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Medusa Recap

At her apartment, Kara is x-raying the turkey for Thanksgiving as Eliza looks on. In the living room, Winn and James discuss how to tell Kara that James is Guardian. Alex comes over and grabs a beer, and they tell her that they're considering telling Kara. She says that she has something important to say and doesn't want them to hijack he revelation. Kara hears them and comes over, and Winn and James quickly switch topics. Mon-El arrives and gives her stuffing... from his mattress. Eliza comes over and Mon-El turns on the charm with her. and leads her off. Alex comes over to Kara, who explains that Mon-El is hitting on Eliza. Kara then talks to Eliza, who says that he really likes Kara and is trying to score points with her. Her foster daughter doesn't believe it.

Everyone sits down at the table and Kara says that everyone should say one thing that they're thankful for. James leaps in and talks about how understanding Kara is, and Winn agrees. Alex doesn't, and Mon-El thanks Kara for being caring and gracious. Next, Alex starts talking about how she feels more like herself. Before she can tell Eliza that she's gay, a dimensional breach opens in mid-air and then closes.

The next day at the DEO, Winn, Alex, and Supergirl arrive and Hank says that it's time to get back to Earth. They discuss Lillian's attack on Supergirl, and wonder if Lena knows what her mother is up to. Supergirl says that she'll find out using her reporter skills and sneakiness, but Alex and Winn are convinced that she can pull it off. Hank agrees with Supergirl, and Alex tells Winn to hack Lena anyway.

Later, Kara meets with Lena for an interview about Lillian. Lena says that she always fell short with Lillian, and Kara wonders how Lillian felt when she changed LexCorp's direction. She asks if Lillian is proud that Lena is turning the company into a force for good, and Lena vaguely agrees and then says that she has a meeting. Once Kara leaves, Lena calls Lillian and says that they need to talk.

That night at the alien bar, a hooded man is sitting at the bar. Mon-El sits down and an alien woman starts hitting on him. He says that he's looking for someone else and spots the hooded man leaving... unaware that he's left a device attached to the underside of the bar and walks out. Mon-el confronts the figure, assuming that it's Hank, but it's Cyborg Superman. As Cyborg Superman attacks him, the device goes off in the bar. Aliens start coughing and collapsing, and the human customers run out. Henshaw escapes in the confusion and Mon-el goes outside. A human waitress tells him that all of the aliens are dead,

The next day at the DEO, Mon-El tells the others what happened. They put him in quarantine to make sure that he's not contagious, and Mon-El blames himself for not staying in the bar and helping. Alex points out that the device only killed aliens, and wants to bring Eliza in because of her speciality in astrobiology. Hank tells Supergirl that they're staying there , but Supergirl insists that it's Cadmus. Alex agrees with Hank and leaves.

Lillian visits Lena and finds her having Thanksgiving dinner at her desk. Lena complains that Lex was always Lillian's favorite, and Lillian says that Lena shouldn't take it personally. Her daughter asks what she's up to, and Lillian figures that Lena was going to try and make amends. As Lillian goes, Lena warns her that Kara is investigating Lillian and knows something. Lillian says that there's nothing, but Lena figures that she's lying.

Supergirl and Mon-El are playing Monopoly and Supergirl asks if he really likes her. She tells Mon-El about Eliza's suspicions and asks if he wants to mate with her. He passes it off as nothing and stars coughing, and then collapses. Supergirl opens the cell , breaking quarantine, and calls for help.

Later, Eliza confirms that Mon-El is infected and that the virus isn't contagious. Only those exposed to the aerosol are affected. Eliza says that the virus is from Krypton, and Supergirl realizes that they needed her blood to get into the Fortress.

Supergirl flies to the Fortress and sees Henshaw's footprints in the snow. Kalex informs her that there was an intruder: her. The robot attacks her and Supergirl quickly counterattacks, disabling it with her heat vision. She checks the computer files and finds a reference to Project Medusa. A hologram of Zor-El activates and explains that Medusa is a weaponized virus that he created for Krypton. He created it to kill non-Kryptons and wipe out alien invaders. Supergirl is shocked that he designed a weapon capable of taking life, and Zor-El says that he was saving lives: Kryptonian lives.

Back at the DEO, Supergirl tells the others and Alex what she discovered. Since Kryptonians and Daxamites share similar DNA, he's less vulnerable but will eventually die. Alex and Eliza work on the sample Supergirl bought from the Fortress, and Supergirl sits with the unconscious Mon-El.

As Alex works, Eliza asks Alex what she's been trying to say. She figures that it has something to do with Maggie, and Alex says that she can't say it because she doesn't want to let her down. Eliza says that Alex being gay would never let her down, and she knew Alex would always be different because she was exceptional. She assures her daughter that she loves her however she is and hugs her.

That night, Supergirl is out on the balcony and Hank joins her. She talks about having a similar view on Krypton, and tells Hank that she thought her parents were good guys. Now that Supergirl learns more, she sees things as they really are and is ashamed to be their daughter. Hank tries to reassure her, saying that their intentions were good, but Supergirl wonders if her parents' legacy is death and destruction. He says that she is their legacy, and then moans in pain as he starts to change into a White Martian form. Hank explains how M'Gann's blood transfusion is transforming him. He insists that Eliza and Alex focus on a cure for Medusa, not him. The two women arrive and say that Cadmus will need a dispersion element, analogous to Isotope 454... and only made by L-Corp. Supergirl flies off and Alex calls Maggie to have her send units to L-Corp.

Heywood arrives at L-Corp and sets off the metal detector. When the guard tries to stop him, Heywood throws him across the room... and Supergirl arrives to save him. She and Heywood attack each other and Lena arrives to see them fighting. Henshaw manages to stun Supergirl, and then throws a sculpture at Lena. Supergirl blocks it and tells Lena to go, and returns to the attack. As Hennshaw pins her down, Maggie and her officers arrive and open fire. Another breach opens, dstracting Henshaw enough for Supergirl to blast free. He blasts Maggie with his eye beam, and Supergirl goes to her while the cyborg escapes in the confusion.

Back at the DEO, Supergirl tells the others that Henshaw didn't escape with the isotype. Winn warns that Zor-El never considered a cure, and Eliza suggests that Lena is working with Lillian. Supergirl doesn't believe it, but Hank points out that she's staking Mon-El's life on her belief.

Supergirl flies to Lena, who thanks her for saving her life earlier. The heroine asks for her help finding Lillian, explaining that she leads Cadmus. Lena doesn't believe her, and Supergirl explains that Lillian has a virus that can wipe out the city's entire alien population. Unconvinced, Lena says that she thought Supergirl was different but she doesn't believe it. Supergirl says that she knows what it's like to be disillusioned by one's parents, but is sure that Lena isn't like Lillian. She tells Lena to be her own hero, but Lena tells her to get out.

At the DEO, Alex treats Maggie's wound. She then says that she told Eliza the truth, and explains that she still wasn't comfortable with her sexual identity. Now Alex has accepted that it's her new normal and she's happy that it is, and it's about her living her life.

Supergirl visits Mon-El, who wakes up and knows what Eliza said about his dying. Supergirl blames her family for his dying, and explains that Zor-El created Medusa. Mon-El says that she looks beautiful with the weight of the worlds on her shoulders, and kisses her. He then lies back and assures her that she's beautiful.

Lena summons Lillian and says that she knows she's in charge of Cadmuus. She says that if Lillian asks for her help then she'll give it to her, and opens a case to reveal the Isotope 454.

At the DEO, Winn gets an alarm that 454 is moving from L-Corp to the Port of the National City: the perfect place to disperse the virus into the air. Cadmus goes on the air and announces that every alien on Earth will die. When Hank prepares to head out, Supergirl refuses to let him endanger himself. Hank insists that if he's going to die then he'll die as himself, sharing the fate of his alien brothers and sisters.

Lillian and Lena take the 454 to the docks and Lillian gives Lena the keys to a rocket launcher. She tells her to fire the rocket launcher with the virus and prove that she's with Cadmus. Lena takes the key just as Supergirl and Hank arrive. Lena fires the rocket and Supergirl goes after it while Henshaw attacks Hank. Hank fights back, knocking the plate off of Henshaw's face, and Henshaw vows to send him back to hell. He smashes Hank away and Lena and Lillian run. Menawhile, Hank steps out, says that he is a monster, and changes into his new white Martian form.

Supergirl manages to catch the missile.

Lillian detonates the rocket and it blows up in Supergirl's face. She falls to Earth. J'onn sees her and, distracted, is vulnerable to Henshaw's eye blast. The sky vills with the virus.

Supergirl smashes down on Henshaw, knocking him out. J'onn reverts to his human form and tells his wife that he's coming as the virus falls form the sky.

Across National City, the aliens look at the falling virus.

Hank and the other aliens are unaffected. Lillian realizes that Lena switched out the isotope, making the virus inert. Lena steps forward and says that she called the police, and they arrive to arrest Lillian. Heywood takes advantage of the distraction to escape.

At the Well of Stars, an alien spacecraft arrives and they determine that there is no sign of the Kryptonian pod. The alien commanders insist that they find Mon-El no matter what it takes.

At the DEO, Mon-El wakes up and Eliza explains that they were able to reverse-engineer a cure from a living sample. She says that it also cured J'onn, and he comes in using his true Green Martian form. Supergirl asks Mon-El if they're going to talk about what happened between them, and Mon-El doesn't remember. She quickly says that he drooled and that was it, and tells him to get some rest.

That night, Alex is at her apartment drinking when Maggie comes over with pizza. She says that she needed to see Alex, and explains that almost dying made her realize that she was scared when Alex said she came out for her. Maggie figures that life is too short to be anyone other than who they are, and tells Alex that she wants to kiss her. She does so and after a moment, Alex kisses her back.

The next day, a new breach opens in Kara's apartment. Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon come through and hope that they've found the right place. Kara comes in and hugs Barry, and he introduces Cisco. Barry says that they need her help.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 29, 2016

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