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The Tyrant Recap

The three guys are working on a farm belonging to Janor when a gorilla patrol led by Daku comes by to collect taxes. They hide, but while Janor's son Mikal makes token resistance the gorillas ride off with their seed stock. Aboro is the District Chief and overtaxes all the humans in the province.

The guys stage an ambush on the tax wagon but Mikal comes to help them without his father's knowledge. The guys give him a mask and tell him to get out of sight. The wagon comes through and they take it, but Daku spots Mikal and reports to his superior. Aboro has Janor's farm searched and tortures Janor for information on the guys. Mikal confesses but in the struggle Janor is shot and left for dead, but Mikal is killed. Aboro sets the farm on fire and departs.

The astronauts and Galen return and find Mikal dead. After burying his son, Janor swears to kill Aboro and Galen reveals that the prefect, Augustus, is his cousin and will see that justice is done. Galen sneaks in to see Augustus but they're interrupted by Aboro. Galen hides while Aboro reveals that Augustus has been reassigned and Aboro is his replacement, effective immediately.

Unknown to Galen, General Urko, a friend of Aboro's, arrives on an inspection tour and congratulates his academy mate. Aboro was caught cheating 20 years ago and had to stay behind while Urko got promoted. Urko leaves for the moment, unaware of Aboro's corruption. The guys suspect Aboro bought his promotion using the taxes to buy gold and set up Galen as "Octavio," Zaius' assistant on an non-official mission to confront Aboro about his bribery. Galen tells Aboro that Zaius is considering him for replacement over Urko and Aboro asks for time to consider it. He's suspicious of "Octavio" and sends Daku out to check with Urko about any assistants Zaius might have. However, there is a real Octavio and Galen passes.

When Galen returns later, Aboro accepts his offer and Galen says the Council can't do anything – Aboro must get some evidence on Urko to have him removed. Galen suggests that Aboro plant contraband gold on Urko. Aboro comes up with a different idea--they'll use a human named Amhar to murder Urko at a dinner party. Galen defers while sneaking out Aboro's Prefect seal.

The guys intercept Daku on his way to Amhar then go on to Urko's camp and have a hooded Galen warn Urko that Aboro is acting against him. He shows Urko a properly sealed letter from Aboro to the assassin he hired. But Urko knocks out Galen and unmasks him--Alan comes in but they get into a Mexican standoff until Pete breaks the deadlock. The guys try to convince Urko they're telling the truth and he reluctantly agrees--Pete will go in and pretend to be the assassin to get Aboro to confess.

Daku has gotten free and gone back to Aboro, who plans to have his lieutenant kill Urko with an explosive. Urko and Galen go in to confront Aboro and Pete shows up. Aboro doesn't fall for it and Urko exposes the whole thing. A human servant brings in wine but Aboro tries to get out when he sees the bomb, exposing his ruse. Alan slips in with the bomb and forces them to free Galen and Pete and they all escape while Urko has Aboro hauled away.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 21, 2016

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