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Trompe L'Oeil Recap

Bernard continues reading a story to Charlie in his hospital bed, Bernard assures his son that he's perfect and promises that he'll beat his illness, and Charlie flatlines...

... and Bernard wakes up from his dream. He looks at a phot of himself and Charlie at his bedside.

Later, Bernard questions the Hector host about his blacklisted encounter with a guest. Hector says that it didn't make him question his world because the world is as doomed as ever. Bernard shows the host images of the world outside, and Hector says that they don’t look like anything to him. A behavior tech comes in and says that they should be done with the backlog by the end of the day. He also tells Bernard that there's a priority request for Hector from management. Bernard asks about Elsie, and the tech says that according to the log she went on leave.

On the train heading away from Pariah, William and Alonzo play cards. William invites Dolores to play, and Alonzo says that she's harboring a grudge for what he did to them in Pariah. He says that he'd do thing the same thing again if he had the chance, and reminds William and Dolores that they came looking to join up with the Confederados. William says that Logan wanted to see what was at the end of everything, and Alonzo says that William is there and Logan isn't, and wonders if William has more of an appetite for it then he thinks.

Dolores sees poles outside the train, heads mounted on them. Alonzo explains that they're the heads of people who came to the Ghost Nation without an invitation, closes the metal shutters on the windows, and says that the train is the only way through. Once they clear the territory, Alonzo tells William and Dolores that they can come with him.

At the complex, Bernard tries to call Elsie but gets no answer. He's unable to locate her in the park, and Bernard finds Theresa in response to her request. When he asks if everything is okay, Theresa points out that he left abruptly the night before. Bernard says that there's nothing he wants to tell her, and Theresa warns him that Charlotte is reviewing every department and Bernard's is running behind on diagnostics. He says that they'll be fine, and assures her that they're done second-guessing her investigation. Bernard asks if she's doing okay, and Theresa says that she's fine.

Theresa goes to Charlotte's quarters and hears her having sex with Hector. Charlotte finally opens the door, naked, and Theresa sees Hector handcuffed to the bed. Smiling, Charlotte confirms that she requested a meeting and invites Theresa in. She shuts Hector down and gets dressed, and says that the board has been impressed with Theresa's performance. However, they're not happy about the woodcutter incident. They're also not happy about Robert using half the park's resources to build a new narrative. Charlotte reminds her that the people who work there are nothing, and the board is just interested in the code. Thirty-five years of raw data only exists at Westworld and nowhere else, due to her predecessor's oversight. Charlotte wants Theresa's help to make sure they have a contingency when the rest of the board arrives and asks Robert to retire, so that he doesn't delete the data. She explains that they need to demonstrate how dangerous Robert's creations can be, and they need someone unexpected.

Maeve wakes up and goes to the Mariposa. She shuts down the player piano and then goes to the bar and looks at her hands curiously. Clementine comes over and when she yawns, Maeve repeats the same thing she told her on the previous day. She realizes what she's doing and asks Clementine if she has nightmares of being someone else. Clementine doesn't think so, and Maeve asks her if it's really the life she wants. The prostitute talks about she doesn't plan to be there all her life, and that she sends money back to her poor family. She says that after a couple of more years, she can have whatever life she wants and her and her family will go somewhere cold.

All of the hosts shut down, and Maeve freezes when she realizes what's happening. The cleanup techs come in and they come over. Maeve secretly grabs a knife, but the techs take Clementine and go. Once they leave, the other hosts start up again.

On the train, William asks Dolores what makes her so sure the place she's looking for exists. She admits that she isn't sure, but her previous life feels like a lie. Dolores insists that she's never going back, and asks William what he's looking for. William talks about how when he was a kid, he lived in books because they were the only things that he had. Westworld is like he woke up in one of the stories, and he wants to find out what it means. Dolores says that she doesn't want to be in a story but in the moment that she's in. William talks about Juliette, a woman back home, and how her father owns the company where he works. When he gets home, they're getting married. However, William promise that he will help her find the place that she's after, but he can't stay because he has a life waiting for him. Dolores, shocked, agrees and walks out.

William follows her to the next car and finds her crying. He tells her that he's been pretending his entire life that he belongs, and it's a good life. When William came to Westworld, he got a glimpse of a life where he doesn't have to pretend. He wonders how he can go back to pretending, and kisses Dolores. She kisses him back and they make love.

At the complex, Charlotte and Theresa summon Robert and Bernard. Charlotte says that Theresa and her team uncovered some worrisome findings about the newest update. Theresa has her tech wake Clementine up in the next chamber and explains that they sent her back to her previous update. They rolled all of the hosts back to their prior builds. When Clementine flirts with the tech, he beats her and prepares to kill her, and Theresa ends the demonstration. She says that the tech is a host, and has Stubbs reset Clementine's memory. They do it again and Clementine attacks the tech host. She finally smashes its head in, and Stubbs goes in and tells her that it's enough. Clementine looks at the blood on her face from the previous assault, and ignores his order to freeze. She moves toward him and Stubbs shoots her dead.

Theresa says that data that wasn't wiped overrode their decision-making code and let them override their primary ruleset. The hosts responded as if to a grudge, and Theresa says that several of the techs voiced the same concerns to Bernard. He put out the update anyway, meaning that he's getting sloppy to the point of risking their guests. Charlotte says that they'll have to rebuild the hosts within the next six months from the ground up… and Bernard is fired. She asks if he has anything to share about his culpability, and Bernard says nothing about Robert. He looks to Robert, who says nothing, and then walks out.

On the train, William wakes up and finds Dolores sketching on a tarp. She wonders if he regrets what happened, and William kisses her and assures her that he doesn't regret a thing. He says that the park reveals a person's deeper self, and he's never felt for any woman what he feels for Dolores. Dolores says that she's just herself, and William realizes that she was sketching a landscape. She explains that it's something new, and asks him what he dreams of.

The train brakes to a halt as it comes to boulders on the tracks. Men armed with a Gatling gun ride up as William and Dolores join Alonzo in the main car. He tells them that the Confederados have caught up to them. The Confederados open fire on the train, shooting through the walls. There's no response at first, but then a man rides out carrying a white flag. When he gets close enough, the Confederados realize that it's Slim's corpse. Alonzo shoots it, setting off the nitro bumped into the body. He then rides off with the others, and the Confederados ride after them.

As they ride, Dolores shoots back, killing one Confederado. She hits a branch and falls off, and William gets her up on his horse and rides on. As the Confederados continue chasing them, Ghost Nation Indians pick them off with arrows and then ride in to the attack. Alonzo and the others take advantage of the distraction to make good their escape.

As William and the others ride past a canyon, Dolores tells him to stop. She realizes that the landscape is the one that she drew earlier on the train, and that what she saw is real. Alonzo asks if they're coming, and Dolores says that she's had enough of war. When Alonzo points out that William has a knack for killing, William says that it's where they part. Alonzo warns that if they head west then they'll be entering unclaimed territory, and no one has ever come back.

In the complex, Felix and another tech repair Maeve. She wakes up on her own and grabs Felix's hand, and he tells the other tech that he'll close up. Once she leaves, Felix warns that if she keeps coming down for repairs then people will notice. He says that he hasn't seen Clementine, and Maeve orders him to find her. Felix finds her location on the monitors, but warns Maeve that they can't go there because the brass will be there. Unimpressed, Maeve orders him to take her there.

Felix and Maeve go to the chamber where Sylvester is preparing to open up Clementine under Theresa's supervision. Maeve and Felix arrive, and Sylvester hesitates when he sees them. Maeve watches as Sylvester runs a drill up Clementine's nose into her brain, and cries. Bernard comes in and asks to speak to Theresa, and she goes with him as Felix and Maeve continue on.

Bernard tells Theresa that the test she and Charlotte put on was a sham. He warns her that Robert will have realized the same thing, and says that he knows her team was responsible for the satellite transmission. However, Bernard says that he doesn't care because the code that Arnold wrote 40 years is acting strangely, causing the hosts to malfunction. He figures that out of repetition comes variation, and the hosts were on the verge of some kind of change. Theresa insists that her main concern is the park and the people in it, and Bernard says that he knows. He then takes her to an elevator and says that he needs to show her something.

Sylvester goes to Maeve and Felix, and tells her that he didn't want to retire Clementine. However, if he didn't do it then they'd get someone else and suspect him. Sylvester claims that he did it for Maeve, and Maeve says that it's time for him to do one more thing. She says that she's getting out and the technicians are going to help her. Sylvester warns that the entire facility is designed to keep Maeve there, and it'd be a suicide mission. Maeve says that at first she thought the humans were gods, but she's realized that she's just men... and she knows men. She tells them that she's died a million times and they haven't died once, and if they don't help her then she'll kill them.

Theresa wonders if they should bring a security team if there's a problem, and Bernard points out that there's no one they can trust. When he says that he thought he could trust her, Theresa explains that she was entrusted with safeguarding the park's intellectual property. Bernard wonders why it would be in danger if she was the only one stealing it, and Theresa explains that Robert never let any of the information be backed up offsite. She says that Robert is done and the board was worried he'd destroy the IP when he left, and that Delos is interested in far more than entertaining tourists.

The elevator reaches the park and Bernard takes Theresa to the cottage. The unregistered hosts are gone, and Bernard figures that Robert moved them. Theresa finds a door and goes inside, and Bernard follows her. The door leads to a cellar containing host-manufacturing equipment, and Bernard realizes that it's a remote diagnostic facility. Theresa realizes that Robert has been making his own hosts, and finds plans of a Dolores prototype. Among them is a schematic of Bernard, but it looks like nothing to him.

Robert comes in and says that the hosts can't see things that will hurt them. He tells Theresa that the hosts have a more blissful life than humans, freed of the burden of self-doubt. Theresa tells Robert that he's a monster, and he points out that she would have destroyed all of the hosts. Bernard insists that he can't be a host, insisting that he was a father and a husband. Robert tells him that's enough and shuts him down, and Robert says that he read a theory that human intellect is an elaborate mating ritual like that of a peacock... but peacocks live in the dirt, pecking at insects. He thinks that consciousness is a weight and he has spared the hosts that.

Robert says that the hosts are free under his control, and Theresa points out that Bernard brought her there to show her the facility. In response, Robert says that he asked Bernard to bring her there and he's been loyal for years. Theresa tells Robert that his time playing God is over, and Robert says that he just wanted to tell his stories. It was Delos that wanted to play God. He tells her that the board will do nothing because their arrangement is too valuable to them. They test him occasionally, and they sent Theresa. He echoes Charlotte's words about sacrificing someone unexpected.

As Bernard reactivates, Theresa tries to dial out but discovers that her phone is offline. Robert advances on her and says that he built all of it, and tells Bernard to take care of Theresa. He walks off, and Bernard removes his jacket and glasses. Once he beats Theresa to death, Robert tells him that they have a great deal of work to do with the new storylines. Bernard calmly follows him out.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 14, 2016

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