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DUI Recap

Ash kneels next to his father's corpse and Pablo comes over and offers his condolences. When Ash worries that he loses Pablo or the others next, Pablo tells him that he's taking control of his fate. However, Ash doesn't believe it, tries to put his father's brains back in his skull, and close his eyes.

The Delta turns back around and Pablo charges it. Lacey yells from inside where she's trapped, and the car door opens and a seat belt pulls Pablo inside. Pablo yells that the car is possessed as it pulls him inside and speeds toward Ash. He dives under a nearby car and the Delta roars by, running over Brock's corpse.

Once the Delta leaves, Ash finds Chet parked nearby and asks to borrow his wheels. Chet agrees but wants to go to a strip bar, Mammary Lane. Ash offers to drive so that a drunken Chet can keep drinking, and drives off on as soon as he has the keys.

The Delta speeds down the highway and Pablo introduces himself to Lacey.

Ash drives by the strip bar and tells Chet that it closed but he knows about another place.

Ruby and Kelly go to Ash's trailer to get guns, and Ruby worries that the Spawn have raised Baal. Kelly figures that she's hiding something, and Ruby admits that Baal has a power over everyone. Baal gets people into psyches and turns them against each other, and she worries that she won't have the strength to fight him. Kelly says that Ruby thinks that way because she's been fighting alone, and now she'll help her.

Pablo tries to control the Delta, and the Necronomicon laughs from the back seat. The Book tells Pablo that it's about the two of them, and that they're pound together. When Pablo looks at himself in the mirror, he sees his demonic self with the book cover on his face. The Delta crashes and when Pablo wakes up, he finds a sign post rammed through his chest. Ash pulls up and tires to pull the post out, and finally gets it out through Pablos' back. He then takes Pablo over to the trunk and orders him to get in the trunk so he's free of the Book. Ash says that he'll see him on the other side and slams the trunk shut...

... and Pablo snaps out of his vision when Lacey yells that someone is following them: Ash.

Ash fires at the Delta with his shotgun and then tells Chet to take the wheel as he climbs up out of the driver's window to get a clear shut. The cars slam together and Chet hits the emergency brake. Ash admits that they're not going to a titty bar, and a disappointed Chet gets out. His friend explains what's going on, and refuses to let Chet go with him. He has to get the Delta to the Smash M Up Derby where he first had sex with Lillian, and Chet points out that Brock got the car there. Ash figures that the car is going there and Chet agrees to drop him off there.

Ruby and Kelly drive to the old factory where the Spawn are nesting and go inside.

Ash enters the Smash M Up and follows the trail of oil. The spotlights come on and the car drives out of the shadows.

Kelly spots a Spawn in the ceiling, and it grabs her and drags her up into the piping.

The Delta speeds at Ash, who dives aside at the last moment.

Ruby manages to grab a pistol and shoot the Spawn in the head. It falls to the floor and then tosses Ruby across the room. The two women drop back to back while the Spawn surround them and then attack.

The Book laughs in triumph as the Delta tries to run Ash over. He manages to cut it and it grinds to a halt, leaking oil. The door open and Lacey gets out. The Book leaps onto Pablo's face and he falls out the other door, while the Delta hits Ash and he lands on the ceiling. Meanwhile, Pablo grabs a shard of glass and stabs the Book, and it says that there's another way. It tells him to cast him back to the dimensions where it came from and he can live. It then spits out a piece of paper.

The Delta comes to a stop and then starts bouncing, tossing Ash into the air. He remembers his father's advice on mechanical bull-riding, as the Delta speeds off.

Ruby runs out of ammo and a Spawn attacks her. She stabs it in the head with the Dagger and it collapses, dissolving into ooze. Another Spawn grabs Kelly, throws her across the room, and then grabs Ruby by the throat while the third Spawn moves in on its mother. Kelly grabs the Dagger and kills one of the Spawn, and then throws the Dagger to Ruby. She stabs the one holding her and then the third one.

The book tells Pablo to speak the word on the paper, while Ash holds on for dear life. The Delta heads for the kneeling Pablo, and Ash has no choice but to drive his chainsaw into the engine. Meanwhile, Pablo speaks the word. The Delta swerves, throwing Ash off, and then stops just as it comes to him. It lifts up and comes down one last time.

Ruby grabs the last dying Spawn and cuts its throat.

Pablo stands up holding the Book as the trunk of the Delta opens, revealing a portal to a hell dimension. Ash figures that things can't worse and tells Pablo to knock himself out. After a moment, Pablo throws it in.

Ruby realizes that the Book is gone and tells Kelly that they have to move.

The portal closes, and Ash and Pablo figure that it worked. They walk home, and behind them the Delta's trunk blasts open as a demonic figure emerges.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 23, 2016

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