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Chapter 8 Recap

Shelby and Dominic watch as the real Butcher kills Agnes. Dominic refuses to be killed over a TV show and yells at the camera to Sidney, but Shelby tells him that no one is coming. She suggests that they get out through the tunnel and warns that the ghosts could already be inside.

Dominic and Shelby head to the cellar, and Shelby stops to stare at her husband's corpse. The actor urges her on and they head away from the house. They see someone up ahead, but realize that it's the Jane ghosts, crawling along the ceiling toward them. The couple retreat back to the cellar.

At the Polk house, Mama sharpens her knife and talks about how she makes thin slices. Jether films as Mama prepares to cut up Lee, and says that he and Lot play the video back for fun. Mama tells him to cut some fillet from Lee, and that he should recite the family history. When he refuses, Mama says that during the Depression that was broke and nobody could eat. There were plenty of hobos, and some of them killed the Polks' pigs. The family caught the hobos and decided that they'd never go hungry again. Mama tells Lee that they found their power and their place, and they knew that the Polks were the first family and always will be as long as they keep up the traditions. Lee says that they'll all die when the police catch them, and Mama tells her that the police have been in their pockets for years. Jether then cuts into Lee's leg and starts sawing.

Afterward, Lee asks Jeter for some water. She realizes that they cut off her ear, and Jether says that they each get a pickled ear for Christmas. He gives her some water and wonders why Lee is crying. Lee says that she wants another Christmas with her daughter Flora, and insists that every mother loves her children. Jether says that he wanted to be on the show, and Lee says that they're making a new show and if Jether helps her then she'll get him on it. Impressed, jether says that only one Polk, Kincaid, was ever on TV. He took the pigs to the World's Fair, put on a pig mask, and went on a killing rampage as Piggy Man. Lee tells Jether that he can be the hero if he lets her go, and Jether tells her to forget leaving because even he can't leave. He says that he ain't bigger than Piggy Man and never will be, and screams at Lee to be quiet.

Later, Jether uses some cocaine and then offers some to Lee to take the edge off when Mama cuts into her shoulder. Lee says that she's an addict and can't do drugs, and wonders why they don't just kill her. Jether says that it's tradition from when they didn't have iceboxes and needed to keep the meat fresh. He explains that after they take the best part, they make bone broth. Lee tells him to give her the cocaine and after he does so, he takes some himself.

Shelby and Dominic run out of the cellar and up the stairs, but Dominic's wrist is caught in the door when it slams shut. He puts ice on his wrist and Shelby says that she only survived before because of Matt. She warns that there's nothing they can use and no escape, but Dominic insists that he'll get his spin-off and she'll get her yoga studio but first they have to escape. As they prepare to leave, Piggy Man attacks them. Shelby stabs him and they run.

As they get to the hallway, the Jane sisters attack them, leaping down from the ceilings. The chandelier falls down the stairs, hitting Shelby. Dominic gets her up to the bathroom off the main bedroom, and then barricades the door. Shelby breaks into laughter, pointing out that they're back where they started. Dominic says that he needs her, and Shelby tells him that she killed the only man that she ever loved. She figures that there's no place left for her... and then cuts her throat before Dominic can stop her.

At the Polk house, Lee calls for Jether and says that she has to see Flora. She tells the man to get a photo for her out of her pocket. Jeter gets it out of her wallet and finally shows it to her. Lee says that she wants to talk to Flora and breaks into tears. Jether covers her leg wound and takes a video of her as she tells Flora that she has to know that she loves her and always will. She admits that she killed Mason because he was going to take Flora away from her, and hopes that one day Flora will forgive her. Lee tells Flora to rise up because there's nothing holding her down.

Jether gives Lee some water and admits that he's never killed anyone. Mama tells him that next time it will be his turn, and Jether says that he doesn't want to hurt Lee. She says that it's too late for that, and Jether says that she likes her. Lee says that she likes him, too, and asks if he wants to touch her. She tells Jether that she wants him to, and Jether says that he wants to tape so he can watch it later. Lee convinces him to unstrap her arms so she can touch him, and then knees him in the groin and gets him in a chokehold. Once he passes out, Lee unstraps her legs, grabs a knife, stabs Jether, and gets out.

Dominic addresses the camera, telling Sidney that he needs to save him.

Ishmael films Audrey and Marie, and says that they mocked his family. She insists that nothing they do is real, and it was the real Matt and Shelby who took their children. Monet offers to let the Polks into the house, but Ishmael says that the Others will get Matt and Shelby soon enough. Lot is working with some teeth, and explains that the teeth that rain down are the teeth of all the victims the Others have killed over the centuries. Ishmael figures that they need more teeth to appease the Others and Lot pries Moet's mouth open. Ishmael passes him the pliers and Lot goes to work.

The chair breaks and the pliers break, and Lot tells Ishmael to get Monet up while he gets the big pair. Monet attacks Ishmael, knocking him down. She's unable to free the chained Audrey, and says that she'll come back before running out. Mama comes in and demands to know what's going on, and tells Ishmael and Lot to get the actress. Audrey insists that she wasn't doing anything, but Mama tells her to open her mouth because her boys need teeth. Audrey spits in her face, and Mama says that she strung Rory up. When Audrey calls her a pig fucking psychopath, Mama takes offense and insists that it's forbidden for them to have relations with their animals. She orders Audrey to open her mouth or she'll mangle her face, and Audrey does so. Mama takes a tooth out and Audrey screams in pain.

Ishmael and Lot chase Monet through the woods. They spot her and she runs off, and they go after her laughing.

Lee knocks Mama out and Audrey tells her that Monet got out. Once Lee frees her, she kicks Mama and when the woman laughs, Audrey beats in her skull with a nearby hammer. The two women go to the house via the cellar and find Matt's corpse on the floor. Lee breaks into hysterics, and Audrey warns her that whatever did it is still in the house. She manages to get Lee walking and they head upstairs.

The women see the shattered chandelier and wonder what happened. Audrey goes upstairs to get some painkillers, and Lee insists on going with her. The actress insists that they'll be all right and they both take some of the painkillers. She goes into the bathroom to get some water and finds Shelby's corpse. Dominic is in the corner holding the knife and says that Shelby killed herself, and asks where Sidney is. Audrey tells him that the producer is dead, and Dominic explains that Shelby flipped out after she saw Matt having sex with Scathach, killed him, and then herself.

Lee and Audrey don’t believe Dominic's story, and Lee insists that Shelby loved Matt. They yell at him to get out and slam the bedroom door in his face. Piggy man growls and attacks Dominic, who pounds on the door. Lee refuses to open the door, and Piggy Man kills Dominic. As she listens to Dominic's screams, Audrey records herself telling her audience that she had so much more to give.

The next morning, the women realize that they made it through the night. Lee says that they have to go back to the Polk farm. She reminds Audrey that they killed people and there's video of it, and she wants the tape before someone else finds it. She warns that if the wrong people get their hands on the footage then the world will see Audrey crushing Mama's skull. Audrey realizes that she has no choice and gives Lee some more painkillers, and then they head out together.

Lee and Audrey go past Dominic's corpse and head for the front door. When they open it, they find Piggy Man there. Audrey clubs him, and he removes the mask to reveal that it's Dylan.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 3, 2016

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