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Going Home Recap

In Boston, Judge Gerry Schlosser passes sentence on Vincent "The Hitman" Regiano, giving him life imprisonment without possibility of parole. Afterward, the prosecuting attorney Mary thanks Gerry for staring down Vincent. She suggests that they get dinner, but he says that he has paperwork to deal with. Gerry admits that they had fun but has to take a raincheck. As Gerry goes to his car, he sees a power worker up a pole who says that they have a power outage. A live cable breaks free and hits Gerry's car, and he realizes that only the fact that he was entirely in the car and grounded saved his life. The "power worker" is gone.

The Blackwing arrives in Chicago, and Libby and Philo prioritize their list of clients. Jeff comes in as Philo finds a request from Gerry for assistance. When he says that Gerry is in Boston, Jeff tells him that it's a pass but Philo confirms that it has a personal tag for Christopher. Christopher arrives and takes a look at the request, and says that he's known Gerry all of his life. He says that they're taking the request and orders Jeff to head for Boston. Christopher tells Libby that Gerry is one of his father Harry's best friends and insists that they're taking the case.

In Boston, Gerry comes aboard and points out to Christopher that they haven't seen each other since Christopher's sister's wedding seven years ago. Christopher admits that he just planned to talk to Gerry while avoiding his family, and Gerry assures him that they know nothing about the Human Target. The judge then explains that he checked with the power company and they hadn't sent out any linemen. He explains about Vincent and Christopher says that they'll start there. Christopher then tells Gerry that he has to stay on the Blackwing, and Gerry warns that Harry's retirement party is that night. He confirms for a surprised Christopher that Harry sold his business to Tom.

That night at the bar, Christopher and Gerry arrive and Christopher greets his sister Susan. She takes him to see Harry, who is surprised to see his son there. Christopher sits down and Harry orders him a beer. He still thinks that Christopher is working with the VA in administration, and suggests that Christopher look into another kind of work. Christopher insists that he likes what he does, and Harry says that he's wasting his talents.

Susan and her husband Tom bring over Harry's retirement cake, and Harry jokingly says that Tom bought the business for twice what it's worth. He thanks Gerry and Susan for being there, and introduces Christopher to the crowd. Harry jokes about how rarely Christopher is there and then cuts the cake. Afterward, Christopher takes Gerry out and the judge points out that Christopher loves Harry but he keeps riding him. He asks if Christopher and Harry are ever going to get over their issues, and Christopher light-heartedly tells him to butt out. As they pass a florist shop, Christopher smells gas. Someone fires a rocket from a nearby car into the shop, setting off the gas, and Christopher gets Gerry down just in time.

After the police arrive, Harry tells Christopher to drive Gerry to his home and then head to the Chance home and his old bedroom. Christopher says that he has a hotel room and Harry walks off, irritated. Gerry comes over and says that he lied to the police about it being an accident, and Christopher figures that it's necessary so that the killer will keep coming.

At the Blackwing, Philo gets Gerry's measurements while Libby runs a background check on Vincent. However, Gerry admits that any of the hundreds of criminals he sent to jail could want him dead. Meanwhile, an invitation comes in from Susan inviting Christopher and Gerry to dinner with Harry. Christopher tells her to cancel on Gerry's behalf but he'll be there. Later, Christopher reviews Gerry's history with women and gets his voice patterns down. Once Philo makes a mask, Christopher dons it and meets with Gerry, who says that he has a public responsibility as a judge and can't let Christopher take his place. Undeterred, Christopher says that Gerry will be right there with him.

The next day, Christopher arrives in court and sets up the projector to keep in touch with Gerry. Gerry talks him through the procedure, warning that the district attorney Bob Siegler will push as far as he can. Siegler pushes for a change of venue, and Gerry tells Christopher to shut him down. Christopher readily does so.

Later, Christopher attends dinner with Susan, Tom, and Harry. Harry continues making veiled marks about Christopher and tells him to sit up straight. He then suggests that a friend might have a place for Christopher in his business at the VP level, and says that it's a chance for big money. When Susan tries to interrupt, her father tells them that they always used to talk at the table. Christopher says that he talked and they listened, and he demands to know what Harry wants from him. He wonders if Harry enjoys belittling him, and gets a page. In the next room he takes Libby's call. She says that there have been no recent paroles or escapes, and Vincent runs a lone business so no one on the street knows about what he's doing. He's currently in prison without any contact with anyone. Christopher braces himself and goes back to dinner.

The next day, Siegler asks for another postponement. Christopher grants the request and adjourns the court, and Mary approaches him in the hallway. Meanwhile, a defendant grabs a gun from the bailiff and takes a woman hostage. Christopher takes him down and the bailiffs take him away.

Later, Siegler visits Christopher in his office and asks if he's really going to go ahead with what he has planned. Christopher stalls for time and records the conversation, on the projector, and Siegler says that Gerry has files an accusation of jury tampering with the state bar. The prosecutor advises him not to go to the bar, and claims that he doesn't want the appearance of guilt. Siegler advises Christopher to think it over and leaves,

Back on the Blackwing, Gerry listens to the recording and explains that four months ago Siegler prosecuted a murder in his court. Siegler thought the case could help him when he runs out for office, and the jury was hung. Before Gerry could declare a mistrial, the vote changed and Siegler got his conviction. Shortly thereafter, Gerry received an anonymous tip that Siegler had contact with a juror. Christopher points out that Siegler would be ruined if the charges were proven, giving him a motive for killing Gerry. Gerry doesn't believe that Siegler is a killer, and insists that he's never dated any female lawyers when they were before him. Christopher says that they'll investigate Siegler's activities and has Gerry give Libby a list of the jurors. Gerry reminds him that he has to meet with Harry at the club for handball, and he can't cancel because Harry will now something is up.

The two men meet at the bar first to play billiards, and Harry describes how Christopher walked out of the dinner. Christopher-as-Gerry suggests that Christopher might have learned a few things, and Harry says that he scraped along as a salesman. When Christopher came along he tried to help him, but he thinks that Christopher threw it all away and left home. Harry says that he doesn't want Christopher to end up like him, with a life full of regrets. Christopher suggests that Harry try telling himself that Christopher's life, not his. Harry insists that he'd know if Christopher was happy and he isn't, and Christopher tells him that they're all doing the best he can and advises Harry to trust his son to live his own life. He asks Harry when was the last time he told Christopher that he loves him, and Harry walks away without a word.

After the club, Libby calls Christopher and says that one of the jurors, Joseph Robato, recently receives a large anonymous cash deposit the day before the conviction. Christopher drives to Robato's apartment and finds his corpse in the closet.

Later, Christopher tells Gerry about Robato's death. They figure that Siegler is behind the murder and the attempts on Gerry's life, and Christopher figures that he'll be nervous. He says that he'll flush Siegler out and has Philo put on his Gerry mask. He goes to Gerry's office and calls in Siegler, and says that his mistake is going to cost him everything. Siegler says that he was in court when Robato was dead, and Christopher figures that he had an accomplice. He promises to bring him down, and Siegler leaves without a word.

Back in his office, Robato meets with his accomplice--one of the bailiffs, Sam-- and reminds him that he got him out of jail after he beat his wife. Sam demands more money, and Siegler tells him to kill Gerry and then come to his office to get the $10,000 that night. The bailiff agrees and leaves.

Later, Sam checks in with Christopher and offers to walk him out. As they go out, the cleaning lady Deana asks him to open the door for him. Once she goes, Sam draws his gun and prepares to shoot Christopher. Christopher sees his reflection in the glass door and takes cover. Deana comes back in and when Sam turns toward her, Christopher jumps him. Sam grabs a fire axe and hacks at Christopher, who takes him out.

"Sam" calls Siegler and says that the job is done. The prosecutor tells him to come up, and then ransacks his own office. Siegler then takes out a gun and when Sam arrives, says that it'll look like Sam flipped out after he killed Gerry. Christopher steps out of the shadows, still wearing Gerry's mask, disarms Siegler, and knocks him out.

The next day, Christopher-as-Gerry calls Harry in and points out that he said some nice things about Christopher. He suggests that they're both too busy fighting to say what is important, and Harry tells him he was a heavy-handed young father. Christopher says that Christopher was just a teenager and couldn't say what he was feeling, and it came out as anger. When Harry says that it's all ancient history, Christopher tells him that it's time to start over and removes his Gerry mask. He then takes Harry to the Blackwing to show him what he really does. Christopher says that he's going to stay for a few days and sends Gerry up to co-pilot with Jeff. Harry assures him that he'll keep his son's secret, and admits that he's proud of Christopher as he hugs him.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 27, 2016

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