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Quid Pro Ho Recap

Charlotte starts to trigger the bomb beneath Chloe's car, but Chloe gets called back to the restaurant. Amenadiel appears behind Charlotte and tells her that she can't blow up Chloe. Charlotte doesn't see why not, and grabs Amenadiel by the collar and hoists him into the air. The valet drives the car over to Chloe, and Amenadiel warns Charlotte that when Lucifer figures out that Charlotte killed her, he will hate her forever. He points out that Lucifer killed Uriel to protect her, and says that it has to be Lucifer's decision to leave Chloe. Charlotte tosses the detonator away and Amenadiel grabs it, while his mother figures that she has to find a more subtle way to end Lucifer's crush.

The next day in therapy, Linda asks Lucifer about his date with Chloe. He insists that it wasn't a big deal, and just a dinner. She finally realizes that Lucifer chickened out and figures that he's running scared. He insists that he doesn't run scared, but Linda points out that he's lying to himself.

The next day, Lucifer visits Chloe and she assumes that he was with one of his women. Penelope comes in and tells Lucifer that he's so thoughtful to support them on such a difficult day. Lucifer has no idea what the day is, and Chloe says that it's the trial of her father's killer. He immediately says that he's there to support him.

At the station, Dan runs into Ella and she wonders why he's so cheery. She figures that he got laid and Dan admits that she's way out of his league... and came back for seconds. Ella says that Dan has a mystery package and he goes over to open it. Inside is the severed head of Boris, and Dan realizes that Chloe isn't going to be happy.

In the courtroom, Penelope tells Lucifer that she went through the same thing 16 years ago. Chloe gets the news that Boris, their key witness, just lost his head. Perry comes in to the courtroom and Charlotte arrives in to greet her client... Perry. Lucifer tells Chloe that Charlotte might not be the shark she once was, and Judge Vicky Estrada asks if the defense is moving for a dismissal since Boris is dead. Charlotte quickly works out what's going on, but prosecutor Earl Steadman insists that their case is still unshakeable. Charlotte agrees, arguing that Perry should never have been charges, and Estrada agrees to let the case continue. However, Stedman does request a continuance because of Boris' death. Charlotte objects and Estrada denies the request.

Afterward, Lucifer talks to Charlotte privately and demands to know what she's doing. She says that Lucifer needs to see that Chloe isn't worthy of her, and reminds him that he killed Uriel to protect her. Charlotte asks if Chloe would do something similar for him, and plans to prove that she wouldn't. She explains that she was going to blow Chloe up but Amenadiel talked her out of it, and that she didn't kill Boris. She promises that she's not going to hurt anyone and walks away. Chloe comes over and asks if what he's doing will affect the trial, and Lucifer insists that everything will be okay. He then goes over to Steadman.

Later at the station, Dan approaches Chloe and she mentions that Charlotte is defending Perry. Dan is less than thrilled to hear that his new lover is the defense attorney. Ella comes in and says that Boris' tongue was cut out and figures that it was a message. The detectives figure that Perry could have hired someone to do it, and Ella reports that the cut was extremely precise. She figures the killer used an industrial-sized professional slicer, and swine DNA on Boris' neck and only one place that sells it.

When Chloe returns to the courthouse, she finds Lucifer in the hallway. Steadman comes out and tells Lucifer that they're ready for him, and Lucifer takes the stand. Once he's sworn in, Steadman confirms that Lucifer was there when Boris was arrested. He starts charming Estrada and the jury, and describes how he and Dan went undercover to confront Boris. Everyone applauds when he's done.

Dan and Ella go to the delicatessen, and she's worked out that Dan slept with Charlotte. She figures that Dan didn't tell Charlotte anything about the case, and he admits that he doesn't remember because of the muscatel cocktails. Dan figures that it's no coincidence, and they talk to the clerk, Xxx. She says that a few days ago a guy approached her and threatened her unless she gave him the keys to use the place after hours. Xxx says that the man had a distinctive scar around his neck.

Steadman thanks Lucifer for his testimony, and Lucifer adds one more thing. Estrada is more than glad to let him, and Lucifer says that the LAPD acted impeccably in the case. He praises Chloe's efforts and says that she's truly good. Charlotte declines to question Lucifer.

Maze finds Amenadiel examining Chloe's car. He claims that he was looking for Maze and says that he's missed her. Maze says that she misses him and they kiss… and she removes the detonator from his pocket and sets off the charge on Chloe's charge. The demon then tells Amenadiel to tell Charlotte that 1) no one is hurting Chloe, and b) Amenadiel should never lie to her again.

Steadman calls Dan to the stand and has him testify what Boris said about taking advantage of the prison that John Decker was investigating before he died. Charlotte doesn't question him and Steadman rests his case. Charlotte then recalls Lucifer to the stand. She asks him who was first on the crime scene, and Lucifer testifies that Chloe was there first. The police report says that Dan was there first, and that Chloe only took herself off the case after she found the victim dead. Charlotte asks if the report is right and Lucifer is lying, and he insists that Chloe was there first.

After the trial, Lucifer goes after Chloe and insists that he couldn't lie for her. Chloe figures that Charlotte knew that she was first on the scene, and Lucifer insists that he didn't tell her. she points out that his relationship with Charlotte affected the trial and walks off, while Charlotte watches in satisfaction. Dan comes over and asks if she slept with him to get intel on the case. Charlotte immediately admits that she did, and she rendered him insensate with sex so that she could check his phone. When she says that he should know better next time, Dan says that there won't be a next time. In response, Charlotte licks his ear and squeezes his butt before walking off.

Amenadiel shows Linda the remains of the car and explains what happened. Linda gets him to admit that he lied a bit, but insists that he had no choice. She doesn't buy it, and Amenadiel realizes that he treated Linda the same way that he treated Maze. She tells him to apologize before Maze blows him up.

Maze tells Lucifer that Charlotte tried to kill Chloe. He already knows, and wonders why Chloe thinks she leaked sensitive information to Charlotte. Dan comes in response to Lucifer's call, and Lucifer asks if he's found something else to link Boris to Perry. Dan explains that Boris' killer had the brand of a Chinese triad syndicate, and figures that someone is playing the Chinese against the Russians. They head to the Chinese cultural center that the triad uses.

As they arrive, Maze keeps taunting Dan over his relationship with Charlotte with sexual innuendo. Dan finally realizes that she knows he was with Charlotte. He admits that he leaked the information to Charlotte, and Lucifer tackles him when he realizes that Dan slept with his mother. The gangsters surround them and draw guns on them. The two men get up and Lucifer addresses them in the Chinese. Their leader, Chunhai Lai, steps forward and the two of them talk.

Lucifer then tells Dan that Chunhai will give them Da Young, the man that killed Boris, if they beat Kang. The brawniest gangster steps forward with aa pair of scissors, and Lucifer explains that Maze will fight him. Maze is more than glad to fight, and soon throws Kang out into the courtyard. Kang easily avoids his attacks, disarms, him, takes one of his swords, and counter-attacks. Maze soon defeats him but Lucifer calls her off before she can kill the man. Chunhai agrees to honor her deal and says that the killer was banished for working outside the family. She gives Lucifer an address and he leaves with Maze and Dan.

Before she testifies, Chloe tells Penelope that Dan has a lead on Boris' killer. Penelope assures her that John was proud of Chloe and nothing she could do would ever change that. Charlotte says that they want justice for John and Perry, and Penelope realizes that she's a mother and says "shame on her." Once she walks away, Charlotte tells Chloe that they have to talk.

Lucifer and Dan go to the address and find the killer Da Young seated at a table… dead, seated across from Boris' body. Dan figures that Perry hired Da, knowing that the Triad would punish him for going behind their back.

Charlotte tells Chloe that she's losing bad without Boris to testify. Chloe gets a text from Dan that Da Young is dead, and Charlotte suggests that she convince Perry to plead guilty. However, Chloe would have to betray Lucifer in return by calling her a liar.

On the stand, Charlotte questions Chloe and asks how he's qualified to be her partner. Chloe is forced to admit that he has no experience whatsoever, but says that if people believe Lucifer's claims then he used to run Hell then he's qualified. Charlotte asks him if she thinks Lucifer is delusional or a liar, and Chloe says that he is no liar. She insists that everything he said on the stand is true, and admits that she was the first person on the crime scene despite protocol. Chloe admits that she let her emotions get the best of her, and says that Lucifer is the bet partner she has ever had. She hopes that he can count on her as much as she counts on him. Estrada declares a recess and a shocked Lucifer stares at Chloe.

Later, Perry walks out of court a free man. He smiles at Chloe as he goes home.

Later, Amenadiel comes to the apartment building to find Maze and sees Penelope outside, crying. He has flowers, and Penelope wonders if they had a fight. Amenadiel asks if she's all right, and Penelope says that she used to believe everything happens for a reason but now she's not sure. He admits that he doesn't know, either, but he does know that the true test is how they respond to the pain. Penelope looks at him and says that he looks familiar, and Amenadiel stares at her in surprise but claims that they've never met.

That night, Perry leaves a strip club and Dan confronts him. He says that he knows Perry had Boris killed and is responsible for the murders. Perry is unimpressed, but Dan says that the Russians might not hear that someone took out one of their own. He walks away as the Russians pull up in a van and drag Perry away. Dan gets in the car where Maze is finishing her call to the Russian mob. She admits that Dan impressed her, and he tells her to drive.

Charlotte returns to her office and finds Amenadiel waiting for him. He tells her that he doesn't want any more lies from her. Once she agrees, Amenadiel explains that God sent him to bless a couple that were unable to have a child, for the first and only time. Penelope was the mother, and Chloe is the result of that miracle.

Chloe goes to Lucifer's penthouse as he's going out to see her with a sack dinner and a bottle of wine.

Charlotte realizes that God put Chloe there in Lucifer's path. Amenadiel realizes that he was a pawn, and his mother says that Chloe is how they'll get it all back.

Lucifer and Chloe eat and Chloe assures Lucifer that what she said was the truth.

Charlotte says that they're going home and Chloe is the Key.

Lucifer and Chloe start to kiss.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 29, 2016

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