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Chapter 10 Recap

Paleyfest, March 15th,2016

An audience cheers as hosts Hansen and Trixie dressed as characters from My Roanoke Nightmare introduce the cast and producers of the show. Everyone cheers Shelby as she talks about how the experience was cathartic. When the hosts asks Sidney if they should expect a second season, he says that they have some ideas for a second season. Agnes agrees, figuring that they've just scratched the surface.

One fan asks Rory what his favorite color is, and asks him for a hug. Ashley is less than thrilled when he runs out into the audience. Dominic asks for a hug as well. A fan from London says that the show is the only thing that kept her going. She says that she identifies with Lee and gives her a sketch that she made of Lee and Flora. Lee takes it and they hug, and then all the stars sign autographs.

Later, some fans complain about the second season and how Three Days in Hell it was a ripoff. A lot of people wonder if the actors really died or not, and now they're putting Lee on trial for murder.

On Youtube, Lot Polk insists that the courts won't do anything and his family has never gotten justice. He holds up a gun and says that if the courts won't punish Lee then he will.

The TV show Crack'd does a feature on Lee. She married Mason in 2005 and they had a daughter, Flora. The police suspected that she was responsible for Mason's death, but the evidence was circumstantial. The DA, Mark Phillips, waited while she became a celebrity, profiting from her crimes. On Three Days in Hell, Lee committed multiple murders on-camera. However, toxicology expert Marcus Minear testified that the marijuana at the Polk resident tested positive for hallucinogenic qualities. The jury believed that the pot messed with Lee's mind and acquitted her of all charges.


Phillips goes after Lee for her original crime, showing the jury Lee's taped confession. There is also Matt's security footage showing Lee leaving the house and phone call records of her talking to Mason at the same time. Phillips has Flora testify that she saw Lee and Mason in the woods fighting about her. When Mason walked away, Lee beat in Mason's skull with a rock.

On cross-examination, Lee's lawyer Stephanie Harris asks Flora why she went out into the woods. Flora says that she didn't want her parents to find her because she felt safe. She insists that she was with Priscilla, the ghost girl, and was much happier with her than Lee. Stephanie then tells the jury that Flora invented a friend to escape her abusive environment, and suggests that Flora saw the tape and built false memories around it.

After 16 days, the jury finds Lee not guilty of murder. Afterward, Mason's family takes Flora away an refuses to let Lee talk to her.


Lee writes a best-selling book and becomes a highly-paid speaker. Famous reporter and interviewer Lana Winters comes out of retirement to meet with Lee and have her tell her story on The Lana Winters Special. Lee says that everything she's done has been about Flora, but admits that she doesn't have a relationship with Flora. Mason's family have decided that she's not a good influence on Flora, Lana points out that the jury and half of America are calling Flora a liar, and Lee insists that she's not there to be put on trial again.

Lana wonders why Lee agreed to talk to her, and Lee points out that Lana killed her own son, Bloody Face. The interviewer insists that she did what she had to do, and Lee agrees to talk to her because she knows about extenuating circumstances. Lana figures that Lee is speaking to her so that Flora will see the show, and invites her to tell Flora the truth. Lee talks to Flora, saying that she loves her and will never stop until they are together again.

Once she's done, Lana asks where Flora is. When Lee wonders what she means, Lana explains that Flora was reported missing an hour before they went on air. Someone fires an assault rifle outside, and Lot breaks in. Lana tells him that he's on live TV, and Lot says that he doesn't care because he's there to avenge his family. She says that he has an opportunity to tell millions, and that killing Lee won't bring his family back. After a moment, Lot knocks her out and prepares to shoot Lee, and a security guard shoots him dead before the broadcast cuts off.

After much consideration and the approval of the surviving members, the network has decided to air the controversial November 16th episode of Spirit Chasers.

Viewer discretion advised. TV-MA: Language and Graphic Violence.

The Spirit Chasers--Bob Kinnaman, Dave Elder, and Tracy Logan--investigate the Roanoke House to discover if the ghosts were real. Ashley Gilbert, the actor who played Cricket Marlowe, guides the team through the house during the Blood Moon. The local government put a steel fence up to keep anyone from getting in, so the Spirit Chasers cut through the fence.

After Ashley joins them, the team go into the House and Tracy explains all of the cameras that they've sent up. Ashley explains that Sidney didn't invite him back to season 2, fortunately for Ashley. Once the sun goes down, Dave picks up readings from upstairs. They find bloodstains on the wall and a curtain falls to the floor. A door slams shut on its own, and Ashley finds a bonnet like the one they had on the show. He claims to sense the pain from the fabric, and a shadow moves past the window. They go to investigate, and Lee steps out of the shadows ahead of them.

Lee says that she's looking for Flora and the Others will be there soon. Disgusted, she tells the Spirit Chasers that they deserve to die, and she saw Priscilla. Priscilla took Flora before, and Lee figures that the ghost girl took her again. Dave suggests that they work together, but Lee tells them to get out before they die.

There's a crash up ahead and when they go to investigate, they find an overturned cabinet. The thermal capture shows figures colder than everything in the room, and Lee realize that it's the Chens. Tracy records children's laugher from the master bedroom, and Lee realizes that it's Priscilla. She tells them to get out, but Tom insists that Chasers don't run. Lee goes upstairs and Tom follows her.

As Dave, Tracy, and Ashley try to find Priscilla, Piggy Mean steps out. When Ashley yells "Croatoan", Piggy Man kills him. Dave and Tracy run into a room and seal the doors, but one of the Chen girls yanks Dave up to the ceiling.

Tom sees the nurses and runs down the stairs. He finds Tracy and they run out as police arrive. Tracy falls behind and the Butcher kills him. Tom yells to the police to get into their car, and arrows fall fly through the air, killing Tom, the cameraman, and the officers.

Flora approaches Lee.

The next day, police and reporters surround the house. The police say that they consider it a hostage situation, and they have reports that Lee has two children inside. Actor William Van Henderson, who played Elias, interviews with a reporter and says that reports differ on why he didn't come back for season 2.

Lana Winters gives an interview from her home. She says that she understands Lee because the two of them are tenacious and whatever they latch onto it becomes their destiny. Lana figures that for Lee, it's all about Flora.

In the house, Flora is drawing trees on the floor. Lee gives her another energy bar and asks what she ate when she was out in the woods. Flora says that Priscilla showed her berries. Lee talks about how she could never live up to her own self-image as a parent, and Flora says that she killed Mason. Her mother insists that Mason was going to take Flora away from her and Mason didn't understand that a girl needs her mother. Lee apologizes for what she's done but insists that she's Flora's champion. The only thing she has to live for is to look after Flora, and asks her to walk out with her so she can make a perfect picture. Flora says that she wants to stay with Priscilla because the ghost girl needs her. When Lee points that she can't survive on her own, Flora says that she could if she was like Priscilla. She wants to burn the House to the ground and keep Priscilla safe from the Butcher, and refuses to leave with Lee.

Flora walks off and Lee says that Flora has to live her life with or without her. The girl insists that it's what she wants, and says that Priscilla is afraid so they'll get one of the others to do it. Lee offers to stay and protect Priscilla from the Butcher... if Priscilla does to her what Flora wants her to do to her. Flora can live with her grandparents, and Lee can be Priscilla's mother. Later, Flora can come to visit them. Priscilla appears and Flora asks her what she thinks of the idea.

As night falls, smoke comes out of the House. The officers go toward the door and smell gas, just as the House explodes. Flora walks out and the officers get her to safety.

Lee takes Priscilla's hand and says that it will be okay.

The House burns down as Flora watches. Later, she sits in the car and sees Lee and Priscilla on the lawn, watching the House burn down. Lee holds her hand up and Flora smiles as the officers take her away

The Others watch as the House burns down.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 17, 2016

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