Changelings Recap

A novice nun runs down a service tunnel, and comes to Gold. He says that there's nowhere she can hide, and magically ties her up when she warns that Mother Superior won't let him get away with it. The Evil queen comes in and wonders why Gold despises fairies so much, and says that she came to join in the fun. He reminds her that he told her to kill Zelena, and that he's accepted that Belle won't accept him for what he really is. If the Queen doesn't want to rule by herself, she'll have to kill Zelena. Gold then says that he's going to send a message and casts magic on the novice, aging her.

Later, the now aged nun is taken to the hospital. Mother Superior tells Emma, Hook, Belle, and Regina that Gold did it and he's working with the Queen. Belle realizes that it's a message that Gold plans to do the same thing to her to speed up her pregnancy and take her son from her. She figures that Gold is warning them to scare her so she'll go back to him.

The Enchanted Forest

At Rumplestiltskin's castle, Rumpelstiltskin returns and Belle says that she's completed her chores. He gives her a baby in the basket and says that he stole the child. Belle wonders what happened to Rumplestiltskin to make him so monstrous, and he tells her not to answer questions. He finds a scroll and says that he has work to do, and admits that he didn't find out the baby's name. He says that he has no intention of becoming attached to it and says that he'll be back at sunset.


At the library, Belle looks for a book to stop Gold's magic and finds a treatise that she's never seen before. The book says to follow the strand, and Belle sees a strand of string on the floor. She follows it to a cave and the Shears of Destiny. When Belle reaches for them, they disappear. She turns and realizes that she's in the dreamworld. Her son appears and Belle hugs him, and he says that he strand is his fate and Gold plans to cut them once he's born. He tells her that the answer to defeating Gold is inside of her, and she has to see it quickly or his fate will be cut short. Belle wakes up in the library.

Jasmine meets with Mary Margaret at the diner to discuss the students' grades, and Jasmine says that Aladdin found a genie lamp. All genie wishes come with a price, and Jasmine worries about the price if she wants to find Agrabah. Mary Margaret reminds her of her story about the princess that didn't embrace her destiny, and tells her that it's her chance to be a hero.

Belle tells Emma and Hook about her dream, and Hook realizes that the ink is written in squid ink. Belle says that she can extract the squid ink and then convince Gold that she's returning to him. Hook and Emma disagree and tell her to leave it up to them.

The Enchanted Forest

Belle reads a story to the baby and says that they can save the baby if they figure out what Rumplestiltskin has planned for it. She then picks up the baby and leaves.


At the farmhouse, Zelena is taking her baby out when the Queen arrives. She offers to let the Queen hold it, but the Queen says that Gold sent her. The Queen tells Zelena to put the baby down, and Zelena does so. They teleport outside and the Queen blasts Zelena with a fireball. She moves in for the kill, but the Queen suddenly clutches at her heart. Regina arrives, holding her heart, and says that if she crushes it then they both die. The Queen doesn't believe that she would do it for Zelena, but Regina starts to do so. She then asks why the Queen would do it, and Zelena says that Gold told her to. Regina tells the Queen that Gold lied to her and realizes that she still has a hole in her heart like she did when she first came there. The Queen was so desperate to feel it that she allied with Gold, and Regina tells her to go and ask him because they're done with her. With that, the Queen teleports away.

Hook goes to the pawnshop and says that he's there to stop him from ruining another of his son's life. Gold starts choking him, and Emma comes in from behind and immobilizes him with the squid ink. They confirm that Gold isn't carrying the Dagger or the Shears, and Emma searches the back. She has vision of fighting and dying in the future, and sees the jeweled handle of the sword in her chest. Hook comes back and helps her.

Gold recovers his mobility and goes to the library. He says that dried squid ink couldn't hold him for long, and Belle tells him that he'll never get her back. Gold refuses to lose another son and holds up the aging potion. Shocked, Belle runs to the elevator.

The Enchanted Forest

Belle goes to the library and finds a scroll written in fairly language that Rumplestiltskin has been working on. It's an incantation to summon a Black Fairy, and Rumplestiltskin says that she'll never find out. He admits that he was planning on her bringing the baby to his study so that she could speak Fairy. Rumplestiltskin teleports the baby to his hands and walks out, locking Belle in.


Gold stops the elevator doors and says that he will never be the man she thinks he can be. he figures that he's a man no one can love, but plans to start over with their son. Belle tells Gold not to give up, saying that she just wants Gold to try, but he admits that he's just pushed her away and all he has is magic. She tells him that it will get him his son, but the price will be that he loses Belle forever. Belle asks if he's willing to pay that price, and Gold walks away.

Regina heals Zelena's injuries using magic and Zelena thanks her for her help. She admits that she should have reached out to apologize, and Regina says that she came there to find some magic to reverse Gold's aging spell. Zelena wonders why she bothered saving her, and Regina says that heroes save people who have hurt them in unimaginable ways. She still blames Zelena for Robin's death, and says that all she can do is pity and hate her sister. Regina says she can spare her life but can never forgive her.

At the loft, Jasmine and Aladdin prepare to use the lamp as Mary Margret and Harry watch. When Jasmine rubs the lamp, a pair of bracers fall to the floor. There's no genie, so Jasmine can't use a wish to get back to Agrabah. Aladdin says that she can and puts the bracers on, and then enters the lamp.

The Queen goes to the shop and discovers that Gold didn't use the potion. She figures that Belle claimed to see a man inside of Gold, and warns that it would only last until Belle realized who Gold really is. But Belle will leave and take their son with them, leaving Gold alone just like it was the first time with Bae. Gold tells her to go because they're done.

The Enchanted Forest

Belle tries to break open the door, and Blue flies in. She says that she's there as soon as she sensed the fairy incarnation being read, and says that the Black Fairy used to be good once. She started stealing children instead, and Rumplestiltskin is using the child to lure her. Blue explains that they need Belle because she has no magic, and opens the door.


At the diner, Belle tells Hook and Emma what happened with Gold. Hook talks to Emma privately and asks what happened at the pawnshop, and she says that she had the same death-vision... except that she saw the red jewel on the handle of the sword that killed her. Belle suddenly moans in pain and they realize that she's giving birth.

The Enchanted Forest

Rumplestiltskin takes the baby to the forest and summons the Black Fairy. She arrives but Rumplestiltskin says that she can't take the baby yet. He immobilizes her with squid ink, and Black realizes who he is. As Belle arrives and hides in the forest, Rumplestiltskin asks Black why it abandoned one child that was actually hers. Black realizes that Rumplestiltskin is that child, and says that she never gave him a name. He repeats his question, and Black says that sometimes you have to choose power over love.

Belle runs to the baby and when it cries, Rumplestiltskin turns. Black breaks free and grabs him, and says that he'll just have to wonder what the answers to his questions are. She flies away, and Belle says that Rumplestiltskin doesn't deserve what his mother did to her. However, she says that sacrificing the life of a child isn't worth his pain. Rumplestiltskin says that no one knows about his pain and teleports away.


Gold goes to the nunnery, tracking the bracer he put on Belle. The building is warded against him, but he uses his dagger to break through.

Emma and the nuns help Belle to give birth. Belle enters the dream world and finds herself in a cemetery with his son sitting on a swing. She warns that Gold is coming and will use the Shears, and he says that she knows what she must do. Belle insists that there must be another way, but her son reminds her that they're out of time. She hugs her son and says that she loves him more than anything in the world, and her son promises that he won't ever forget it. He tells her not to forget the book and wakes up.

Later, Belle calls Mother Superior to her room and asks her to be her son's fairy godmother... and take him somewhere safe. Hook and Emma are there and Belle warns that Gold will never stop coming for his son. She's sure that eventually they will defeat him and then Mother Superior can bring the boy back. Mother Superior agrees and Belle has Hook give her a book. Belle name her son Gideon and asks Mother Superior to read the book to him, and tells Gideon to never forget that she loves him.

After Mother Superior flies away with the baby, Gold comes in and realizes that his son is gone. Belle insists that she gave Gideon his best chance at life, and tells Gold that it's over and there's nothing left for him to say. He asks what their son's name is, but Belle refuses to tell him. Gold says that he will never hurt her but he will find their son.

The Enchanted Forest

Belle takes the child back to his parents, Jack and Jill. Rumplestiltskin watches from the shadows.


Gold returns to the pawnshop and finds the Queen waiting for him. He tells her to go, but the Queen says that she set the whole thing up to see what happened when Gold poisoned his love. The Queen admits that she stole Gold's spell and used it, but Gold forced her hand. She tells Gold to tell Belle what happened, well aware that she won't believe him. Gold says that he'll find a way to make her pay, but the Queen isn't impressed. He warns her that he plays a very long game and she's nothing more than one of his pawns, but the Queen wishes him luck finding his son and walks out. Furious, Gold tears apart his workshop

Later at the diner, Hook meets with Emma and tells her that Regina cured Zelena and Belle will recover. Emma says that Belle reminded her of why as the Savior she doesn't run: to protect her family and her friends, and the people she loves. She tells Hook that it's time to find out what really happened to her.

That night, Hook and Emma enter the pawnshop and discover that it's torn up. Emma finds the sword from her vision and when she grasps it, she has the same vision. She figures that now that they have it, they can identify the figure under the hood and stop them.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 28, 2016