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Ashy Slashy Recap

Pablo, Kelly, and Ruby follow Ash's pet tracker to the abandoned asylum and load up their weapons. They go inside and something moves through the shadows ,just out of sight. Kelly asks if Pablo if he's feeling all right, and he says that he isn't. He reminds her that the Necronomicon never lets anyone off easy, and now he is the Book. Kelly reminds him that he's her powerful vagina, and assures him that they'll be okay. Ruby comes over, tells them not to overestimate Baal, and walks out.

Thomas drags Linda back to Baal, and Thomas tells the demon to fulfill its end of the deal and release Lacey now that Linda has convinced Ash that he's insane. Baal refuses and Thomas insists that he did what he had to do to protect them, but Linda storms out and Baal laughs.

Ruby goes off to search one end, and Thomas finds Pablo and Kelly. He tells them that they shouldn't be there, and insists that he didn't do any of it. Thomas says that Baal messed with his head. Lacey calls from the shadows and steps out, and Pablo asks if she's okay. The teenager says that Thomas brought her there and turns into a demon, and slams Pablo into an adjoining office. Pablo grabs a stapler and staples her in the head, but the demon throws her away. A guard comes in and Lacey kills him, and then taunts Thomas. Kelly shoots the demon, which runs out. Pablo yells at Kelly to find Ash, and she runs out.

Thomas goes after his daughter and finds her standing in a hallway. He goes to Lacey and says that it's okay, and Kelly arrives and tells him to get out her way. Kelly says that it's not Lacey's daughter anymore and Thomas can't save her, and Kelly tells him that she knows from experience that he can't. She asks Thomas to save her, but he goes to Lacey and hugs her. The demon smiles in triumph and rips off his head.

Lacey throws the head at Kelly and ducks away while Kelly is distracted. Kelly goes after her and Lacey grabs her from behind and tries to strangle her with a fire hose. When it ends up entangled with it, Kelly manages to shoot it dead.

Ruby continues her search.

Kelly apologizes to Lacey's corpse and complains that she's alone. As she walks off, Ash steps out of the shadows.

Linda looks for Lacey and hears laughter in the distance. She slips in fresh blood and finds Lacey's phone, and sees Thomas' severed head nearby.

Ash walks down the corridor, dragging his chainsaw blade on the walls.

Pablo searches the asylum for Ash and looks at the spreading runes on his chest. Ruby finds him and he warns that the pendant won't hold back the Book inside of him forever. They search the next room and find the security guard's corpse hanging from the pipes. Ruby assures Pablo that they'll find Baal and Pablo will harness the power of the Book against him, but admits that there's a good chance he'll die.

Kelly enters another hallway and someone looks out at her from one of the cells. She reluctantly goes in and finds a woman sitting there, taking drugs and saying that the demons won't get out of her head. Kelly asks if she's seen Ash, and the woman starts muttering about Ashy Slashy. When Kelly asks where he is, the woman just laughs hysterically.

Ruby tells Pablo that Baal wants Ash to destroy the Book and kill anyone who stops him. Pablo realizes that he is the book, just as Ash steps out, his chainsaw running, and advances on them. Ruby and Pablo run.

Kelly finds Ash's cell and the Ash-Slashy doll lying on the bed. The woman runs past the cell and Kelly starts to go after her, but the cell door slams shut on its own. The doll has disappeared from the bed.

Linda continues searching for Lacey and the woman runs past, screaming that it won't be long now.

Ash continues stalking Pablo and Ruby. He lights a line of gasoline across the hall and ignores Pablo when he says that Baal is controlling his mind.

Ashy-Slashy knocks the gun out of Kelly's hand and leaps onto her right hand. He sprouts fangs and bites her hand, and Kelly slams him into the bed. She finally throws it off and he crawls off into the shadows and then bites her on the leg and then the hand. Ashy-Slashy tries to rip her throat out and throws her to the floor, and slams her head into a filled bedpan. She finally manages to grab her gun and blow its head off.

Ruby leads Pablo to a dead-end and takes him into a closet as Ash follows them.

Linda opens Kelly's cell door, and Kelly punches her. Linda punches her back and Kelly explains that she had to make sure she wasn't Baal. They compare notes and Linda asks if she has seen Lacey. Kelly avoids the question and says that once they stop Baal, she'll help her find her daughter. After a moment, Linda agrees.

Ash steps into the dead-end, and Ruby tells Pablo to run while she deals with Ash. Pablo wonders if he's the one to send Baal back, and figures that she becomes a little more human each day she's a mortal. They realize that there's a corpse in the closet, just as Ash starts sawing through the wall. When he peers through the hole, Ruby punches him back and tells Pablo that it's over for Ash.

Pablo refuses to give up on h is friend and calls out the hole, saying that the real Ash is in there somewhere. He opens the door and goes out, and Ash grabs him and drags him through a gate, locking it behind him. Ash then takes Pablo away, using him as a shield so that Ruby can't shoot.

Linda figures that Lacey is dead and asks Kelly for the truth. Kelly admits that the girl is dead, and says that she knows from experience that Linda will never be the same again. Linda figures that Kelly didn't tell her because she didn't think she was strong enough to handle it, and says that it's the last mistake Baal will make. They hear Pablo in a nearby room and go to investigate, and find him tied up from the ceiling. Ash steps out and says that he's going to kill all of them, and Pablo tells them that Baal is controlling his mind.

When Linda tries to get through to him, Ash says that he's going to destroy his delusions. Baal appears in his Peacock guise and easily disarms Kelly and Linda, and asks Ash if he's ready to destroy his delusions for good. Ash starts up his chainsaw and Linda tries to get through to him. He then cuts Pablo free and holds out his hand. Pablo takes it and gets up, and tells Baal that he played into his hands. Ash says that he planned to get Baal and the Book into the same room. When Baal lunges at Ash, Kelly shoots him.

Ash reminds the others that his "plan" was to get them to follow the pet tracker and then bring Baal and Pablo together. Baal takes on his normal form and Pablo yanks off the pendant. He recites the incantation and flies at Baal, but Baal knocks him back. He attacks Kelly and Ash discovers that his shotgun is out of ammo.

Ruby runs in, trips Baal, grabs the pendant, and slams it into Baal's chest. Pablo tells Ash to bring Baal to him. They put him on a gurney and hold him down as Pablo begins the incantation. Baal writhes in agony and the windows shatter from the forces unleashed as the runes on Pablo's chest bleed. He then drives his thumbs into Baal's eyes and the runes enter Baal's head. He slashes Pablo across the stomach and then his body explodes.

Everyone congratulates Pablo... and he falls apart, cut in two.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 20, 2016

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