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Double-Cross Recap

Fitzhugh, Valerie, and Barry are scavenging for rags when they stop for a break and come to a Giant manor where a party is going on. Two thieves, Lobo and Hook, come out wearing masks and the Earthlings take cover. Hook looks at a gold charm bracelet that they stole, and drops it on Fitzhugh as Barry and Valerie sneak away. The thieves find the unconscious Fitzhugh as they search for the bracelet, and Lobo says that they can use him. They then take Fitzhugh with them back to their shack.

Valerie and Barry follow the thieves to their shack. Inside, Lobo and Hook put the unconscious Fitzhugh on the table. Valerie reluctantly lets Barry and Chipper stay to keep watch while she goes back to the camp and gets the others.

Inside, the thieves hear something moving outside and go to look. Meanwhile, Fitzhugh wakes up and has no idea who or where he is. He peers over the edge of the table and realizes that he can't escape, and hides behind a nearby can. Meanwhile, the thieves see the cat and figure that it caused the noise. They go back inside and Lobo complains that all they got was a two-bit charm bracelet. The thieves easily spot Fitzhugh and he asks where he is and why everything is so big. They explain that they found Fitzhugh unconscious, and Lobo tells Hook to get the photo of the museum lock. Fitzhugh realizes that he's dealing with criminals and admits that he's a conman himself.

Hook comes back with the photo and they show it to Fitzhugh. He says that he can get in the keyhole with a day or two of dieting, and Lobo says that inside the museum is the Flaming Princess, a rare ruby. Once Fitzhugh gets them in, they can open the safe where they keep the ruby at night. Fitzhugh orders Hook to get him a drink, and Lobo seconds his order to Hook. Hook pours out the wine and uses an eyedropper to put some in one of the charms. The three criminals share a toast to their new partnership and Fitzhugh suggests that they call him "Professor." He tells them to make him a bed in the corner, and Lobo tells Hook to do it.

Once the lights are out, Barry sneaks into the house through a mouse hole. He finds Fitzhugh and says that they should go, and that the others are coming. Fitzhugh says that it's safe and invites Barry to come in, and figures that he's the right side. He grabs Barry and calls in the thieves, and says that they have the key to the museum lock.

Valerie brings Steve and the others to the house and they discover that Barry is gone. Steve goes inside and hears Fitzhugh instructing Barry. The captain goes outside and tells the others that Fitzhugh is working with the giant. Steve figures that Fitzhugh has amnesia, while Hook spots them and tosses his jacket over them. Valerie is looking for Chipper, and comes back just as Hook captures the other four.

Hook takes the Earthlings into the house and puts them with Fitzhugh and Barry. Fitzhugh reviews his plan: he'll have Barry get the lock open, and have the thieves bring in a doctor's stethoscope. When Hook wonders if the others will cooperate, Fitzhugh says that they'll put his loyal to work for them. Barry will cooperate to ensure the other's safe. He cat, Scruffy, is outside pawing at the mouse hole, and Hook puts some sardines out for it. He then puts Fitzhugh and Barry in his pocket and they head for the museum.

Once the thieves leave, Mark suggests that they make a rope out of Hook's discarded handkerchief. Meanwhile, Valerie and Chipper crawl in via the mouse hole and Valerie calls to the others. They wrap the makeshift around the can and Steve climbs down first. The others join them and they prepare to leave... only to find the cat outside the hole. The men climb up the rope and find a container of black pepper, and then use the rope to lower it.

Hook and Lobo approach the museum and Fitzhugh has them put Barry into the lock. He then coaches the boy in sliding the proper bolt back, unlocking the door. The curator approaches and the giants are forced to hide in the bushes with Fitzhugh. An officer arrives and the curator says that he's there to pick up some papers he left behind. They go to the door and the curator inserts the key. It won't turn and the officer tries it. He discovers that the door is already unlocked, and Barry just avoids being crushed.

The curator goes inside and locks the door behind him. Once the officer leaves, Fitzhugh tells the giants to wait until the curator his office light so they know where it is. Once he does, they go to the door and tell Barry to open it.

The Earthlings point the pepper container down the hole and then Steve and Dan jump on it. The pepper drives the cat off, and the Earthlings crawl out. Steve has Valerie and Betty hide while the men go to the museum.

The thieves enter the museum and make their way to the safe. They get Fitzhugh out and give him the stethoscope, and he has them crack the safe while he provides guidance.

Steve, Dan, and Mark arrive and see the curator's light on. They call up to the lock and Barry says that Fitzhugh and the thieves are in the back. Steve climbs up a trellis to reach the lock and talk to him without yelling. Barry explains that the curator is in the office, and Steve tells Barry to unlock the door so that the curator will know something is wrong. When the boy worries about Fitzhugh, Steve points out that he won't be any worse off and they can rescue him later.

The curator's light goes out, and Barry unlocks the door. He hides as the curator reaches the door and realizes that it's unlocked again. He hears the thieves and runs out, and Dan climbs up the trellis with the grappling hook. Meanwhile, the curator goes to a payphone and calls the police. Meanwhile, Steve tosses the grappling hook to Barry, The boy anchors it but it comes free.

Sirens sound in the distance, and Fitzhugh and Lobo get the safe open.

Steve tells Barry to stay put and climbs down,.

Lobo grabs the ruby, puts Fitzhugh in his pocket, and heads for the door with Hook. Fitzhugh has them collect Barry, saying that they'll need him later. The giants get him as the two officers arrive and the curator tells them there are thieves inside. They go in while Hook and Lobo hide in the bushes, and then run off to their shack. Steve figures where they're going and heads there with Dan and Mark.

When the team gets there first, Sieve and the men inside but stay on the floor. The giants come in and Fitzhugh says that the Earthlings are gone. He points out the rope, and Hook finds them on the floor. The thieves notice that Betty is gone and assume that the cat ate her. When Barry promises not to help them, Hobo hacks at him with his knife and tells him to behave.

Hook puts the three Earthlings on the table, and Steve tells Barry that Betty is fine. The two thieves toast to their success, and Lobo tells Hook to get Fitzhugh a drink before he shows him the ruby. Hook tells him to do it immediately and Lobo gives it to him. Fitzhugh has him put it down on the table so he can see it, and Lobo says that with Fitzhugh and the others they'll be able to rob anything.

Dan climbs down the rope and yells that Hook is stupid. He says that he couldn't get across the street without Fitzhugh and Lobo, and he climbs out the hole before Lobo can grab him. Meanwhile, Steve and Mark grab the ruby and toss it in a glass of wine. Steve then yells to Hook saying that he'll never find Dan and he's got the ruby. The thieves realize that the ruby is gone, and they assume that the other one stole it. They fight, knocking over a lantern and setting the cabin on fire.

Steve and Mark get Barry and the struggling Fitzhugh down the rope and out the mouse hole. The giants run out of the shack, still fighting, and the police arrive and arrest them both. Fitzhugh tries to run back in to get the ruby, and Steve punches him unconscious. Mark tells Dan that they hid the ruby in the ruby-red wine on the table. Steve figures that the police will find it when they sift the ashes. Fitzhugh wakes up and remembers everything.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 23, 2016

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