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Out of Time Recap

Historian Hank Heywood runs down the hallway of City Hall as a bodyguard chases after him. Another bodyguard knocks Hank down, and Oliver Queen comes out to see what the commotion is. Hank explains that they wouldn't let him in without an appointment, and says that he's there to talk about Sara and the rest of the Legends... because they're in trouble.

Oliver agrees to give him five minutes and says that he doesn't know about the Legends. Hank says that Oliver is Green Arrow, and explains that he's exhausted all normal avenues so Oliver is the only one left who will think he isn't crazy. The historian explains that he specialized in deductive reconstructions, and Sara and Ray Palmer are travelling through time. A quantum physicist helped him identify subliminal temporal alterations, and Hank thinks the Legends are responsible. He shows Oliver manuscripts apparently describing Ray, Sara, and Waverider. There was a sighting of Waverider in 1942 New York diving into the Atlantic Ocean at the same time as the underwater detonation of an atomic bomb... three years before the first atomic bomb was invented. Oliver figure that the Legends are dead if they were in a nuclear bomb explosion.

Atlantic Ocean – 24 Hours Later

Oliver and Hank takes a sub to on Hank's coordinates and spots the wreckage of Waverider. Boarding, they find Mick in stasis. The power comes on and the stasis field disappears, and Mick instinctively attacks Oliver. Oliver slams him back down and demands answers. Mick grabs a beer and explains that Rip knocked him out, and that the Legends were protecting history because the Time Masters were blown up. The Legends took over and dealt with aberrations.

France 1637

The Legends travel to save the King of France, A miniaturized Atom is watching over him while the others are outside as the King and Queen prepare to consummate their marriage. Sara is disguised as a servant, and the Queen notices her necklace. When Sara says that her sister gave it to her, the Queen starts flirting with her Meanwhile, Martin spots the assassins armed with advanced weaponry.

The King opens the door and one of the assassins prepares to shoot him. Atom flies forward and attacks him. Outside, Rip and Martin fight the assassins while Mick gets inside and gets the King out of the way as an assassin shoots at him. Jax knocks out the assassin, and Mick wonders where Sara is.

The Queen throws Sara onto her bed and kisses her.

Rip fights with the assassin and yells at everyone to get back to the ship. The two men fence while Jax fights the other assassin. Rip knocks his men over a balcony, and Jax's opponent draws his gun. Jax runs and leaps off the balcony, landing on Martin. The two of them merge into Firestorm, and Atom arrives and takes out the last assassin. Mick arrives with the panicked King, and Sara comes out and says that the Queen is ready for the King. The Legends board Waverider and depart.


Mick says that they got into trouble by visiting a time they were told not to: 1942. Rex Tyler warned them not to before vanishing.


Martin tells the others that he and Gideon have calculated the location of another aberration. Rip points out how they screwed off and storms off to the library. Sara comes in and Rip warns that the team is ill-equipped to take the Time Masters' place. A time quake hits Waverider, and Gideon determines that it originated in New York City in 1942.


Mick says that the Nazis nuked NYC in 1942.


The team confirms that New York was blown up, and figures that Nazis were responsible and aided by time travelers. The Legends are immune to the historical alteration because the consequences haven't caught up to them yet. Rip points out that Rex told them not to go there, but the others believe that they should. Their leader points out that they could make things worse, and Sara says that they've got it.

In the library, Sara has Gideon pull up the records on Damien Dahrk. The AI determines that Damien was spotted in New York. Ray comes in and wonders if she's having grief issues. She makes it clear that she doesn't want to discuss it and leaves, and Martin comes in. Gideon brings up news reports showing that the Allies won World War II... two more years and claiming 12 million more lives. Einstein went missing just prior to the attack on New York, and Martin figures that the Nazis kidnapped Einstein and forced him to build a nuclear bomb. The two men realize that their best option is to kidnap Einstein first.

Later, Rip asks Jax to stay on the ship because he's the only one he trusts to overhaul the time drive. Jax complains that Rip has been giving him a lot of jobs, and Rip threatens to let Mick do it instead. Convinced, Jax reluctantly agrees to do the overhaul.

The team arrives in New York and Gideon tells them that there's a cocktail party that evening at Columbia University. Sara walks off and when Ray asks where she's going, she claims that she had a grandfather in the FBI and is going to check in in case they need backup. He then secretly follows her in case she needs backup. Sara gets into a taxi, unaware that a miniaturized Atom is hiding in the hood.

At the cocktail party, the team spots Einstein hitting on women. Rip spots the Nazi spies nearby from their fake uniforms.

Sara goes to a warehouse and draws a gun, and Atom flies in behind her. Damien and his men arrive and Sara prepares to shoot him, and Atom comes up behind her and announces that he's there. She moves them both out of sight while Damien addresses the workers in German.

At the party, the spies draw guns and move in on Einstein. Martin goes up to Einstein with Mick and tries to strike up a conversation about relativity. Einstein is not amused that Martin has chased off the women he was flirting with, and Mick leads him off.

At the warehouse, the Germans thank Damien for the uranium that he's provided them with. He warns them that it's useless without the proper expertise to weaponized it, and the German spy leader says that his people will deal with it. Atom points out that Damien is supplying the Nazis with uranium, and Sara figures that if she kills Damien then it will save her sister. Her teammate says that until they find out where the uranium is, they can't kill Damien.

At the party, Martin tells Einstein that his life is in danger. He yells that he's being kidnapped, and the Germans open fire. Rip knocks them out and shoots them down, and an exasperated Martin finally punches Einstein unconscious when the scientist keeps arguing.

Later back on Waverider, Sara tells Jax what happened. Einstein is in the brig, and Gideon tells them that they can't leave 1942 because the Nazis still destroy New York with a nuclear bomb. Sara realizes that the Nazis got the bomb from someone other than Einstein.

Einstein wakes up and demands to know why he's imprisoned. Martin wants to discuss unified theory with him, and Einstein points out that he hasn't published his theory yet. Mick explains that the Nazis were going to abduct him and force him to make a nuclear bomb, and Einstein insists that no one is insane enough to set off a nuclear bomb. When Martin asks for his help saving New York, Einstein doesn't believe he's serious until he deduces that they're time travelers. He admits that he's the only man who could do such a feat, but admits that there is a woman: Einstein's ex-wife Mileva Maric.

On the bridge, Martin tells the others that Mileva is a nuclear physicist and had no one guarding her. The Germans learned that they secretly collaborated, and Ray figures that she's with Damien's uranium. He explains about Sara's side mission, and points out that there are no rules about changing time. She tells Ray that without his suit, he's nothing but a self-righteous rich guy. Ray says that he can use his Atom suit to track the trace radiation on Damien.

At a shipyard in New Jersey, Mileva finishes the bomb. Damien says that they still need her and tells his men to get her and the bomb onboard the waiting submarine. The Legends and Einstein are nearby, and Ray says that they should all follow the plan. He opens fire on the Germans and his teammates join in. Damien leaves and White Canary goes after him despite Rip's orders. He realizes that the League trained her and easily holds her off.

Atom gets to the bomb and starts disarming it. However, the radiation damages his suit and Rip orders White Canary to fall back. She continues her attack, while the atom suit starts short-circuiting. Heat Wave is wounded by gunfire and the Atom suit malfunctions. Rip tells white Canary what is happening and warns that they have to fall back, and Atom gets Heat Wave to safety. White Canary heads back, taking out any Germans in her way.

The team lifts off in Waverider, and rip tells Jax that he's tracking the uranium register. He asks Jax to make modifications to the time drive, and says that the alterations he's requested are more of an exercise. Jax realizes that Rip has been training him to know the ship's secrets in his absence. He finds a reference to a "Timescatter" and Rip explains that it's a last ditch option that he hopes they'll never have to use.

Waverider descends into the ocean and the team joins rip on the bridge. He submarine fires a torpedo at Waverider, and Ray fires a missile scoring a hit. Damien confirms that the weapon is ready and has the crew launch it. The torpedo streaks by them toward New York and the Legends realize that it's the nuclear bomb. Rip sets Waverider to a collision course with the torpedo as Jax arrives on the bridge and says that the modifications are complete. The former Time Master admits that he doesn't know if the time ship can handle the blast... and teleports everyone away except Mick. He explains that he's teleported the others throughout time, but Mick is too injured to survive the journey. Rip stuns Mick unconscious and Gideon confirms that they have 30 seconds to intercept.

Rip carries Mick to the sickbay and puts him in the stasis field. Gideon tells Rip that she's there. The torpedo hits Waverider and explodes.


Mick figures that Rip time-scattered himself with the others, and he'll have to find them. Oliver volunteers Hank to help Mick find the team, and Mick accepts. Once Mick leaves, Oliver tells Hank that he's been waiting his whole life for a chance to travel through time. Once Oliver leaves, Hank checks the records, he tells Mick that he has a lead on Ray. They take off and travel 70 million years into the past to South Dakota. Ray is on the run with a T-Rex chasing him. He turns to fight, and Heat Wave blasts the dinosaur.

In Tintagel, England in 821, the King complains about the festival. He calls his wizards in: Martin and Jax. They try to entertain him with their technology, but the King orders his men to cut off their heads. Hank, Mick, and Ray arrive and the team fight their way out

Sara is being hung as a witch in Salem in 1693. She breaks free and fights her way clear just as Hank and her teammates arrive. Back on Waverider, Hank says that he's had no luck determining if Rip was stranded in time. They activate Gideon and ask it where Rip is, and the AI says that it doesn't know. It plays Rip's final message, and Rip says that he decided to go down with his ship. He admits that they're the best team he could ever hope for, and advises them to stick together.

Ray wonders what they do now, and Martin figures that they have to keep going because they need to find the rogue time traveler who is helping Damien and the Nazis. Hank suggests that they safeguard the Einsteins by making one alteration to history.

At Columbia in 1942, Hank, Martin, and Mick intercept Einstein as Einstein arrives with his bodyguards. They want him to announce that Mileva has been his silent partner for 30 years, which will keep her safe. Einstein does as requested and introduces Mileva. The others are watching, and Martin says that she'll be in the public eye and safe.

Aboard the German submarine, Damien tells the German spy that there won't be another bomb because his partner wants to move on to other things. Eobard Thawne--Reverse Flash--speeds in and knocks out the crew.

Hank, Martin, and Mick meet their teammates out at a construction site near where they parked Waverider. Sara apologizes to Ray about what she said earlier, and he promises that they'll get justice for Laurel. The Justice Society of America--five superheroes--arrive and tell the Legends that they're coming with them.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 14, 2016