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Mad City: Red Queen Recap

At the hospital, Jim sits next to the unconscious Valerie and says that he's sorry for what happened to her. She wakes up and Jim takes her hand, and says that he never meant for her to get hurt. Valerie says that he did because he wanted to save Lee, and he told Jervis to shoot Lee knowing he wouldn't. Jim insists that it isn't what she thinks, but Valerie says that he loves Lee which means they're done. As Jim gets up to go, Valerie says that he's nothing but trouble and there's nothing he can do for her.

Jervis meets with an herbalist and explains that he will soon have a virus that takes weeks for its symptoms to manifest. The herbalist sells him an accelerant that will speed up the infection time. Jervis notices a bottle of red dust, and the herbalist says that it's Red Queen, a blend of psychopathic plants. The hypnotist easily takes it, and the herbalist says that after an hour's exposure, it fries the victim's brain. When the herbalist asks what Jervis is planning, Jervis blows some of the dust into his face. He then says that since the city stole his love from him, he's plunging it into insanity.

Edward and Isabella sit on a step and talk about her career as a librarian. He assures her that she has exquisite femurs, and they start to kiss. A morning paper lands nearby and they realize that they've been talking all light. As Edward starts to go, Isabella asks when they can meet again. He asks her to have dinner with him at the mayor's mansion, and Isabella quickly accepts. Edward kisses her and goes.

Oswald is trying to convince the police to file a missing person report when Edward comes in. He apologizes and Oswald hugs him, relieved. Edward says that he met someone and thinks that he's in love, and Oswald stares at him in shock.

Jervis and the Tweeds go to the morgue. When a lab tech orderly objects, the Tweeds knock him out and they continue on to the freezer room. Jervis says that Jim wasn't the only one for Alice's death, and he's going to make the city pay by spreading his sister's legacy. He has them remove Alice's corpse from the drawer and Jervis gently kisses it on the cheek.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce is making dinner for Selina when Alfred comes in. He offers his help but Bruce says that he's got it, and insists that Selina is coming. Alfred says that he'll make himself scarce but will be within earshot.

Barnes and a squad check out the morgue when they hear about the break-in. Harvey confirms that it was Jervis and Alice's blood is frozen but viable. Once he heats it up, he'll have an active version of the virus. Jim arrives and says that Valerie is fine, and tells Barnes that he just wants to help. Barnes tells him to get off the crime scene before he has him arrested, and orders two officers to escort Jim out. Jim goes on his own, and Harvey goes after him and warns him not to search for Jervis on his own. He tells Jim that Barnes is right and he should either be a cop or don't. Harvey wonders what Jim is afraid of, and tells him to go to the hospital while the police do their job.

Oswald prepares for the Founders Dinner and Edward helps him put on his tuxedo. He says that he can't go because he has a date, and Oswald wonders if he's mistaking infatuation for love. Edward insists that Isabella's passing resemblance to Kristin is the universe telling him that he has a second chance at love, and excuses himself to pick up a few things.

At the station, Harvey tells Barnes that a guard at the morgue called in sick. He has a criminal record. Lucius comes in and tells Barnes that the virus causes increased strength and agility, and eventually violent rage. He warns that a cure could take years, and Barnes says that they have to find Jervis immediately.

At his lair, Jervis strings Alice's corpse up and drains her blood out as she thaws.

Jim goes to the hospital to see Valerie, and finds Lee and Mario talking in the corridor. Lee has told Mario what Jim said to Jervis, and just wants to move past the whole thing. Her fiancé points out that Jim is the reason she was in danger, and he wants him out of their lives. Mario goes back to the ER and Jim admits that Mario has every reason to be angry. He tells her that the police have closed ranks and Harvey thinks that he refused the badge because he's afraid. When Lee says that Jim chose Lee knowing that Jervis would shoot Valerie, Jim says that he wanted to save Valerie. She says that he is afraid and walks off.

Oswald goes to the library and meets with Isabella. He asks for a book on the history of Gotham's first family, and says that Edward sent him. Oswald notices her having cut up stand-up figures of Edward, and thanks her for brightening up his spirits since he got out of Arkham. Isabella doesn't know that Edward was in Arkham, and Oswald admits that Edward was sent there for murdering Kristen.

Jim looks in on Valerie and then sees Jervis at the end of the hallway. He goes down the stairway after the criminal, who says that the tea party was just the beginning. Jim follows him into a lab, and Jervis taunts him from the shadow, threatening to dismantle Gotham. He steps out and blows the Red Queen into Jim's face, and says that he can't stop him.

Oswald arrives at the dinner and bumps into Jervis. Jervis apologizes and walks off.

In the lab, Jim hallucinates.

Barbara, dressed as an elevator operator, welcomes Jim to his hallucination. When he tries to leave the elevator, the bars burn his hand and she says that he has to ride out the trip. Barbara takes him down and tells him that it's up to him if he faces his inner demons. Jim walks out and finds himself in the captain's office. Brue appears and tells Jim that he doesn't have much time, and disappears.

Jim suddenly finds himself on a battlefield with the enemy shooting at him. Oswald is there dressed as a soldier, and tells him never to leave his unit behind. Jim goes off to find Bruce while Oswald smiles and grins.

Back in the station, Jim finds Bruce. He says that he wanted Jim to follow him so he could show him the dead officers on the floor. Jim says that he did it and he's the hero hew always dreamed of being. He then shoots Jim in the chest, and pulls a necklace out of the wound. Once he's done, he shoves Jim over the balcony.

Harvey and Barnes question the guard, Sullivan. He claims that he was sick, and Barnes points out that Jervis got in using an employee's key card. Sullivan demands a lawyer, and Barnes grabs him by the throat and then slams his head onto the table. Harvey pulls the captain back, and Sullivan says that one of the Tweeds paid him for the key card and said the police would be too busy taking back control of the city. The guard says that the Tweeds were driving a catering van, and Barnes realizes that Jervis is going after the founder's dinner. He tells Harvey to put together a unit and says nothing to Jim.

In the kitchen, Jervis puts a drop of Alice's blood into each wine glass.

Jim finds himself back in the elevator with Barbara giving him mouth-mouth. She's dressed as a nurse, and Jim takes control of the hallucination and puts her in a nun's habit. The elevator arrives at the next stop and Barbara lets him out. A boy and son--Julie and Frankie--greet Jim, and Lee comes out of the kitchen and welcomes her husband. Shocked, he kisses Barbara and they sit down for dinner. As he says that he loves them all, the lights flicker. First the children and then lee disappear.

Jim finds himself back in the elevator, and he grabs Barbara and tells her to let him out. She breaks her champagne glass and holds it to his throat, and asks why he became a bounty hunter if he wants to be with Lee. Barbara says that he's lost and he should play nice if he wants to get home. She warns that it's a long way to the basement and hits the down switch.

At the manor, Alfred tells a waiting Bruce that Selina isn't coming and starts wrapping up the dinner. Selina comes in and Alfred quickly excuses himself. She says that stuff came up and tells Bruce to chill, and Bruce explains that he made the entire meal for her. He complains that she stood him up and he needs her to be honest with him. After a moment, Selina says that what they're trying is weird for her. Bruce admits that it's weird for him, too, and she tells him to cut the cake.

At the dinner, Oswald tells Kathryn what he did to split up Isabella and Edward. She just gives her first name, and says that she's from one of Gotham's oldest family. Kathryn says that she's part of a group that oversees everything that matters in Gotham. They've had their eye on Oswald for some time, and will contact him when the time is right. Once she walks off, Oswald takes his seat at the table. Jervis and his men come in, firing guns, and Jervis introduces himself. He says that the heads of Gotham will roll, and his henchmen serve their wine and suggests that they drink.

When Oswald refuses, Jervis aims his gun at him. The guests start to drink, but Barnes, Harvey, and the police arrive .Barnes tackles Jervis and beats him to the floor, but hesitates and Jervis realizes that Barnes is infected with Alice's virus. He laughs and Barnes tells him to shut up.

The elevator arrives in the basement and Barbara warns Jim that it's not easy to face who he really is. He asks her if she wishes she was the person she used to be, and Barbara asks him the same thing. She takes a key out of his mouth, gives it to Jim, and tells him that it's up to him whether he uses it.

Jim finds himself standing on a street. His father Peter is nearby, dropping red dust on the street. Jim realizes who it is, and Peter takes the key and says that they don't want to be later. A nurse's voice echoes in the distance.

A nurse finds Jim and Brings Mario. Mario recognizes the vial of Red Queen and has the nurse get him an antipsychotic.

Peter tells Jim that it's time to go. Jim gets in the car and they drive off. As he drives, Peter asks if something is wrong. Jim says that he missed him, and his father apologizes for not being around more. He asks if Jim wants to talk about it, and Jim says that when he was a kid people told him that Peter was a hero. When he got older, he understood that Peter was a hero because he got up day after day, faced down the worst the city had to offer, and never brought it home. Jim wanted to be just like him, but it turns out he's the opposite because he destroys everyone around him. Peter says that he's not perfect and tells Jim to focus on the good things. Jim insists that he's not a hero, and Peter tells him that he just has to follow the code. Jim doesn't remember, and Peter says that it's because he's lost. The answer is in his ring, and then he says that it's time for him to come because someone is coming for him. A car slams into them...

And Jim wakes up as Mario calls to him. He says that another minute and they would have lost him, and Jim thanks him. Mario says that he did his job and that Jim will be goo to go in an hour.

Edward has dinner with Isabella and admits that he killed his girlfriend but it was an accident. Isabella says that she knows all about it, and Edward is surprised that she still came. She says that love isn't logical and says that Edward is the first to measure up to the famous lovers of the fiction she loves. Isabella takes his hand and puts it to her chest, and asks him if he can feel her heart racing. They kiss just as Oswald comes in. Edward introduces Isabella, and Oswald says that they've met. He excuses himself and limps off, and Edward and Isabella renew their kiss.

Back at his apartment, Jim takes out a box holding his father's things. The ring is inside, and Jim reads the inscription on it: " While we breathe, we shall defend."

Barnes is in his office reading his will when Jim arrives. The captain says that Jervis and the Tweeds are locked up in Arkham. Jim offers his congratulations, much to Barnes' surprise, and says that he'd like to rejoin the GCPD. Barnes wonders why he's changed his mind, and Jim says that he made a promise when he was younger and he plans to keep that promise. The captain says that they--and he--needs him there and the two men shake.

Kathryn meets with a man wearing the Gordon ring, who says that they'll keep an eye on Oswald. He tells her that judgment is coming... for all of them.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 1, 2016

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