brock figures that Ash snuck in the back and invites Lillian to slide over. She tells him to get himself ready while she freshens up in the bathroom.

As they drive back to the house, Kelly wonders why Ash didn’t mention saving Brock. Ash shrugs it off as collateral damage, and Kelly reminds him that Brock is family. Ash isn’t convinced and they almost run over two teenage kids. He and Kelly both give them the fingers and bump fists.

Pablo wakes up and finds Ruby dangling him from the ceiling. She says that he’s a disappointment and having a precognition, and then sprouts a claw from her finger and cuts his throat. Pablo wakes up from his precognition as Lillian knocks on the door. Ruby asks him what he saw, and Lillian smashes in the door in her Deadite form and attacks Ruby. Ruby throws it across the room and tries to stab her with the Dagger. The Deadite knocks it out of her hand and they fight, while Pablo grabs the Dagger. And a guitar. He smashes the Deadite in the head with the guitar and Ruby cuts off the Deadite’s head with Ash’s trophy, just as Ash and Kelly arrive.

Ruby then asks Pablo what she saw, and he tells her what he saw. She realizes that the spawn are trying to raise their father, Baal. Ash says that he locked up the Book in his car... just as one of the teenagers, Tyler, drives off in the Delta. Ash and the others run down past Brock but Tyler gets away.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 9, 2016

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