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The Adventures of Supergirl Recap

Kara and her friends are celebrating at her home when a spaceship crashes nearby. Supergirl and J'onn fly to investigate, and Supergirl tries to grab it without success. After resting the people in its path, the two heroes land and approach the spaceship, and Supergirl realizes that it's identical to the Kryptonian pod that brought her to Earth. She opens it and finds an unconscious man inside.

The next day, Hank takes Kara to the new downtown headquarters of the DEO. Alex takes them to the lab where they're keeping the comatose man. Kara figures that he must be another survivor from Krypton, and he has the same invulnerability. Alex suggests that Winn help them with the investigation and analyze the pod's telemetry, and Hank agrees. Once Winn and Hank leave, Kara tells Alex that she and James are going on their first date. Alex points out that her foster sister is acting too excited because she's nervous, but Kara insists that she isn't and gets a text from Cat even though she doesn't work for her.

At CatCo, Kara is watching a newscast about a new spacecraft, Venture, when Cat arrives. She asks Kara what job she wants, and Kara points out that she's been busy for the last 12 hours. Cat isn't impressed and says that sleeping is for slackers. Kara says that she'd be interested in marketing and it ranks high at CatCo. Cat dismisses Kara's efforts as pathetic and says that she can't research her calling on the Internet. She compares Kara to Supergirl, saying that Kara should look inwards and figure out what she wants to do, and gives Kara two more days. Cat then calls in her new assistant, Eve Tessmacher, and complains about her salad dressing. Once Eve leaves, Kara suggests that Cat give her a chance.

That night, Kara gets ready for her date. James arrives and compliments her on the dress she chose. He brought pizza and pot stickers to cover everything, and is surprised she didn't go to the Venture launch. James tells her that she can put it on the TV, and Kara eagerly accepts.

At the launchpad, the new space shuttle lifts off into orbit. One engine explodes and the Venture plummets back to Earth.

On the streets of National City, Clark Kent is on the phone to his editor, Perry White. Once Clark hangs up, he hears a newscast about the Venture explosion.

At the DEO and at CatCo, the staffs watch the newscast.

Clark runs into an alleyway and changes into Superman. He then flies off into the sky.

Supergirl flies up into the sky.

The Venture pilots try to stabilize the shuttlecraft. Supergirl catches one wing, and Superman arrives and asks if she needs a hand. She agrees and he uses his superbreath on the flaming engine. Superman then grabs the other wing and together the two Kryptonians bring the shuttle down safely in a field. They land nearby and Supergirl says that she's always dreamed of teaming up. A family rides up and Superman and Supergirl say hi.

Later, Supergirl takes Superman to the DEO and he shakes hands with the agents. Supergirl introduces an awestruck Winn, who immediately starts gushing until Supergirl stops him. Alex comes over and Superman offers to help her find Jeremiah. Hank and Superman tensely greet each other, and Hank takes Superman to see their new "guest." Alex admits to Supergirl that he doesn't know what's between the two men.

In the lab, Supergirl tells her cousin what happened. Winn has decrypted the pod's journey log and explains that the pod passed through the Veil of Stars, where time doesn't pass. Hank interrupts them to say that there was an explosion on the Venture that caused the crash, and the shuttle was built in National City. Superman offers to help as Clark Kent, but Hank isn't interested. Supergirl insists and offers CatCo as a base of operation. Once the two cousins leave, Alex asks Hank what the issue is. Hank claims that there's nothing and walks away.

At CatCo, Kara brings Clark up to her floor and James greets his friend. Cat motions at Kara to come into her office, and when Kara goes in Cat complains that no one told her Clark was coming. The CEO primps herself and then goes out to welcome Clark. She asks if he's seeing Lois, and Clark assures her that they're still going strong. Cat then invites Clark on a tour of CatCo and leads him off. James tells Kara that Cat has a thing for Clark, and congratulates Kara on saving the shuttle. Kara insists that she'll make it up to him for interrupting their date. She gets a call from Alex, and then tells Clark that there was one passenger missing on the Venture who was listed: Lena Luthor, Lex Luthor's sister... who has just moved to National City.

An arms dealer shows a man, John Corben, a remote-controlled attack drone. Corben activates it and uses it to kill the arms dealer. He then calls his employer and says that he's switching to Plan B... and he's never let the Luthors down.

Clark and Kara visit Lena, who says she had an emergency and canceled her ride on the Venture. She points out that CatCo isn't known for its journalism, and figures that Clark suspects her of involvement with the explosion. Lena says that she was adopted and Lex made her proud to be an author. As she talks, Clark scans the office with his x-ray vision. Meanwhile, Lena says that after Lex went to jail, she vowed to make her company a force for good. She gives them a flash drive with the schematics on the oscillator that exploded, and asks Clark to give her a chance for a fresh start.

Outside, Clark and Kara say that they scanned the office and didn't see anything. Clark is skeptical of Lena's claim, and Kara says that she believed Lena. Lois calls checking on Clark, and Kara wonders how he juggles his various lives. Clark knows that she's involved with James, and Kara says that she's stuck despite all of her new options. Her cousin says that it isn't easy but assures Kara that being herself is just as important as being Supergirl.

Alex meets with Hank and says that she knows about Operation Emerald. Hank explains that after he first took over the DEO, he and Superman investigated it together. It was made of kryptonite and Hank kept some of it even though Superman wanted to destroy it all. Winn comes in and says that the oscillator was under the main passenger cabin... and Lena's seat. They realize that Lena was the target of the explosion, not the cause.

Lena goes out to her helicopter and the pilot takes it off. Corben sends two drones after the helicopter and prepares to open fire. Superman and Supergirl arrive and block the bullets, and Corben says over the loudspeaker that he has drones all over the city targeting the civilian population. Supergirl stays with the helicopter while Superman looks for the other drones.

One drone blasts Supergirl down to the helipad, while Superman flies through the streets and takes out one drone. He then shelters pedestrians from another drone and destroys that as well. Supergirl recovers as the drones fire on the helicopter. She recovers and destroys them, and then brings the helicopter down safely.

That night, Kara finds James and suggests that she get Italian for their date. James figures that something has changed for her, and Kara admits that she doesn't know if she wants to be with him. Eve breaks into tears and Kara hears Cat yelling at her. Kara asks why Cat doesn't fire her, and figures that something is wrong. Cat says that she has achieved everything that she wants and asks Kara what's wrong with her. Kara admits that in some areas of her life she doesn't know what to do. Cat tells her to dive into new waters and become a new person rather than stay with her old life, and says that in order to live they both must keep daring. Kara thanks her for the advice and Cat reminds her that she has 12 hours left to pick a job.

At the DEO, Winn examines the drone parts and Alex finds a partial fingerprint. She's identified international assassin John Corben and Superman tells the others that Supergirl is busy trying to talk Lena out of going through with the renaming ceremony. Hank finally talks to Superman, who points out that Hank still keeps kryptonite there. As long as the DEO has kryptonite, Superman refuses to work with them.

At renaming ceremony, Lena talks to Kara about how she needs to make the company into something positive. She goes up to the podium, while Alex and James watch from the crowd. Lena says that she's renaming the company and trying to create a brighter future… just as bombs go out throughout the park. Kara changes into Supergirl and shields James as he gets a pedestrian to safety. More explosions rock the office building, and Supergirl flies up to stabilize it. Superman joins her.

Alex spots Corben disguised as a police officer. When he tries to shoot Lena, Alex disarms him.

Winn tells Supergirl that Corben took out the main structural support. Supergirl flies down and grabs an iron construction beam.

Alex and Corben continue fighting.

Supergirl uses the beam to replace the structural support that Corben destroyed. The building stabilizes and Superman is able to let go.

Corben manages to grab his gun, and uses Alex as a hostage as Supergirl flies down. The assassin admits that Lex hired him to kill Lena, and starts to leave. Lena shoots him through the chest, and Alex says that they have to get him to the hospital.

The next day, Clark and Kara visit Lena. She thanks them for the story that Clark wrote, and Clark admits that he was wrong about her. She says that Kara should have helped written the article and the cousins leave.

At CatCo, Kara tells Cat that she wants to be a reporter. Cat gives her an envelope with her resume in it... and "reporter" written on it. She says that she knew from the moment they met that Kara was destined to be a reporter: she just waited until Kara realized it. Cat admits that Kara has integrity and wants to see justice done, and she inspires Cat. She tells Kara to get out and make her proud, and admits that taking the plunge is good advice for all of them. Once Kara leaves, Cat calls Eve in to make some calls.

Out on the balcony, Kara tells James that she's still working on figuring out how to be Kara Danvers. She figures that they're best as friends, and James assures her that they will always be friends. Kara goes to see Clark and James opts to stay behind.

At the DEO, Hank welcomes Winn to the organization. Superman and Supergirl look on, and Supergirl wonders if it bothers Superman that she got top credit. He says that he's proud just to be working with her and thought he'd stay around for a while with his family. Alex comes over and says that there's an armored car robbery, and the cousins fly off to intervene.

In a secret laboratory, a woman tells a badly injured Corben that with her he has a chance at continued life. She threatens to shut down his ventilator or offer him life. Corben chooses life and the woman welcomes him to Cadmus. She pumps chemicals into his body and says, "Long live Metallo."

Written by Gadfly on Oct 11, 2016

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