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Mad City: Time Bomb Recap

Lee and Mario visit the restaurant where Carmine is going to hold their rehearsal dinner, and they have a meal. He offers his condolences about Barnes' condition, and Lee says that it was due to the Tetch virus. The lab has developed a way to detect an infected individual. The owner, Roberto, comes in and tells Carmine that it's a privilege to serve him again. As Lee, Mario, and Carmine leave, Roberto sends a valet to get Carmine's car. When the valet starts it up, it explodes.

Jim arrives with a squad to examine the crime scene, and Carmine talks to Jim privately. Carmine admits that it could be any number of his old enemies, and Jim suggests that someone thinks that he's coming out of retirement. The former crime lord says that isn't, but he's not going to stand for someone attacking him. Jim promises that he'll find the party responsible, and Carmine gives him one day before he takes his own steps.

The next day at the Oswald mansion, Oswald meets with the heads of the five crime families and says that people will be looking to them for stability. He tells them to increase their protection fees by 50%. Barbara comes in and says that it sounds steep, she asks why she wasn't invited, and draws a gun on Oswald. Barbara demands to know why Tabitha and Butch are, and Oswald says that he has no idea. Unimpressed, Barbara says that Tabitha and Butch are an item and she isn't checking in with Barbara. Oswald tells her to lower her gun and he might let her walk out alive. The maid comes in with tea, and Barbara apologizes and figures that they run off again. Oswald warns her that he'll have Barbara killed if she pulls a gun on him again, and Barbara saunters out. He then orders everyone out.

Oswald calls Edward and tells him that Barbara is looking for Butch and Tabitha. He asks if Edward is finished yet, and Edward says that he has to work through his grief in his own way. Edward hangs up on Oswald and then apologizes to Tabitha and Butch, who are tied up to chairs and gagged. He explains that he drugged their food and puts an electric helmet on Butch. When Butch says that he'll kill Edward if he hurts Tabitha, Edward says that he is a coward for killing an innocent woman. Butch has no idea what Edward is talking about, and Edward assumes that he's lying and electrocutes him.

At the station, Harvey is sneaking a drink and admits to Jim that the job of acting captain is taking his toll on him. He admits that Barnes was a good captain and he plans to fill his seat until they find a cure for the virus. Lucius brings them a report on the car bomb and says that it used a military-grade detonator. Jim figures that it's high-end for a mob hit, and Lucius says that the explosive was laced with an accelerant. Harvey says that the only bomber he knows with that expertise is a man calling himself Fuse.

Jim and Harvey go to Fuse's apartment, and they discuss how Lee is marrying the son of a former crime boss. They discover that the apartment door is open and go in. Fuse is on the floor, dead but still warm, and figure that the man who hired him killed him. The bomber was packing to leave, and Jim finds a file underneath the bed. It contains surveillance photos, and Jim realizes that Carmine isn't the target.

Mario is leaving the hospital when a motorcyclist comes at him. The passenger swings at Mario with a sword and misses, just as Jim arrives and opens fire, wounding the passenger. They take off and Jim tells Mario that he's the target.

At the Wayne manor, Bruce and Selina are having breakfast. Alfred wonders where Ivy is, and Selina says that she's in the conservatory. Selina says that she has errand to run, but Alfred says that she can't leave until they find out who is attacking Ivy. Bruce agrees with Alfred but Selina says that nothing has changed. He's going through books about the key and abruptly says that Selina has made it clear that things haven't changed. Bruce insists that it's more than just an old key and goes to the study. Selina picks up the key that he left behind.

Alfred brings Ivy breakfast and she asks him to turn off the alarm so she can put the plants outside. When he refuses, Ivy has him smell her perfume and he falls under her sway, and she asks how to turn off the alarm.

At the station, Jim asks Mario if anyone wants him dead. Mario insists that there isn't anyone who wants him dead, and insists that he has to go out to deal with the marriage the next day. He figures that Jim wants him to cancel the wedding, and wonders if Jim is even going to try to find the killer. Jim says that Mario needs to trust him, but Mario figures that Lee isn't safe as long as he has a target on his back. Disgusted, Jim tells Harvey to keep an eye on Mario while he talks to Carmine and try to jog his memory.

At the Oswald mansion, Barbara visits Penguins' maid Olga after he leaves. She figures that the maid overheard something useful and gives her an expensive ring. Olga takes it and says that Oswald could do better than Oswald. Barbara realizes that Oswald is in love with Edward, and Olga says that she heard Edward talking about a special delivery. A bill from Stocks & Bondage came to the mansion.

Edward continues torturing Butch, and then turns to Tabitha. Butch says that no one would fall in love with a freak like Edward, and Edward electrocutes him. Tabitha asks what Edwards wants, and Edward says that he's going to break Butch's heart before he kills him.

Selina joins Bruce in the study and says that she's taking off the varnish on the key to see what lies beneath it. Bruce asks her why she told ivy they're not a couple, and Selina suggests that they just be themselves. He doesn't respond to her statement, and has her take the key out of the vinegar and baking soda she's using. There's a symbol of an owl on the key, and Bruce runs out to show it to Alfred in the conservatory. Alfred warns that Kathryn's people may think that Bruce is still investigating them despite his promise not to. Bruce and Selina wonder where Ivy is, and Alfred hastily shuts the door and refuses to say how she disabled the alarm. Luka calls and says that they have Ivy, and offers to trade her for the necklace.

Once they have an address, Alfred drives Bruce and Selina there. They're supposed to go down into a manhole, and Bruce insists on going to explain that it was a mistake. Selina insists on going as well, and the trio goes to a central chamber. Ivy is chained to some pipes, and Luka and his men step out. Bruce says that he needs to speak to Kathryn, but Luka demands the necklace. When the teenager refuses to hand it over until he talks to Kathryn, Selina says that they didn't bring it with them. Luka says that Kathryn and her people have no honor and will betray Bruce like they pay them. He explains that they work to destroy the group: the Court of Owls.

Jim tells Carmine that someone is targeting Mario. He figures that Carmine is holding something back and wonders if Mario is mixed up in something. Carmine insists that Mario is the most decent person he knows and isn't like them. Harvey calls and tells Jim that Mario said he was going to take care of it and leaves. Jim tells Carmine what happened, and figures he knows how Mario plans to finish it.

Barbara goes to Stock & Bondage and has the owner Todd checks the records under Edward's name. He says that the item was already delivered, and Barbara asks Todd to show her how a set of stocks work. Todd demonstrates and Barbara locks him in the stocks, and Barbara starts to whip him until he gives her the address. Todd soon gives her the combination to the safe where the address is. Once Barbara has it, she leaves with Todd still in the stocks.

Butch wakes up and Edward reveals a miniature guillotine hooked to a timer. He gives a controller to Tabitha and explains that it will stop the timer but give him a fatal jolt of electricity.

Luka releases Ivy and introduces himself and his brothers Jacob and Dmitry. He explains that Dmitry wears a mask to ensure his silence until he becomes a full member of the Whisper Gang, Gotham's most notorious smugglers. They made a deal with the Court, but then they betrayed them. Bruce wonders what the key opens, and Luka says that it opens a safe in one of the Court's buildings. Inside the safe is a device that will destroy the Court, but they don't know what the contents are. Originally the safe has two keys, and the Court has one of them. The second one was thought lost. Bruce holds up the key and says that he stood down because he thought there was no way to defeat the Court… but now there's something he can use.

Mario goes to a jewelry store to get the wedding rings. Jim finds him and warns that he'll get killed, and figures that Mario is protecting a secret. Mario insists that he wants to protect Lee and nothing else. The killer runs in and Jim opens fire on one of them. Another one attacks him with a sword while the first man grabs Mario. Mario grabs some discarded jewels and drives them into the man's eyes, and demands to know why they're coming after him. The killer says that Mario knows why, and Mario chokes him to death. Jim subdues and handcuffs his man, and looks over at Mario.

Edward puts Tabitha's hand in the guillotine, and Butch insists that he doesn't know any Isabella. When he points out that Edward is going to kill him anyway, Edward promises that if Tabitha sacrifices her hand then he'll set them both free. He sets the timer and Tabitha says that she likes Butch doesn't love him. Edward says that he isn't surprised and asks if Butch has any final words. Butch says that the last few weeks have been the best of his life, and it's okay if she doesn't love him because he loves her. He then tells Edward that he shot Isabella in the brain and she wished that she had a real man.

Tabitha tells Butch that he's sweet, and then drops the control. The blade comes down, severing her hand. She passes out from shock, and Edward says that Isabella died in a car crash. He realizes that Butch was telling the truth all along, just as Barbara comes in and trains a gun on Edward. Edward tells her to put Tabitha's hand on ice and walks out, and Barbara goes to her friend.

At the station, Jim calls in Carmine, but Carmine and Mario don't recognize the surviving killer. Harvey says that the man's prints aren't in the system, and the Feds are transferring him to a facility upstate. Carmine suggests that someone wants the killers away from them. Outside in the squad room, Mario says that he did what he has to do. Lee comes in and Jim tells Mario that either he'll tell he what's going or Mario should. After a moment, Mario leads Lee away.

Carmine goes into the interrogation room and slams the killer's head down on the table. He then takes out a knife.

Jim goes to Harvey's temporary office, and Harvey congratulates Jim on saving the man who is marrying the woman he loves. He says that Lee deserves to know how Jim feels, and Jim sees Carmine on the monitor cutting out the killer's tooth. They run into the interrogation room and Carmine says that the killer works for a former associate of his. He tells Jim that the killer won't be pressing charges, and advises Jim to let it go.

That night, Luka goes to the docks and tells Dmitry to tell the others that they're joining forces with Bruce. A man calls to them from the shadows, and then kills Dmitry. He asks Luka if they've found the second key, and easily subdues him when Luka attacks. The assassin repeats his question, and when Luka renews his attack, kills him.

Butch and Barbara take Tabitha to the hospital. Barbara tries to work out who killed Isabella, and gives the nurse the iced hand. As they take Tabitha into surgery, Barbara realizes who killed Isabella: Oswald. She tells Butch that if she's right then they can have it all: all they need to do is start a war.

Carmine meets with Kathryn and shows her the killer's tooth, and says that he's always followed the Court's orders. She assures him that his loyalty isn't in question, but warns that there are things Carmine isn't privy to. Carmine warns that he can disrupt the Court's operations if they harm Mario. Kathryn says that Gotham is on the verge of chaos and only they can save it. They will expect Carmine's assistance, and until then, Mario is safe.

Lee visits Jim at his apartment and says that Mario told her how Jim risked his life. Jim says that he didn't do it for Mario, and Lee tells Jim to tell her what he has to tell her. He tells her that he missed her chance to make her happy, but he does want to see her happy more than anything. Lee says that they need to say goodbye properly and kisses Jim briefly, says goodbye, and walks out.

As Lee goes to her cab, Mario watches from the shadows. Two skels approach him and try to hold him up. Lee slams one of them into the wall and breaks the other one's hand, and says that Lee loves him and he won't let her go.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 22, 2016

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