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Libby is having dinner at an outside cafe in Paris with an old flame, designer Garner St. John, and discussing how she used to work as an information officer in Europe. When Garner wonders if she was actually a spy, Libby half-jokingly denies it and reminds him that he was originally Steve from Ohio. Garner wonders why he let her go, and Libby says that she let him go. She tells Garner that she invited Christopher over to see that she had a life before him, just as Christopher comes over. Christopher figures that they're rather be alone, but Garner insists that he join them.

As a woman watches from a nearby car, Christopher asks Garner what he's doing in Paris. He explains that he's there to get black lace, and the mill that produces it is closing down. The woman drives the car around and Christopher notices it coming. The woman drives through the cafe and Libby is unable to get a clear shot, while Christopher and Garner dive to cover. Garner notices that Libby has a gun as she tucks it in her purse, and asks what she does for a living.

Later on the Blackwing, Christopher and Libby explain what Garner do. Garner figures that no one would want him dead, and Libby tells him to watch out for himself. They hug and Garner heads for the airport, and Libby asks Christopher to look into it for her sake. Christopher wonders if she's falling for Garner, and Libby insists that she isn't. When she does, Christopher agrees to take the case.

As Christopher eats with Jeff and Philo, he describes their new case and suggests that Garner may have stepped on a few toes in his line of work. He tells Jeff to set a course for New York and walks off, and Philo points out that while Christopher is checking out things in New York, they get to check out the models.

The Blackwing lands in New York and the woman gets into a limo driven by a man, Deguerre. He says that she was wise to hire professional help and takes her money, and says that the contract will be carried out within a week. Deguerre also warns that there will be no way to contact him. Satisfied, the woman leaves.

At Garner's studio, the team arrives and Garner figures that Libby won't be swayed. He introduces them to his assistant, Rita Worth, who Libby recognizes from Chanel ads. The men are posing as reporters for a fashion magazine, and Garner steps aside to take a call. Christopher tells Jeff and Philo to take photos of everything, and they start arguing about who will cover the models. When he actually runs into a model, Rochelle, Philo is stricken dumb.

Garner puts his models through their paces and Christopher notices Deguerre--disguised as a worker--up on the catwalk. He goes up to check the rigging and points out to Deguerre that a beam of lights over the ramp doesn't look secure. When Deguerre starts to loosen more ropes, Christopher realizes what he's doing and Deguerre attacks him. The two men fight and Deguerre manages to throw Christopher off the ramp. Christopher grabs a rope and yells a warning, just as the beam comes down. Hearing Christopher's warning, Garner jumps out of the way just in time while Christopher climbs back up to the catwalk. Deguerre has fled, and Garner admits that Christopher might be right.

Later when the Blackwing is in the air, Christopher tells Garner that he's facing a pro. Libby suggests that David Larrabee, one of Garner's investors, might be responsible. Garner explains that he found out that Larrabee had mob connections and dropped him two years ago, and insists that he works alone. Philo goes through the procedure to let Christopher mimic Garner. Christopher points out that Garner's background as Steve isn't mentioned, and Garner says that he "killed off" his original identity. He admits that he's made up of several fake identities over the years, and Christopher tells Libby to debrief Garner.

Libby and Garner have dinner and she catches up on his history. He insists that all of his models are like family and none of them want him dead. Garner reminds Libby that she want to be the president of Christian D'or, and Libby points out that she was in a vulnerable position at the time. He gives her some fashion photos that he took of her and says that they were good together. Christopher comes up as Garner invites her to come back to him, and Libby wonders if Garner was offering her a job. He excuses himself, and Christopher figures that Libby would have accepted before leaving.

The next morning, Libby tells Garner that he'll stay aboard the Blackwing. Christopher comes in disguised as Garner, and Garner says that Christopher isn't dressed like he would.

Christopher goes to the studio with Philo and Jeff, and tells them to get everything they can on the people working there. He tells Rita that he was staying with friends, and he bluffs his way through playing Garner. Rita reminds him that he had to make some changes, and is surprised when Christopher snips off several pieces. The assistant, Cathy, congratulates him on his genius.

Philo tells Jeff that he's going to try with Rochelle again. He goes over and she changes out of her dress. Philo is stricken dumb and Rochelle invites him to get some coffee before she's called away.

Libby contacts Christopher and says that she hasn't any luck identifying the car in Paris. Once he signs off, Rita comes in and asks if there's a problem. She suggests that she hire him a bodyguard, but Christopher tells her not to worry about it and they go back to work.

At the fashion show, Jeff checks out the stage while Philo observes the crowd. Deguerre is on a higher level, posing as a photographer, and a security guard notices him.

Rita wishes Christopher luck, and Christopher goes out on the stage to introduce the debut of his spring collection. He introduces his Modern Clothes for Modern Times line, while Deguerre drags the unconscious security guard out of sight.

Philo spots Deguerre drawing a bead on Christopher and warns Jeff. The assassin fires and Christopher goes down. When Philo checks on him, he confirms that his boss is still alive thanks to the Kevlar he was wearing. Christopher tells Rita that he tripped and goes back onstage, and sees Jeff holding the discarded rifle. They restart the show and everything goes smoothly.

Back on the Blackwing, Jeff says that Deguerre left $4,000 worth of weapons and used a low-velocity round to avoid making noise. The police have nothing, and Christopher tells Philo and Jeff to keep checking the studio workers. He figures that it's a mob contract.

The next day, Jeff and Philo return to the studio as a photographer is shooting the models. Jeff tells Philo that Rochelle thinks that Philo is cute, and he should just go over and talk to her. Philo refuses and goes to check the darkroom while Jeff checks the office. Rochelle sees Jeff go upstairs and follows him. She interrupts him in his search and he stumbles nervously.

Jeff flirts with one of the models, Diana, and asks why she would leave if Garner's career is on an upswing. Diana says that there's no room for advancement and tells Jeff to ask Rita who really designs the collection and who takes the credit.

On the Blackwing, Garner approaches Libby and complains that he doesn't feel in control. He admits that he's screwed up too much and could use some help, and figures that Libby is the person to join him as vice president while he goes back to designing full-time. Libby points out that Rita is doing it, and Garner says that Rita's career as a model was winding down and she asked to join the business die of things. Since then, the business has outgrown her and she's cost Garner two major contracts in the last six months. He's had a lawyer draw up a termination agreement two weeks ago, giving Rita a year's income and a severance bonus. However, Garner hasn't told Rita about it yet. He lays out the financial details for Libby, just as Christopher comes in. Christopher says that he needs to talk to Libby privately. Once Garner leaves, Christopher tells Libby that he's worried that her judgment about Garner is clouded. He tells her not to accept Garner's offer, warning that the Garner legend doesn't leave room for her. Christopher figures that she doesn't get the recognition she wants working with him, and Libby angrily figures that maybe he should be worried that she's going to leave.

After redonning his disguise, Christopher returns to the studio. He calls in Garner's lawyer Quentin Firth arrives to review Garner's will, and tells the lawyer to give him the bottom line. Quentin says that all of Garner's money goes to Garner's mother in Ohio. Rita and three of the models--Lee, Diana, and Rochelle--are the beneficiaries of Garner's life insurance, and says that Garner should make up a pension plan for the models.

Libby checks the Paris rental records and discovers that the car was rented by an American woman. Christopher figures that a pro would have stolen a car, so the woman hired a professional when she failed in Paris. He tells Libby what he learned about the life insurance policy. Each of them receives a million dollars if Garner dies, and Libby figures which one it is.

Later, an undisguised Christopher and Libby call Rita into Garner's office. They explain that someone hired an assassin to take out Garner, and Christopher asks her about Carolyn Helsinger. Rita admits that it's her real name, and he points out that she got a passport in that name to go to Paris. She then returned to New York a few hours after someone tried to run Garner over. Libby has confirmed that Rita cashed a stock portfolio for $20,000, the rate for a hitman. They figure that Rita knows that Garner was going to let her go, and Rita says that Garner set him up just to throw her away. She warns Libby that Garner will throw her away as well and demands to see her lawyer. Rita admits that she can't contact Deguerre and call off the hit.

Later, Christopher-as-Garner returns to his office and discovers that someone has torn up the place. He checks the darkroom and Deguerre attacks him with a knife. They fight and Deguerre jams Christopher's head into a tray of developer fluid. The fluid melts the mask, and Christopher manages to rip it off. He soon takes out the shocked Deguerre.

The next day, Rochelle tells Philo that Jeff explained how shy he was. She says that she likes shy men given how many egotistical men there are in the business. They call Rochelle back to the stage, and she asks if Philo will call her. He's strucken speechless but finally manages to invite her to dinner. Rochelle says that Lisa has her eye on Jeff, and Philo agrees to set them up.

Garner thanks Christopher and Libby for their help, and says that Christopher is a lucky man to have a team that likes and respects him. Christopher tells him that Quentin will be coming with the pension plan for Garner to sign, and Garner gives in. Once Christopher leaves, Libby says her goodbyes and tells Garner to take care of himself.

Once the Blackwing lifts off, Christopher visits Libby in a tux and says that there's something for her in her cabin. She goes to check it out the dress, puts it on, and returns to find Christopher pouring champagne. He assures her that she's an indispensible part of the team and is glad that she's still part of it, and they share a toast.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 20, 2016

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