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Confinement Recap

A deputy, Margie, arrives at the bar and goes in. The mechanical bull briefly comes on and then shuts down, and Margie looks around the place, gun drawn. She hears a voice calling from the restroom and goes in, and sees the blood splattered walls and a decapitated body in a toilet. She calls Foley on the radio and says that she needs him and Emery to come over. A naked man comes in and gestures at her to be silent, and says that she doesn't need her gun. After a moment, Margie lowers it and removes her blouse. The man embraces her and he cuts her back open with his claw-like fingernail. Once he skins her, the man picks up the skin and says that he's not done with her.

Ash walks down the street and sees a suit in a window. He rehearses what he's going to say Linda, and Emery and Foley pull up. Emery arrests him for Amber's murder, and punches him in the gut when he objects. They take Ash to jail and he says that the town should be thanking him. Chet is in the next cell and an officer comes in and says that he's being charged with drunk driving and soliciting a prostitute: Joanie, who is in another cell.

The corpse now wearing Margie's skin visits Emery, who tells her to take Ash's stuff to the evidence locker. Linda brings Lacey in and explains that she found their daughter on the shower floor. Ash yells, demanding his phone call, and Linda hears him and asks what's going on. "Margie" says that she'll deal with him and goes to the cell, adjusting Margie's skin as he goes. She opens Ash's cell and claims that she's taking him to the phone to make his call. The phone is dead, and Margie walks off locking the door behind her.

The phone rings and when he picks it up, a male voice says that they're going to see what Ash is made of if he's El Jefe. The lights flicker and Ash runs out.

Pablo, Kelly, and Ruby arrive at the station desk and confront Emery and his family, just as Ash comes out and says that there is something bad going on. Emery draws his gun on him, and Emery draws his gun on all of them. The lights go out throughout the town, and Margie's bloody skin slams into Ash. Emery figures that Ash killed Margie and prepares to shoot him, but Ruby disarms him and fires a warning shot into the ceiling. She says that it's not Ash, and tells Kelly that "he" is there. Kelly gets Emery's keys and goes to lock the building down. Ruby tells the sergeant to get everyone in the squad room so she can see them.

Ash asks Ruby to explain what's going on. She says that Baal is there, and she's going to kill him before it kills them. Ruby warns that Baal is hidden among them, and jumps from person to person wearing their skin. Linda figures that it's insane, but Lacey says that there's a possessed car and a speaking book. She figures that Pablo is the hero who defeated them. Emery threatens Ash, who figures that he's possessed and tells Ruby to kill him. Ruby refuses to take the risk that Ash is Ash, and says that Baal wants them to fight among each other and pick off the survivors. She explains that they need the Dagger to kill Baal, and Emery says that it's in the evidence locker. He tries to jump Ruby and fails, and she shoots him in the leg. She then gives Kelly the gun and goes to get the dagger, while Pablo assures Lacey that they'll get through it.

Ruby goes to the locker and finds Ash's bag in a locked cage. Something clatters among the shelves on her side, and Ruby moves in to investigate. The sergeant is on the floor, hiding, and Ruby tells her to open the cage. The woman enters the code and Ruby grabs the Dagger and tells the sergeant to leave. However, the gate closes before she can get to the stairs.

Pablo talks to Ash and Kelly privately, and shows them the scars and boils on his chest. He explains that something is inside of him trying to get out, and wonders if he's Baal. Ash assures him that it's just a rash. Chet says that he's leaving, but Kelly stops him. They start arguing and Emery insists that there's no demon, just Ash. Lacey says that Ash is the good guy. Linda figures that Emery is upset and he tells his wife to shut up. Ash wonders how they know Emery isn't Baal, and Emery says that Ash is the one who cut off Ash's head. Lacey wonders if it's true, and Ash says that it's complicated.

Kelly tells everyone to calm down and reminds them what Ruby said, and Ash reminds Linda what they did when they were young. He doesn't remember what car they kissed in, and Chet tries to run. Ash stops him and Emery suggests that they take a vote to see who thinks Ash is the demon. As he and Chet raise their hands, Pablo moans in pain.

Kelly goes to work on the gate with a crowbar, and says that as long as they have the Dagger, they have a chance. The sergeant grabs her hand and says that she's scared and not fooling anyone. She kisses Ruby and says that she's safe now, and Ruby realizes that the "sergeant"'s neck skin is loose. She moves back and Baal extends a finger claw and cuts open the sergeant's skin that he's wearing and removes it. Baal greets Ruby and the lights go out. When they come back up, Baal is wearing a black suit. Ruby attacks him with the Dagger, but he easily disarms her and says that they had a deal. He knows that she's mortal now and that she'll die like the humans. Ruby promises to send him back to Hell first, and Baal asks how she's going to do it with the Necronomicon gone. He asks how she's going to stop him, and promises to break El Jefe. Baal knocks her out and walks off, chuckling.

Pablo tells Ash and Kelly that he can find it spreading. Emery manages to grab the gun from Kelly, and wonders if Pablo is Baal. Linda stops him and says that Pablo might be innocent, and Emery hears Baal whispering in his head. He tells her to shut up and aims the gun at her, but then gets control of himself.

Ash jumps him and blood drips down from the ceiling. A skinless corpse jumps down and attacks Ash, knocking him out. He then grabs and knocks out Emery, and grabs Joanie, rips out her arm, and throws her through a window, ripping out her throat. Baal watches and laughs from the shadows. The lights flicker and when they come up, Baal and the corpse are gone... and so is Linda.

Ash goes off on his own to find his high school sweetheart, and hears someone yelling from the cells. He goes in and finds Linda there, but the lights come up and the corpse attacks Ash. Emery comes in and screams the corpse, and backs off screaming. She slides Ash his chainsaw and then shoots off the corpse's head. It keeps coming and Ash cuts it in half vertically. Ruby tosses him the cell keys and he frees Linda. Emery admits that he messed up but promises that he'll keep her and Lacey safe. She shoves him away and says that it's over, and Ash remembers that they made out in her mother's Volkswagen. They hear Pablo screaming and Ash leads Linda out of the cell... and slams her head into the bars, knocking her out.

In the squad room, Pablo is writhing in pain and vomiting. Ruby goes to him and he yells at her to get it out of him. The marks on his chest have grown, and Kelly realizes that it's Sumerian. Ruby says that he's not Baal: he's their only chance of stopping Baal.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 30, 2016

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