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Toothpick Recap

In Portugal, Mac and Jack are running surveillance on an apartment. A woman, Cindy, texts Mac but he ignores it and tells Jack that there's nothing to talk to her about. He finally says that he went on a date with Cindy, and she's great. Jack figures that Mac isn't over Nikki, and points out that they trailed her to Portugal and staked out her place. Mac insists that it's just business, and figures that anything she does is his responsibility.

Nikki apparently peers out of the drapes and Jack and Mac go upstairs. A blonde woman is there and asks who Mac is. Once he confirms his identity, she says that Nikki gave her an envelope to give to Mac. He opens it and finds a key inside, and figures that Nikki made them.

Back in LA, Riley is helping Wilt fix his tie for another meeting with her parole officer. He gives her advice on how she should act more like his girlfriend, and she finally tells him to be himself rather than pretending to be a player. Wilt is optimistic that she likes him for himself.

As they leave the apartment, Mac hits the hood of his car in frustration. Patricia calls and tells them to get to Berlin. Interpol and the CIA have been trying to prove that Eric Wexler, the head of the German branch of Wexler Industries, has been selling weapons to America's enemies. Twenty-four hours ago, Wexler's executive assistant Katarina Wagner offered Interpol agent Simon Abbott proof of Wexler's criminal activities. Simon sent Katerina a ticket four hours ago for a night train going from Berlin to Frankfurt, but Simon was found murdered two hours ago. Patricia is heading for Frankfurt and sending Riley to Berlin to meet with Mac and Jack and keep Katarina safe.

In Berlin, jack and Mac board the night train and meet Riley. They go to Katarina's cabin but there's no sign of her. Riley accesses every camera on the train's free wi-fi, while Mac finds flecks of cut and died hair in the sink. Riley redoes the hair style and color on her computer, and they find Katarina in the dining car. Mac sits down next to her and introduces himself, while Jack and Riley sit down across the way. They tell her that Simon is dead and the ticket is a trap, and they're there to protect her from whoever is waiting for her in Frankfurt.

In Frankfurt, Patricia arrives at the train station and looks for the killer. She spots a nervous looking man reach into his jacket and starts to go for her gun, and then a child runs over to the man: her father. Patricia spots another man carrying a gun, sits down next to him, and takes his gun. She trains her gun on him, and another man dressed as a janitor opens fire on her with an Uzi. Patricia takes him down and the first man runs off into a nearby car and makes good his escape.

Patricia calls Mac and tells him what happened, and he says that they have to go to her cabin. Riley reports that eight people just boarded on the roof via a helicopter. Mac tells Katarina to lock herself in his cabin, and as they move toward the boarders, Jack suggests that there was something between Mac and Katarina. Mac denies it and grabs a shaver from a cabin. He rigs it as a makeshift taser and goes back to give it Katarina, who takes it and thanks him.

Riley reports that the boarders are splitting up to cover more ground. Mac figures that they should stay out in public and try to spot them. Mac has Riley stay near Katarina's cabin and call them if there's any trouble. Mac then carries a "drunk" Jack down to the hallway where two of the killers are knocking on doors. They get close enough to attack them, and one killer shoves Mac into a cabin. He grabs a hair spray can and punctures it with his Swiss Army knife to blind his opponent, but the man shrugs it off.

Riley is seated and spots another killer go by. She tries to call her teammates but gets no response. The killer pounds on Katarina's door, and Riley goes over and beats the killer with her laptop. He shoves her back and prepares to shoot her, and Katarina tasers him. Another killer comes over and Jack arrives in time to head-butt him unconscious.

The killer prepares to shoot MacGyver, who shoves a metal pin into the safety to jam the gun and then kicks him out the window.

Mac calls Patricia, who is at Wexler Aerospace, and tells her that Riley is tracking their opponent's cell phones so that they can keep ahead of them. Patricia barges into a meeting and shoots the TV screen, and then knocks out a guard. She orders everyone out except Wexler, and figures that Katarina has something on her. Wexler denies everything and says that the police will be there in 30 seconds. Patricia warns that she'll be back with proof and a pair of handcuffs, and then leaves. Once he's alone, Wexler calls his man Gerhardt... unaware that Patricia planted a bug on him.

Riley discovers that the killers have turned off their cell phones. Jack turns her to look for someone wearing military grade accessories and is too alert. Riley is impressed despite herself, and they clear the car. Mac brings Katarina through and explains that he's going to use the train door to make a sled and get her off the train. He assures her that she's a good person and it wasn't her fault that she didn't know Wexler was a bad guy. Mac assures her that it wasn't her fault and they start to kiss until a passenger moves past.

Jack and Riley check out the next car and two men come in and start searching the passengers. The agents have no choice but to sit down because attacking the killers could get messy. Jack calls Mac and lets him know that the killers are coming. Mac borrows a bobby pin from Katarina and picks a locked door, and they hide in a cabin. The killers go by and Mac and Katarina go back out. Another killer is coming, and Mac kisses Katarina to cover her face so the man doesn't see her as he goes past. He apologizes and Katarina assures him that he doesn't have to. The killer comes back and pistol-whips Mac, who whips him with his belt, grabs Katarina, and runs. As they go, Mac grabs a fork from a passenger's plate and uses it to jam the outside door behind them. However, the train's vibrations soon knock the fork loosely.

Another killer follows the team, and Jack attacks him while the others go ahead to the cargo train. As Mac tries to remove the door, another killer comes at him with a knife. Mac uses a rolled-up magazine to parry him, uses a torpedo-like warning flare, and rigs it to the magazine to knock the killer out through the open cargo door. Jack arrives and finds the killer's radio, and tells the man at the other end that the owner is dead. The train jerks to a halt and Mac says that they're accelerating.

The three remaining killers get to the roof and their helicopter lifts them off. The train speeds up and the agents realize that the train will crash... and kill them all. The agents go to the train and discover that the killers removed all on-board fail-safes to stop the train. Mac figures that they have 30 minutes until they hit the Frankfurt station, and figures out a plan... but warns that it could derail the plan. The alternative is to minimize casualties and get everyone off. He picks up the loudspeaker phone and has Katarina tell everyone to get to the back of the plane and take their cellphones with them. Jack and Riley wake up the passengers in their cabins,

Jack calls Patricia and tells her what is happening, and says that she has to clear the station. She agrees and confirms that Katarina is okay. Katarina continues to blame herself, and Jack says that all 132 passengers are in the last three cars. Mac then tries to uncouple the cars but discovers that they're on the same pneumatic system as the brakes. He goes to the next car and grabs some magnesium from the armrests and some iron oxide from the rust. Mac makes a crude thermal lance and uses it to cut through the couple. However, he runs out of fuel and uses a pipe to try and break through the rest of the couple. He jumps over the gap to get the necessary leverage, and Jack jumps over to help him. The couple breaks but the cars separate before they can jump back over. Mac figures that they have to go with his original plan.

With time running out, Mac goes to the engine car and opens the hatch leading to the undercarriage. He climbs down and swaps the wires to make the engines go backward. The train slows and Mac hangs on as they pull into the station... and stops just in time. After a moment, Mac climbs back up.

The next day, Wexler is leaving his company and finds Patricia waiting tin the back seat of his car with a pair of handcuffs.

At the station, Riley asks Jack if he has any more tips to share. Jack says that he and Patricia are going to get her some more field training, and Riley thanks him. Meanwhile, Katarina tells Mac that he kept her promise, and Mac says that she did the hard part by offering to testify against Wexler. They hug and Katarina kisses Mac on the cheek, and tells him to look her up if he's ever in Germany again. Mac says that he will, as Interpol agents arrive to escort her away. Jack comes over and congratulates his friend on moving on.

Back at Mac's house, Wilt and Riley are hitting tennis balls into the nearby par. He suggests that they play for either dinner or the next digit in her number, and Riley agrees.

Mac goes to Nikki's apartment to see what the key fits. It doesn't fit anything, and he puts the key on a string around his neck and vows to catch her.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 22, 2016

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