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The Magician's Apprentice Recap

Soldiers run across a field as World War I planes strafe them. One soldier, Kanzo,prepares to shoot back with a bow and arrow, but his target flies out of sight. He turns to see a young boy running away. By the time his comrade joins him, the boy has disappeared into the mist. Kanzo runs after him and yells at the boy to stop. His comrade warns that the enemy is coming, and Kanzo says that he'll catch up. The ground ripples between them and Kanzo scans the area, telling the boy to stand absolutely still because there are hand mines in the area. A hand emerges from the ground, grabbing Kanzo's ankle. He tells the boy that everything is going to be fine... just as he is yanked underground.

More hands emerge from the ground around the boy, eyes mounted in their palms. The boy yells for help. and a sonic screwdriver flies through the air and lands on the ground near the boy. The Doctor calls out from nearby, telling him to pick it up. As the boy does so, the Doctor asks what war it is but the boy has no idea what the name of it is or what planet he's one. The Doctor then tells him to choose to live, and asks what his name. After a moment, the boy says that his name is Davos. Shocked, the Doctor stares at the childhood incarnation of one of his oldest enemies as the boy asks for his help.


Earlier at the Maldovarium, a robed figure--Colony Sarff--enters a bar and says that he brings harm. He asks where the Doctor is. When he gets no answers, Sarff writhes beneath his robes and black essence flows across the bar.

Later, Sarff goes to the Shadow Proclamation station and the Shadow Architect demands to know his business. He asks where the Doctor is, and she says that she doesn't know. She asks what Davros wants with the Doctor, and Sarff turns and leaves without a word.

Next, Sarff travels to Karn and finds Ohlia and her fellow Sisterhood members waiting for him. She orders him to leave or die, and says that the Doctor is one step ahead of him. Sarff says that Davros is dying and has a message for the Doctor, and Ohlia demands the message. When the creature tries to use his powers, nothing happens, and Ohlia repeats her demand. Sarff tells her to tell the Doctor that Davros remembers, and the Doctor must face him one last time. After Sarff leaves, the Doctor emerges from the shadows and Ohlia asks him what he's done.

On Skaro, Davros sits within in life-support shell and mutters the Doctor's name. Sarff arrives and says that the Doctor cannot be found. Davros says that to find the Doctor, one must find his friends.

On Earth, Clara is teaching literature and sees a plane outside in the sky... frozen in the air. She tells her students to check news sites for information about planes stopping. The news is filled with reports, and a teacher runs in to tell Clara that she has a call. Clara tells him that she has to take the rest of the day off for a personal crisis and runs out, calling UNIT to say that she's on the way.

When Clara arrives at UNIT HQ, Kate Stewart confirms that none of the planes are responding. She says that the Doctor isn't responding to calls, and Clara tells her that they don't have enough information yet. Kate's technician says that the planes are frozen in time and it's beyond human technology. Clara tries to work out what’s going on, and figures that someone wants their attention. A message comes in on the “Doctor channel,” but Kate says that he doesn’t even know it exists. A text message comes in: “Hey Missy you so fine. You so fine you blow my mind. Hey Missy!!” Missy’s face suddenly pops up and they realize it’s a psychic projection. She demands eight snipers so that they feel safe enough to talk to her, and gives them a time and a flight corridor.

Later, Missy is waiting at a café when snipers take position. Clara arrives and sits down, and Missy freezes a plane overhead. She says that no one can find the Doctor, and places a confession dial on the table. Missy explains that per Time Lord tradition, it’s to be delivered to the owner’s closest friend upon his or her death, on the eve of his final day. When Clara reaches for it, she gets a shock, and Missy says that it was deliver to her, not Clara. She insists that she’s been close to the Doctor ever since they were children, and friends since before the rise of human civilization. When Clara wonders why Missy is now good, Missy casually incinerates a nearby UNIT agent, says she hasn’t turned good, and incinerates another agent. She tells Clara to say something nice or she’ll kill everyone in the square, and Clara dares Missy to kill her first. Clara reminds her that she came to her for help, and tells Missy to release the planes to convince her that she cares. After a moment, Missy releases the planes.

Clara asks what the dial says, and Missy says that it will open when the Doctor is dead. She wonders where the Doctor would go in all of space and time if he is facing his last night. UNIT checks recorded history for anomalies and mentions of the Doctor, and Clara has them look for the point with the greatest “noise” but no crisis: a party. Missy then grabs Clara and sends them through space to the indicated location using a time manipulator.

Clara and Missy find themselves at a castle in medieval England. A warrior, Bors, demands that the magician fight him, and the Doctor comes out playing an electric guitar and riding a tank. Once he’s done, Bors complains that the Doctor brought a tank, and he notices Missy and Clara watching them. He tells the crowd that it’s been a great day and taught them the word “dude.” However, he has to leave them but first introduces his “friends.” Clara comes out and everyone applauds, and the Doctor hugs her. When she wonders what’s going on, the Doctor says that all of him is invited as Missy comes out and shows him the confession dial.

Bors starts choking, and the Doctor pulls a snake out of his tunic and throws it on the ground. It slithers over to Colony Sarff, who says that his friends have led him to there. He orders the Doctor to come to him, and transforms into a large snake form when the Doctor refuses. The Doctor says that none of his friends will die, and Sarff tells him that Davros is dying... and wants to speak to the Doctor on his last night. The Doctor orders him not to kill anyone, and Sarff reverts to his humanoid form. He says that Davros knows and Davros remembers, and tosses out the Doctor’s ancient sonic screwdriver. The Doctor admits that it was his, and says that he doesn’t have a sonic screwdriver now. Missy and Clara realize that he’s feeling shame, and Clara asks him what he’s done.

The Doctor remembers the young Davros calling to him for help. He gets in the TARDIS and leaves.

The Doctor confirms that Sarff’s ship is in orbit, and Sarff tells him to prepare for teleport. Missy warns that it’s a trap, but the Doctor says that he’s prepared. He says goodbye to Clara and Sarff binds him with a trap. Clara and Missy insist on going with him despite the Doctor’s objections, and Sarff teleports them all away. After they’re gone, Bors opens a chest and goes to the TARDIS. A Dalek eyestalk emerges from his forehead, and he signals High Command to tell them that they’ve located the TARDIS.

As Sarff’s ship heads to its destination, the Doctor explains to Clara that Davros created the Daleks to end the endless war on his planet. He wonders who made Davros, as they emerge from hyperspace at a hospital station. They’re taken inside and locked up in a cell. Sarff finally arrives to escort the Doctor to Davros, and tells the others to stay. Before he goes, Clara figures that the Doctor has been lying to her. She tells him to make it up to her by coming back. He says one word--“Gravity” --and leaves with Sarff. Missy points out that the gravity is perfect despite the fact that they’re on a space station. She then frees herself, goes to the airlock, and says it may be the day she kills Clara. Missy hits the airlock opening mechanism and waits.

Sarff escorts the Doctor to Davros’ room, and Davros approves of his new face... so much like his. He has Sarff free the Doctor and leave, and wonders why the Doctor came when he suspected it was a trap. Davros replays videos of all of their previous meetings, including the one where the Doctor couldn’t bring himself to destroy the Daleks at their genesis and change the future. He says that the Doctor came out of a sense of duty... and shame. Davros insists that he was right to create the Daleks, for the good of the universe, and their argument survived the Time War... but will end that night. An alarm goes off and Davros says that Clara and Missy have gone exploring.

The airlock door opens, revealing deep space on the other side. However, it has normal atmosphere and temperature. Missy steps out and finds normal footing, and after a moment Clara follows her. The Time Lord explains that the entire planet is invisible. They start syncing with the atmosphere, and the rest of the planet appears... and Missy realizes where they are.

The Doctor stares out the window at the same cityscape, and realizes that they’re on Skaro. Davros says that he came home to die with his children.

Missy tells Clara that Skaro is the planet of the Daleks. A Dalek approaches them.

The Doctor tries to get out, realizing that Clara is in danger, but the door is sealed.

Missy and Clara find the TARDIS... in the Dalek command center. Clara says that the TARDIS can’t be entered, and the Dalek says that it will be destroyed. When Clara says that the TARDIS can’t be destroyed, Missy notes that the Doctor might have been exaggerating.

The Doctor watches on the monitor as Missy calls to the Daleks, saying that the TARDIS will let them go anywhere and kill anyone. It will make the Daleks more powerful than ever before. All they need is her so she can show them how it works. After the moment, the Daleks exterminate her, vaporizing her.

Dropping to his knees, the Doctor begs Davros to save Clara. He says that he doesn’t control his creations. The Daleks turn to Clara, and Davros says that their blood is screaming at them to kill... and it is life at their purest.

Clara runs for the door, and the Daleks vaporize her.

The Doctor wonders why he let Davros live, and Davros says that compassion has always been his greatest indulgence. He tells the Doctor that he wants to hear him admit just once that compassion is wrong.

The Daleks fire their weapon at the TARDIS, destroying it.

In the past, young Davros begs the departed Doctor for help. The Doctor appears behind him and explains that he’s from the future and is going to save his friend the only way he can. He then points a Dalek weapon at the boy and yells “Exterminate!”

Written by Gadfly on Sep 20, 2015

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