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Home Again Recap

Outside of the asylum, a drunken Ash skids his Mustang around and mourns Pablo's death with Pablo's taped-together corpse in the front seat. Kelly and Ruby watch, and Kelly looks at Pablo's pendant. She insists that Pablo didn't have to die, and Ruby says that everyone dies and Pablo achieved more than she did in thousands of years.

Ash wishes that he could go back in time and undo what happened, and hallucinates Pablo telling him to do it. He says that Ash should go back in time and make sure that he never picks up the Necronomicon. Ash brakes to a halt and tells Ruby and Kelly to get in the car. He then tells Ruby to read the proper incantation from Pablo's corpse. She refuses, warning that Ash could damage so much more than he fixed. Ash drives the car through town and tells Ruby to read the spell or he'll crash and kill them all. Kelly tells Ruby to do it, and she reads the incantation. Ash yells to Linda that he'll fix everything and come back for her, and heads for a wall. A time portal opens and they disappear.

The Mustang ends up in town in the daylight, and Ash realizes that they've arrived in 1982. He tells Kelly that if he stops his younger self from reading the book then Pablo will still be alive in their present. When Ash goes to see Brock, Ruby warns him that it will cause a paradox. She says that all they can do is get the Book and snatch it before Past-Ash reads it, and refuses to let him gamble on sports games. The future town drunk comes over, dressed in a suit, and Ash gives him a bottle of beer and assures him that one little nip won't hurt. As they go, a figure watches them from a window.

Ash drives out to the cabin and puts Pablo's corpse in the trunk. Kelly reads the letter that Ash has written for Pablo when he comes back to life, and they hear the Deadite force moving through the forest. Ash points out that he hasn't read from the Book yet, and tells the others to run. The force chases them into the woods and they split up. Ash falls down a slope and sees the cabin, and continues running as the force comes after him. He gets inside and slams the door shut. When the force comes in, there's no sign of Ash and it leaves.

Inside the cabin, Ash finally drops down from the rafters when the wood breaks. He realizes that the Book isn't there, and wonders if he found it in the root cellar.

Ruby and Kelly search for Ash, unaware that someone is following them.

After stepping on a nail, Ash checks his leg and sees black veins crawling up it. He hastily tourniquets the leg and cuts off the infection, and prepares to cut it off with a chainsaw. Ash can't bring himself to do it and he cuts his leg open with a pair of scissors and sucks out the infection. However, he gags and runs to the kitchen, and realizes that the infection is inside him, chuckling. Ash punches himself in the stomach, yelling at it to get out, and it slams him around the kitchen. Desperate, Ash swallows some cinnamon tobasco sauce, and hot soup. The miniature demonic spawn finally comes out, and Ash smashes it with a frying pan. A woman calls from the cellar, saying that she's trapped. Ash looks down but sees nothing,

Ruby tells Kelly that once they destroy the Book, Kelly can follow her own path. Kelly hears someone behind them, draws her gun, and orders them to come out. No one emerges, and the two women keep going.

Ash enters the cellar and the door slams shut behind him. He goes into the next room and hears the woman crying in the shadows. She says that her husband chained her up and is going to kill her. When Ash pulls the light over, he realizes that it's Henrietta. Henrietta begs Ash to release her, saying that her husband found the Book of the Dead and it changed him. She doesn't know where the Book is, but offers to help Ash find it if he lets her go. Ash figures that it's a trap and a Deadite is hiding inside of Henrietta, and starts beating her. However, they both hear someone coming into the cabin. Ash goes to investigate and sees Professor Raymond Knowby come in with a young student, Tanya.

Raymond confirms that Tanya lives alone and takes out the Book. The shutters slam shut and Raymond dismisses it as the wind, and then tells Tanya student that he needs something from her first.

Henrietta tells Ash that Knowby always keeps the Book with him. As Raymond comes down the stairs with Tanya, Ash grabs the chain keys from the table and closes the door. Meanwhile, Raymond tells Tanya that she's not there to help him translate the Book. He takes her into the next room and Tanya steps into a bear trap. Raymond apologizes and says that it's his only option, while Ash hides next to Henrietta. Henrietta says that they have to stop Raymond.

Raymond tells Tanya that on his last expedition he found the Book. It called to him and forced him to summon the Kanderian demon. Meanwhile, Ash frees Henrietta just as Raymond says that the demon possessed Henrietta. he says that he's going to get the demon out of Henrietta and into Tanya.

Henrietta throws Ash aside and then slams Raymond across the room, knocking him out.

Ruby realizes that the Book has been opened. Vines grab Kelly and Ruby and lift them into the air.

Ash tries to shoot Henrietta, but she slams him into the rafters.

A Kanderian demon possesses a tree and starts pulling Kelly into its maw. More vines grab Ruby.

Ash shoots at Henrietta but she ducks into the shadows. Tanya begs Ash to help her, and he tries to pry open the bear trap.

Kelly grabs a stick and tosses it to Ruby, who manages to stab the tree in its eye. It lets them go and withdraws, and they go to find Ash.

Ash introduces himself to Tanya and says that he's there to save the world... again. Meanwhile, Henrietta's body inflates and she steps out, advancing on Ash from behind. She grabs him and yanks him away, and Ash's hand is stuck in the bear trap. Raymond wakes up and grabs the Book, and runs out. Tanya goes after him while Ash cuts Henrietta open. It shrugs off the wound and throws him away.

Robert slams the trapdoor shut and locks it, telling Tanya that he's not normally so homicidal.

Ash backs out of the next room and yells at Raymond to open the trapdoor. Henrietta moves in on them and promises to hurt them real bad.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 4, 2016

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