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Chapter 7 Recap

At the production trailer, Sidney watches the feeds from the cameras inside the house. He tells Matt to do something with Dominic, and applauds when Matt finally attacks Dominic. Alissa comes in with dinner and asks if Diana is coming back. Sidney insists that he's not wasting his energy on her after she drove off. Once the PA leaves, the cameraman sees the Jane sisters Rory. As Sidney rewinds the tape, they hear Alissa scream outside. The producer goes to investigate and finds Alissa on the lawn, her throat cut. Agnes stabs Sidney with a cleaver, and then kills the cameraman.

Audrey looks for Rory, and then goes back to the others. Matt figures that he's dead and the R in "Murder" came from Rory's name. They go upstairs to search the rooms, and Lee films everything herself so that she has her own story. Matt finds a pool of blood but Audrey figure that Rory got a better offer, and Sidney put him up to making it look like he was dead and screw with them.

In the confessional booth, Audrey figures that her wedding to Rory was doomed because of how much older she is.

In the cellar, Agnes paces back and forth, thinking that she's Thomasin and complaining about how Sidney cast her aside. She remembers that Alissa had a baby and then witches back to Agnes to mourn Alissa's death. Then she switches back to Thomasin and says that they all deserved to die, and Agnes complains that she was the fan favorite and everyone always underestimated her. The fans wanted her in five episodes instead of three, and then says an invocation in Celtic. The fire go out and when Agnes gets the fire going again, she finds dozens of the wood crosses hanging from the ceiling.

The next morning, Lee tells Monet that it's too early to start drinking. Dominic comes in and defends Monet, and Lee warns him that he's helping an alcoholic drink. He says that she'd be an expert where Shelby is getting some juice. She says that Dominic should never have come back there, and the actor says that he had to see her again. Shelby says that she loves her husband, but Dominic points out that Matt isn't there and he is. Matt comes in and assumes the worse, and tells Dominic that he can have Shelby because he doesn't care about her anymore.

In the confessional booth, Dominic says that Sidney paid him to come back to bring in the ratings. The producer has given him a body cam and Dominic is ready and willing to play the bad guy to get the ratings and the screentime.

Shelby goes to her bedroom and breaks into tears. As she spots one of the cameras, Agnes comes in behind her and Thomasin accuses Shelby of trespassing on her land. Shelby tries to get through to her, and Agnes says that she wanted to be on the show but Sidney wouldn't let her. She slashes Shelby's arm and Shelby holds up the camera. She says that she's about to die and wants the world to know. Thomasin speaks in Celtic and raises the cleaver... and Dominic grabs her and struggles for the cleaver. He finally smashes her into a dresser mirror, knocking her out, and gets a cloth to wrap Shelby's wound. When he turns back, Agnes has disappeared.

Audrey and Matt arrive and tend to Shelby. Lee confirms that none of the phone work and someone cut the lines. Dominic yells at the cameras, saying that Sidney has to send an ambulance.

An hour later, Monet says that no one has come for them and she's scared.

Matt suggests that Dominic go to the production trailer while he says with Shelby. Lee offers to go, and Monet says that she'll go with him. The former police officer shows them the gun that she brought in, and Audrey asks her to avoid bloodshot. She takes Lee and Monet to the secret passage and sees the cameras there. They continue on and see a man ahead in the darkness. Audrey assumes that it's Rory, but the figures roar. Lee shoots it four times but the figure gets back up and charges toward them, and the women run outside. When they worry if it will run out, Lee says that Matt doesn't think so and everything is real. They head off into the woods to find the production trailer.

In the bedroom, Matt gives Shelby alcohol to drink for the pain. He then says that he really did love her, and their marriage was over the day they moved into the house. It took something from them and Matt hasn't felt human for two years. Shelby says that they both lost something there but they can get it back.

The women continue through the forest and Audrey sees the blood moon overhead as it gets dark. Lee says that Shelby needs their help, but Monet warns that the town is five miles away. As the sun goes down, the women find the trailer and the three corpses next to it. Lee and Money search the bodies and the trailer for cell phones, and Audrey checks their car and discovers that it's dead. Agnes charges out of the forest and Lee shoots her. Frightened, the three women run off.

As they try to find the road, Lee wants to continue but Money insists that they should go back to the house. The Roanoke ghosts emerge from the forest carrying torches, and Lee gets Audrey and Monet off the road and into the darkness. While they hide, Audrey films a message to Rory saying that he gave her the best months of her life. Blood drips on her face, and they look up to see Rory's corpse strung up from the branches. Lee tells Monet to film it, and the actress reluctantly does.

The men approach them and Lee tells Audrey and Monet to run. Le is in hysterics and doesn't want to leave, but they convince her to run. After Monet and Ashley run off, Ishmael and his sons find Lee and grab her.

In the cellar, Agnes removes the bullets and screams in agony as she does. She films herself vowing that she will set the house on fire that very night.

Matt is sleeping next to Shelby when something wakes him up. He gets up, entranced, and walks down to the basement. Dominic hears him and follows him down. Matt says that he's been waiting for her, and a creature grabs him and drags him into the shadows. Dominic wakes Shelby up and says that she has to come with her. They go to the cellar and hear Matt moaning. Scathach is holding him, and Shelby screams at her to get off of Matt. She grabs a crowbar and attacks Scathach, who crawls off. Matt says that he's in love with Scathach and she's the reason that he came back. Furious, Shelby beats his skull in until Dominic grabs and restrains her.

The Polks take Lee to their shack and tie her to a chair. She offers to pay them if they let her go, but Mama Polk comes in and says that they're part of the forest and live off the land. She has her sons cut open Lee's pant leg and free one hand, and tell her to rub peanut oil into it. Mama adds some seasoning and says that in a couple of hours she'll be ready, and then stabs Lee in the leg to tenderize her.

Upstairs, Shelby says that she came back for Matt. Dominic manages to pry the crowbar out of her hands, and Shelby sobs in grief. The actor tells her that they're going to wait for the others to come back and then Shelby will turn herself in. Shelby begs him to help her, and Dominic whispers to her that Sidney is watching everything and they know she killed Matt. He says that the best thing she can do is confess and go quietly, and Shelby says that she loved Matt. There's a crash downstairs and Dominic figures that it's the women. He goes to the window and sees Agnes on the lawn, tossing cans of gasoline on the grass.

The Polks capture Audrey and Monet, and the brother Jether films them using their own camera. Mama tells him to let them alone and tosses a dish of meat at them, and tells them to eat and build up their strength. Ashley wonders where Lee is, and Mama orders the prisoners to eat. Ishmael hits them with a cattle prod and the two women finally give in.

Agnes chants in Celtic, filming herself. The settler ghosts arrive and Shelby warns Dominic that they can't stop them. Meanwhile, Agnes calls to the ghosts as her brethren, figuring that they're there to help her. She stares at a woman and realizes that she's looking at the real Butcher, and kneels and says that the Butcher is her idol. The actress says that she just wanted to be on TV, and the Butcher slams her cleaver into her head.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 27, 2016

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