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Watkin Recap

Two of the bald men drag FBI agent Weedle into Gordon's shop at the Animal Transfer Unit. He shoots a bald man and tells his men to put Weedle in the machine. They hook up a mouse in a cage to the machine and Gordon throws a switch. Weedle finds himself in the body of the mouse, looking at his own body which greets the other bald men as "brothers." When he asks what happens to the obsolete spell, Gordon tells Lydia to eat the mouse and tosses it on the floor.

At his apartment, Todd hides the lottery ticket behind a broken photo. Amanda asks why Todd's apartment is torn up, and he admits that things have been happening. Dirk calls Farah out to his car and says that Farah solved the mystery. Amanda tells Todd that she wants to get dragged into whatever he and Dirk are investigating, He tells his sister that he just wants to keep her safe and Amanda agrees to stay, assuring him that she'll be fine. Amanda is well aware that Todd is interested in Farah, and tells her brother to take his cool-guy jacket with him.

Todd runs out to Dirk and Farah, who are going over the map they found at the Webb mansion. Farah explains that in 1978, Edgar buried his own power grid in Springsboro and they're walking on it. He was rumored to have an unlimited power , and powered Springsboro with it for 30 years. The area went dark about the time that Edgar bought back the mansion from the government., and he disappeared after that. After Patrick's wife Catherine was murdered, Patrick totally isolated himself from Springsboro. No one ever found the machine, but the schematic they found shows that the power grid only has one access point: an old shed surrounded by a fence. Dirk runs over and tries to climb the fence,

Weedle" visits Estevez and Zimmerfield, and asks if they have anything on Farah. He asks if they have anything on her and the detectives give her the file. Weedle admits that they took the bodies from the morgue as part of a larger issue. Estevez reminds him that they asked him that earlier and he said no, and Weedle says that at the time, the FBI didn't think they needed to know. They say that Todd came in and Weedle asks about the Corgi, and then changes the subject and asks if they arrested Todd. Zimmerfield asks where Weedle's partner Nathan is, and Weedle asks where they can find Todd. He says that he'll talk to Todd himself, compliments their office, and leaves. When Estevez wonders what happened, Zimmerfield figures that there is something seriously wrong and they check on the Corgi underneath the desk.

Farah cuts through the lock on the fence and insists that they have to find Lydia because she wasn't there when Patrick died. As Todd tries to assure her it wasn't her fault, Dirk finds a metal panel and inserts a crank handle. When he turns it, he falls through a trapdoor and yells to Todd and Farah. They come over, and Todd turns the crank and falls in as well.

Weedle goes to Todd's apartment and knocks on the door. He shows his FBI badge to Amanda through the peephole, and says that he'll wait until Todd comes back.

Dirk lights up the underground corridor with the magical light bulb, and tells Todd that it must be a clue. Amanda calls Farah and says that an FBI agent is there. Farah tells her that Todd is in a secret passage, and tells Amanda not to let Weedle in because she's on her way. She then calls down and tells Todd that she'll be back, and walks off. Dirk takes off down a passageway and Todd has no choice but to follow him.

Gordon meets a woman, Sammy, at a bar, and he hands her a bag. He says that it's a present, and assures Sammy that it's the last one. There's a news story about Lux Dujour's death on TV, and says that Nathan went back to her bar. They drink to life being wild.

Amanda looks out the peephole and Weedle looks back and asks if she's ready to let him in. He opens the broken door and walks in despite Amanda's objections.

Dirk and Todd continue on and find a door. Todd asks about the magical light bulb. The detective says that he "found " it and figures that it's using electricity from the holder's body to power itself. The door opens on its own and the two men go inside. Thousands of light bulbs come on, revealing a black room. The door closes behind them and the walls close in,. Todd grabs Dirk's jacket and breaks a bulb, but the walls keep closing. He figures that it's a test. They find an open socket and put in the bulb that Dirk took. The door opens just in time and the two men dive out as the walls slam together. The men find another hallway, and Todd insists on going ahead to find a way out.

At the apartment, Weedle asks why Todd stole their dog. Amanda figures that he's high, just as Farah comes in. She ignores Weedle and asks Amanda if everything is okay. After Amanda says that Weedle is acting weird, Farah orders Weedle out in the hallway. She demands to know what his interest is in the Patrick case, takes his gun, and points out that he's wearing his holster on the wrong side. Farah points out all the regulations that he's breaking and asks who he really is. Weedle says that he thought Farah would be of help to them because she was Patrick's bodyguard, but now he realizes that the psychological portion stopped Farah from going the Agency route. He says that she's paranoid and it stopped her from joining the Army Rangers, the FBI, and Naval Intelligence. Weedle starts yelling at her, and tells her to hand his gun over. Farah, shocked, does so, and Weedle gives her his card in case things get more confusing.

Todd and Dirk enter another chamber and the door slams shut behind them. They find a rhino horn on a stand and a sculpted rhino head on a door. Dirk hesitates, and Todd tells him to admit to him that they're in trouble because of him. Once he does, they examine the door and discover that it's locked.

Weedle sits in his car outside the apartment, and Farah watches him from the apartment. She refuses to leave Amanda alone, and wonders what Todd did to get the FBI's attention

Dirk finds a platform referring to Pepe, Edgar's pet rhino. They press the plaque and the lights come on. When he goes to the door, an electrical image of a rhino appears and shocks Dirk and Todd. They take off their burning clothes, and the rhino head starts to charge again. Todd realizes that they have to connect the horn to the head, even though the horn is too big. He grabs the socket and tells Dirk to grab his hand. The electrical charge surges through both of them, grounds in the horn, and the door opens.

Weedle calls Gordon and says that Farah is protecting Amanda. At the bar, Gordon complains that things are spiraling out of control. He then tells Sammy that he lost his dog, and asks her to open her present. She does and finds a fur coat inside. Gordon explains that an artisan in Japan made it to symbolize the endless cycle of the universe, and Sammy says that it was Lux's story and Lux's coat. He asks her if she wants to know what happened to Lux and what he did, and invites her to come with him so that he can show her everything.

Todd and Dirk come to another chamber and the door closes behind them. They realize that they've reached the end of the maze.

Farah stares at Weedle's car and insists that she's totally qualified. Amanda says that she's a weird normal person, and Farah says that she's not weird or strange. Weedle drives off and the Rowdy 3's van pulls up. Amanda asks Farah if they should call Todd and Dirk.

Dirk and Todd find a machine like the one Dirk saw at the mansion, and figures that it's the unlimited power supply. A group of TV screens come on, each with a different symbol. Many of the symbols relate to the case: a kitten, a shark, and dog, and a girl. Dirk pushes the screens and they change to a series of numbers. He remembers what the letter said about there being three questions and one answer, and pushes the 3 and 1 screens. The screens show a map, and then they blow out.

Farah tries to call the men but gets no answer. Amanda says that she smells fire and figures that she's having another attack, but Farah smells it as well. She looks out the window and sees smoke coming from a grille. The women go to the basement and Farah finds a vent. Dirk and Todd are screaming on the other side, and Farah shoots through a wall. The Rowdy 3 run in and Michael stares at Amanda while the other three men break through the wall. They pull Todd and Dirk out, shove Todd aside, and drain Dirk's soul essence. They say that it's tasty and walk out.

Back in the apartment, Farah figures that the maze was built specifically for them. Dirk suggests that Patrick built the traps, and Todd explains about the map on the screens. Amanda remembers her vision from before, goes to the basement, and finds a socket. Dirk gives her the crank handle and she inserts it, and the screens come back on to reveal the map. A message comes up on one screen: "Save her Dirk and Todd." Farah realizes it's a map of Gadget Valley, four hours away. Dirk says that they'll check it out in the morning and is pleased when Ted agrees.

Gordon takes Sammy to the Animal Transfer Unit and shows her Lux's stuff. The machine is there and Gordon explains that they found it in the 60s, and they discovered it would let them swap people. They realized that they could swap bodies with rich people, and then killed them and swapped back when they outlived their useless. Gordon says that he jumped into Lux at his first comeback, and Sammy never met the real Lux.

The bald men, the fake coroner, and Weedle come in, and Gordon tells Weedle that he did good. He explains that he brought all of them to show that he's doing his part. He puts on Lux's coat and says that Edgar's machine is within their grasp, and they know where they all are. It's their destiny to find the other machine. Gordon picks up a guitar and says that he doesn't want the things that Lux wanted anymore. He asks Sammy if she remembers when they were on a yacht together and she still loved him, and how she said that when Lux dies, she dies. Sammy does, and she asks what happened to Lux. Gordon whispers that he died and then beats in her head with a guitar.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 13, 2016

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