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Condemned Recap

The police officers order Daredevil to drop to his knees, and the vigilante steps away from Vladimir and does as ordered. They handcuff him and then prepare to kill Vladimir, saying that they were ordered to do so. Daredevil head-butts one officer and attacks the others, and one of them shoots and hits Vladimir in the leg by accident. Meanwhile, the vigilante takes down the rest and then kicks the gun out of Vladimir's hand as he reaches for it.

When one of the officers, Corbin, wakes up, he discovers that Daredevil and Vladimir is gone. He kills the Russian sentry and then calls in, reporting two suspects on foot.

In his office, Ben lays out all of the information he has on the criminal organization that is terrorizing Hell's Kitchen. Ellison calls the reporters together and tells them that they have reports of multiple explosions in Hell's Kitchen. Ben asks for the addresses and when he gets them, tells Ellison that all of the places were controlled by the Russians. The veteran walks out over Ellison's objections.

Wilson and his men leaves the area, and Wesley confirms that Vladimir escaped after Daredevil beat him. He figures that Daredevil will try to get Vladimir to talk concerning Wilson, and assures his employer that the two men won't make it out of Hell's Kitchen. Wilson warns that Mao will be disappointed after putting her trust in him, and plans to tell her the truth because she'll see through any lies. He tells Wesley that they're going to let the police do their jobs.

Blake and Hoffman lead a sweep through the Russians' warehouse. They find one man who survived the blast, trapped in rubble, and torture him for Vladimir's location. When the detectives are satisfied that he doesn't know anything, Blake shoots him dead. He tells the other crooked cops to kill any Russians that they find.

Daredevil carries Vladimir into a building to avoid the police. Vladimir vows to kill him for killing Anatoly, and Daredevil says that he didn't do it. He warns that Wilson set Vladimir up and tells him to choose a side. When Daredevil says that he wants Fisk on trial for what he's done and the Russian can get payback, Vladimir calls him a fool and passes out.

Foggy and Karen take the wounded Elena to the hospital. Claire comes over and leads Elena away to treatment, and Foggy realizes that he was wounded in the explosion. As Karen goes to get help, Shirley coordinates relief efforts and realizes that Claire is there. She says that it's good to have her back and moves on, and Daredevil calls Claire on the burner he gave her. He warns that he can't call 911 because the police want Vladimir dead, and has Claire walk him through stabilizing the Russian. Before they start, Daredevil tells her that Vladimir is the man that had her beaten, but Claire helps anyway. The vigilante finds two roadside flares and Claire walks him through cauterizing the wound.

An officer, Sullivan, hears Vladimir's screams and goes to investigate.

Vladimir finally passes out from the pain, and Daredevil hears Sullivan come in. He ducks out of sight as Sullivan finds Vladimir and orders him to surrender, and then captures Sullivan and tells him to stay quiet. Daredevil asks who he works for and confirms via his heartbeat that he's telling the truth when he says the city. Satisfied, he tells Sullivan to call Central and says that it was a false alarm. Sullivan yells that he's with Daredevil and the vigilante knocks him out, and the dispatcher calls for backup.

Officers soon arrive on the scene, and Blake and Hoffman take charge. They warn that it's a hostage situation and have the officers secure the perimeter. Ben arrives and knows that Sullivan is inside, and Blake tells him to stay back and keep his head down. Hoffman then briefs Wesley, who tells Wilson that Daredevil has Vladimir and a rookie cop that they don't own. He warns that Ben is there, and he worked the United Allied piece, but Wilson tells Wesley to reach out to all their medic contacts and make sure everyone in Hell's Kitchen sees what happens.

As Daredevil handcuffs the unconscious Sullivan to a pole, Vladimir wakes up. Daredevil tells him that they're surrounded by Wilson's men and demands answers. Vladimir asks if he draws the line at refusing to kill but letting a man dies, and warns that Daredevil will reach the soon point that he and Wilson have. The Russian explains that Wesley came to them and complimented them on their operation, and then set them up with the Chinese and their heroin. Daredevil wonders who the key is, and Vladimir says that Wilson has a money man who handled finances for everyone. Vladimir mutters the name and Daredevil leans in to hear it... and the Russian attacks him. Daredevil manages to take him down, and they break through two stories of rotting floor before crashing to a halt.

The television crews arrive and Blake mocks Ben about being a washed up newsprint reporter. At the hospital, Karen leaves another message for Matt to call. Foggy is in a hospital bed and tells Karen not to jump to conclusions, but she isn't convinced. He tries to get up to look for his friend, but Karen pushes Foggy back down and says that he wants him to stay there and stay safe. She admits that she's had worse first dates and goes downstairs to see if Matt has been brought in. Once Karen leaves, Foggy leaves a message for Matt asking where he is.

Daredevil wakes up first and the stunned Vladimir says that it was fun even if it wasn't smart. Vladimir's heart stops and Daredevil administers CPR to revive him. The Russian points out that Daredevil couldn't even stand back and let him die, but the vigilante refuses to let him go until he gives him the information he needs to bring down Wilson.

Wesley has Blake and Hoffman clear a radio channel and hands Wilson a radio, and the driver takes them in.

Outside the building, the ESU arrives and Blake tells them to shoot anyone inside who moves as he goes inside with them.

As Daredevil tries to find a way out, he hears a subway train below the building. He clears away a grate into an access tunnel... and Wilson calls over Sullivan's radio. Daredevil responds and neither of them give the other their names. Wilson says that the two of them have a lot in common: they both want to save the city, but he's doing it on a scale that matters. He tells Daredevil that he's not going to stop him, and that he's arranged to have the vigilante blamed for the bombings. Wilson offers to let Daredevil go if he kills Vladimir, and reminds him of the murders that the Russian has committed and how much he enjoyed it. Daredevil figures that Vladimir is important, and Wilson realizes that the Russian hasn't told him anything yet. He says that Daredevil's belief that one man can make a difference is what makes him dangerous, and tells Wesley to give the order.

Outside the building, Ben points out that Blake and Hoffman aren't doing any hostage negotiation. An ESU sniper in Wilson's pay opens fire on Ben, but hits and shoots Blake in the chest by accident. The sniper continues firing, taking out two more cops, and the crowd takes cover. Ben tries to keep Blake alive.

Wilson tells Daredevil that he did what he was forced to do, and says that they won't speak again. He then tells Wesley to have their friends roll the tape.

As Claire helps with the wounded, the news runs a tape from earlier of Daredevil attacking the cops. Foggy and Karen watch it as well, and Karen recognizes Daredevil as the man who saved her life. She doesn't believe that he's a killer, but Foggy warns that people who wear masks always have something to hide.

Daredevil tries to pull the grate up but it's too heavy. Claire calls and tells him what the news is saying, and Daredevil tells her that it's Wilson. He hears the ESU breaking into the building and tells Claire that he doesn't get her caught in whatever happens to him. Daredevil tells Claire to take care of herself and hangs up.

As the ESU squad moves through the building, Daredevil tries to move the grate again. Vladimir comes over and helps him, and together the two men move it. Meanwhile the ESU officers--in Wilson's pay--find Sullivan, call in that he's dead, and then kill him.

Daredevil helps Vladimir down into the access tunnel and helps him toward a door. It's locked and two ESU men move in. Daredevil shoves Vladimir out of the way as the officers open fire, and then takes them out. Vladimir grabs one of their guns and trains it on Daredevil, who warns that there are five more men coming. The Russian says that he's going to stay, and warns that Wilson controls the police and the judges. He tells Daredevil that there's only one way to stop him, and Daredevil will realize the truth when Wilson goes after everyone he cares about. Vladimir gives Daredevil Leland's name but warns that he won't give what Daredevil what he needs to take Wilson down.

The ESU officers approach and Vladimir tells Daredevil to go. The vigilante has no choice and walks away as gunshots echo behind him.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 18, 2015

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