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Chances Are Recap

The Blackwing is in the air, and Philo is having Jeff swerve the plane to help him score cards into a hat. Libby finally has enough and tells Jeff to come up. When he arrives, he admits that they're all bored and need some action. They're worried that Christopher is staying in his cabin all the time and only landing to refuel. Libby suggests that some female companionship might do him good.

At the Church of Armageddon compound in Kilgore, CA, suit-wearing security guards tell KFLY-TV reporter Robin Wrightson and her cameraman Peter Szafranski that she's trespassing. Robin wants to talk to their leader, Dr. Mont Sinclair Robillard, about his intentions in town. She wants to know why Robillard is buying up half the valley. When Robillard comes out, Robin tries to get some footage and the guards shove her and Peter away. As they get into their SUV, the guards force Peter to give them his tape.

At the station, Robin's boss Degallo reminds her that she wasn't supposed to cover Robillard and insists that the lunatic fringe isn't news. Peter backs Robin up, and Degallo says that Robin is feature, not news. Once he goes back, Peter reminds Robin that she got another threatening letter if she continues covering Robillard, and suggests that she back off for once. She complains about how he's less adventuresome now that he's single, and asks what Robillard will do once he finds out the tape the guards took earlier was a blank. As they talk, their SUV across the street blows up.

On the Blackwing, Philo is dancing to music. Jeff finally tells him to turn it down, and Libby comes in and tells them that they have a case: Robin. They point out that Robin is a woman, but Libby figures that they have to do something before they got out of their skulls.

Christopher is exercising in his room when Libby comes in. She says that Peter filed a request for help, and says that Christopher could go in as Peter. Christopher agrees to take a look at the case file when he sees a photo of Robin. Once he's alone, Christopher runs a news piece that Robin did on veterans... and then repeats it and freezes on her. She then calls tell Jeff and tells him to plot a course for Kilgore.

Later, Libby approaches Christopher and suggests that he tell Robin that he's taking Peter's place. Christopher figures that it's safer if Robin doesn't know. As Libby reluctantly agrees, Philo brings Peter in. She reminds him that his contract forbids him from revealing any information about the Blackwing, and Christopher goes over Peter's files. Libby explains that Robillard founded the religious paramilitary group in 1981, and they have a membership of several hundred. Peter confirms that they've been buying up desert property, and warns that Robin won't let go of something once she gets hold of it. Christopher asks if they're more than friends, and Peter admits that he's had a thing for her but he doesn't know about how she feels for him. The cameraman says that he hasn't risked their working relationship with a physical relationship,

At the compound, Robillard talks to a gun dealer, Rich Shaughnessy, about how the world is on the verse of collapse. Shaughnessy says that he's just there to do business, but Robillard warns that only a few will be left to repopulate the world. They go into Robillard's office and Robillard says that he'll pay half on delivery and the rest upon successful testing, and Shaughnessy wonders if Robin poses a risk. He complains that Robillard's people didn't time the explosive on the SUV properly, and Robillard assures him that he'll keep her out of their business.

Peter undergoes the standard scan procedure and talks about Robin. Libby talks to Christopher about the case and points out that Robin is attractive. She figures that Christopher is interested in her, but Philo calls him away before he has to answer her question. Philo says that he'll have to make hand gloves for Christopher, and suggests that he could make Christopher into a woman. Libby comes over and hears them, and says that Christopher wants to go in as a man.

Once the disguise is ready, a disguised Christopher meets with Peter. He insists that Robin can't be told and takes the keys for his Mustang.

Christopher arrives at the station and catches Robin as she comes out. She jokes with him about sleeping alone, and they head to County Records. She confirms that Robillard bought 800 acres in two months ago, paying for it in cash. A van follows them and Christopher spots it in the rearview mirror. He speeds up and the van driver opens fire on them with a mounted machinegun. Christopher drives through a construction site and then spins around and drives back, knocking the van off the road.

In town at a restaurant, Robin wonders where Christopher learned to drive like that. He passes it off, and Robin shows him a book by Robillard describing what he's doing now. She talks about how it's the second time they almost died, and insists on focusing on business. Christopher suggests that they check the tax records and says that he has a friend who can check the IRS records. Robin is impressed and takes his hand, and they look at each other for a moment.

At the compound, Robillard tells Shaughnessy that he wants more guns to deal with Robin. Shaughnessy says that he'll handle the reporters from now on, and Robillard gives him a list of heavy weapons that he wants. He explains that there's a government train heading for Kilgore loaded with missiles. His men are going to raid the train the next night when it passes through. That will be the field test of his new weapons, and then Robillard will have a warhead to defend his compound.

At the Blackwing, Libby runs the file on Robillard for Christopher. He deserted the Army in 1962 and spent some time in jail for minor crimes. He found the Bible in 1971, moved into a commune, and promised to create a private nation to survive the collapse of society. Libby asks when Christopher is going to get together with Robin, and he figures that she's in love with Peter. She figures that he has it bad and asks what he's going to do about it, and Christopher refuses to discuss the matter. Peter comes in and realizes that they're in the IRS computer, and Christopher quickly dismisses him.

Later, Christopher tells Robin what he's found out about Robillard's finances. When he says that he'll be close behind her, Robin objects to the sudden attention. Libby calls and Christopher takes it in the restroom. She says that the police have received a report that someone broke into Peter's apartment. When he goes back to the table, Christopher discovers that Robin is gone.

At the station, Shaughnessy is going through the video files when Christopher comes in. The gun dealer hides as Robin comes in, and Christopher pulls her down as Shaughnessy opens fire. Christopher goes after him but gets knocked into a shelf for his efforts, and Shaughnessy escapes. When Robin runs over, she sees where Christopher's mask is torn. He has no choice but to reveal his true identity and introduce himself.

Christopher takes Robin to the Blackwing and she complains about both Peter and Christopher violating her life. Peter starts to object, and Christopher says that Peter is a target as well. They figure that there's something in the footage, and Philo enhances it. They pick up an image of Robillard with Shaughnessy, and Libby runs it through the FBI.

Shaughnessy goes to Robillard and tells him that Peter fights like a pro. He figures that something is going on, but Robillard says that once they have the warhead it won't matter. Shaughnessy says that he'll want his payment right away so he can be far away when Robillard's people hit the train.

On the Blackwing, Robin visits Christopher and asks why he didn't tell her the truth. He says that he admires his work and he was in Vietnam, and says that sometimes it's easier to be someone else. Robin asks if he was doing his job at the restaurant when they held hands, and Christopher says that was him. She says that she never felt anything back toward Peter until Christopher took his place, and Christopher kisses her.

Libby comes in and they quickly separate, and she says that they have a lead. He faked his death a year ago and was linked to the hijacking of an Army arsenal. They figure that Shaughnessy is selling the stolen guns to Robillard, and wants Peter and Robin dead because they have the tape that proves he's still alive. In Robillard's book in the final chapter, the hero steals an a-bomb. Christopher figures that if he and Jeff go in alone they can avoid a blood bath, knock out the armory, and take down Robillard and Shaughnessy. Robin insists on going with them, and Christopher says that he'll give her an exclusive if she waits at the station. The reporter agrees.

That night at the compound, Christopher and Jeff get to the compound and see Shaughnessy handing off the weapons. Jeff shorts out the electrical fence and cuts through it, and spot a guard bringing Robin over. Christopher realizes that they got Robin, and calls Libby to get a layout of the compound. He finds out where Robillard's office is and tells Jeff to blow up the arms, get clear, and notify the cops. Meanwhile, he'll go after Robin.

In Robillard's office, Shaughnessy beats Robin and she insists that the tape is no good. He prepares to shoot her but Robillard tells him to take her to the hills where they have an unmarked grave waiting. Shaughnessy agrees and demands his money.

Jeff plants charges on the truck and blows up the guns. Shaughnessy and Robillard see the explosion and go out, and Christopher drops in through the skylight. He frees her, just as Robillard and Shaughnessy come back. Shaughnessy holds Christopher at gunpoint and ties him up, and Robillard says that his men will find Jeff. The gun dealer isn't convinced, and finds his omni-camera. He assumes that Christopher is a Fed and demands his payment. Robillard refuses to pay and Shaughnessy snaps at him, and then apologizes... and shoots him dead. He takes the money from the safe, and explains that he'll claim that Christopher and Robin shot Robillard while he escapes.

Once Shaughnessy leaves, Christopher works free of his ropes and frees Robin. They leave via the skylight and Christopher sends Robin. He goes after Shaughnessy and the two men fight, and Christopher finally takes him down. The guards arrive just as the Blackwing arrives overhead and says that the police are outside the gate. The police burst in as the guards run, and Lisa runs to Christopher and kisses him. Christopher uses the omni-camera to transmit Robin's live broadcast to the station.

Later on the Blackwing, Libby wonders if Christopher is just going to fly out. She wonders if he's going to turn his back on Robin and pretend that nothing happened, and says that he's allowed to fall for someone. After a moment, Christopher tells Jeff to cancel the takeoff for some time off for everyone. He thanks "Libby" just as Libby comes in. Philo removes his "Libby" mask.

Later at the restaurant, Christopher meets Libby and congratulates her on her report. She says that the nationals picked it up and she's had a dozen offers, and assures Christopher that it was all due to him. They kiss and Christopher asks how Peter is doing. She says that she doesn't know what to do about the cameraman's crush, and Christopher suggests that she be honest with him. Robin then tells Christopher that she has a plane to catch to San Francisco, and she agrees to meet him there as long as she has him all night.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 3, 2016

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