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Chapter 9 Recap

A trio of My Roanoke Nightmare fans—Todd Connor, Milo, and Sophie Green--head through the woods of North Carolina, looking for the Roanoke House that they saw on TV. They film themselves with helmet cams, and Milo stops to urinate. Sophie wonders how many likes they'll get when they post footage of the house during the Blood Moon.

As they continue on, Sophie talks about how timely My Roanoke Nightmare Is. They find the tree where Flora's coat was caught up and stop to take a photo. A woman, Diana, staggers out of the woods, clearly in shock, and the fans run after her as she stumbles into the woods. It's Alyssa, who keeps running away from them. They finally come to Diana's overturned car and find her dead in the driver's seat.

At the house, Audrey asks Dylan why he's there. He says that he's been in a motel for the last three days and no one has returned his calls. Dylan has instructions from Sidney to be outside of the house at a certain time wearing the Piggy Man costume. Audrey explains that Dylan played one of the Butcher's sons, and Dylan says that he ubered there. He doesn't have his phone there because Sidney's orders were to leave it behind.

Audrey tells Dylan that everyone else is dead and they're not pretending. They show him Shelby's corpse in the bathroom, and Audrey tells him that it's all real and they can't stay. Dylan starts making plans to leave, but Lee warns that it's miles to town and it's the last night of the Blood Moon. However, she suggests that they steal a car from the Polks. Audrey tells Dylan that Monet is still out there, and Dylan tells them to stay there while he rescues Monet. They insist that they go with him because they know the layout of the house, and he agrees to let them come.

In town, a detective talks to the fans at the station. Todd flips out, insisting that they shouldn't have come there and the woman they saw was a corpse. Sophie figures that they'll go viral once they post the video, and Milo agrees with her. Todd insists that the girl they saw wasn't alive, and Milo lectures the detective about ghosts. The detective says that when he went there, they didn't find a body. He complains that they had to waste their time with reports from the fans. Todd tells the detective to check the camera for the video proof, and the detective tells them to go home and threatens to arrest them for trespass if he sees them at the House.

Dylan, Audrey, and Lee get to the Polks' house. The sun goes down, and Dylan says that they should just take the truck and head to town. Lee tells Dylan to get the truck started while she and Audrey find Monet. Dylan agrees but tells them to make it fast.

Lee has Audrey go into the building where the Polks kept her to get the camera with the video. Audrey agrees but tells her to be at the truck when Dylan starts it. The actress runs in and finds Monet in the back. Lee finds the camera and tries to delete the video, just as Dylan starts the truck. They try to run out but Ishmael stops them.

Dylan starts the truck and then blood spurts everywhere as Lee stabs him.

Jeter tells the woman that he's going to murder them for killing Mama. Ishmael comes in and Audrey records him as he says that he's going to murder them. Once she has his threat on tape, she shoots him. They run to the truck and Lee tells him that he'd better let them go. Lee looks up and sees the Blood Moon, and realizes that with Mama dead there's no one to protect them from the Others. He runs off and Lee tells Audrey and Monet to run.

Monet leads Audrey back to the House and Audrey, hysterical says that there's no protection from the Others. Audrey finally gets control of herself and figures that Lee is dead, but Monet insists that she could still be alive. Despite that, Audrey explains that Lee claimed that they needed to get the tape back to prove that they did what they did to survive. Monet plays the video and they watch as Lee confesses to Mason's murder.

Outside the Polk house, Lee lies on the ground. A pig walks towards her, and something snatches it up. Lee crawls away as Scathach comes to Lee, tells her to surrender, and offers her some pig meat.

Sophie and the boys go back into the wood. They discover that they've gotten 20,000 follows since they posted the video under the hashtag #BloodMoon, and continue searching for the House. They find the spot where they burned Mason's body, and see Lee standing nearby. Todd goes over and Lee cuts his throat with a cleaver as Milo and Sophie stare in horror and then run, screaming. They stop for breath and discover that they're surrounded by the totems hanging from the trees.

The two fans come to the production trailer and find the corpses of Sidney and the others. Dylan runs out of the woods, and Sophie and Milo run into the trailer and lock the door. The monitors are running and Sophie recognizes Audrey. Milo spots Lee on another camera, heading for the House.

Sophie calls the police and tries to convince them it isn't a prank. They hang up on her, and the monitors show Lee inside the house. Sophie says that they have to stop her. She begs Milo to help her, and he reminds her that Dylan is outside. After they find a fire axe, Milo and Sophie go out and head for the house.

The two actresses go to the bedroom and Monet finds some liquor. She tells Audrey that they should take the tape to the cops and could care less if Lee was eaten. They hear someone moving and Monet opens the door. It's Lee, who stands in the shadows holding a cleaver and mutters. She finally says that their presence defiles the sacred ground. Monet takes offense and points out that Lee is a murderer. Lee advances on Audrey but then turns and shoves Monet over the balcony railing. The actress falls to her death on the chandelier below.

Lee advances on Audrey, who attacks her and shoves her to the ground. The actress runs down the stairs, trips, and stabs Lee when she comes after her.

In the woods, Sophie records a video statement insisting that everything is real and Lee is a murderer. They reach the House and Sophie runs to the door.

Audrey runs out of the house via another door and falls into the open trap door leading to the root cellar. Lee finds her and stabs Audrey in the shoulder, and then kicks her the rest of the way down. She closes the trap door and walks off.

Milo and Sophie stop near the house and they see the Others approaching, dragging Dylan with them. The Others stop and disembowel him, and Sophie and Milo turn to see Lee behind them.

What you are about to see was gathered from a cloud account registered to Todd Alan Connors.

It is presented in its raw form.

The images are graphic, violent and deeply disturbing.

Sensitive viewers should refrain from watching.

The settlers drag Sophie and Milo over to the Others, ignoring their warning that they're streaming live. The Butcher tells them to prepare for death, and Sophie begs them not to do it. They impale the two fans and Lee—possessed by the Butcher—offers then as sacrifices. They then douse them with gasoline and set them afire, and they're burnt alive.

The next morning, the police arrive and find the corpses and the discarded cleaver. The officers search the house and find more corpses, and then find Lee unconscious on the ground. She jerks awake and screams, begging them to get her away from the House. They get her into a squad car and then see Audrey, climbing out of the root cellar. The officers assure her that they're real and take her to the car. Lee gets out and Audrey sees her, and Audrey screams that she's a murderer and grabs an officer's gun. The other officers open fire, killing her.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 10, 2016

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