When the Danvers celebrate Thanksgiving, Alex tries to find the right time to tell her mother Eliza that she's gay. Meanwhile, Lena is forced to choose when Supergirl tells her that Lillian plans to unleash a virus that will wipe out every alien in the city.

Crossover among four CW shows: Supergirl "Medusa"; The Flash "Invasion!"; Arrow ‘Invasion!"; DC's Legends of Tomorrow "Invasion!"


By Gadfly on Nov 29, 2016

At her apartment, Kara is x-raying the turkey for Thanksgiving as Eliza looks on. In the living room, Winn and James discuss how to tell Kara that James is Guardian. Alex comes over and grabs a beer, and they tell her that they're considering telling Kara. She says that she has something important to say and doesn't want them to hijack he revelation. Kara hears them and comes over, and Winn and James quickly switch topics. Mon-El arrives and gives her stuffing... from his mattress. Eliza comes o…

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AJakof posted 2 years ago

@sandrosaurus: It is not really a cross over episode, but at least the crossover starts here. Although you don't miss a thing of the crossover, when you start with "The Flash". Loved the crossover!

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