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Wish You Were Here Recap

Emma, Hook, and Regina go to Regina's vault to understand the sword they found that will kill Emma. They find the evil Queen at Robin's cage, and she says that losing Robin was the best thing that ever happened to them. because it pushed Regina to free the Queen. She says that the only way to hurt her is to hurt herself, which is why her friends won't hurt her. Emma slashes at the Queen and cuts her across the face, and Regina isn't wounded. The queen teleports away before Emma can stab her again, and Emma realizes that they can kill her.

The Queen teleports back to her car in Storybrooke, and Gold approaches her. He sees the cut on her cheek and realizes that Emma stole the weapon from his shop, and says that he'll let it slide while he tries to find Gideon. He puts a pair of bracelets on the Queen and says that he can find her wherever he wants, and will kill her if Emma doesn't once he finds his son.

At the apartment, Emma tells David what they've discovered. He steps away to take a call, and Emma tells Hook that she was born to kill the Queen. Henry tells her not to do it, warning that it may be how Emma dies. Emma figures that she's destined to do it because she's the Savior. As Henry walks away, Emma's hand trembles. David returns and says that Leroy spotted the Queen walking down Main Street. Emma tells Regina to stay with Henry because she can't harm the Queen without hurting herself, and leaves with David and Hook.

On the street, the trio hears Jasmine calling for help from the diner. When they go in, they find her tied to a chair. When Emma steps forward, the Queen threatens to break Jasmine's neck. She then uses the lamp to summon Aladdin--the new genie--and the Queen says that she's going to give Emma something that she's always wanted. She wishes that Emma gets her wish to never be the Savior, and Aladdin has no choice but to obey, making Emma disappear.

Emma is at the castle in the Enchanted Forest, and blows out the candle on her birthday cake. Everyone applauds and Grumpy asks what she wished for, and Emma says that everything she wants is there. David and Snow look on, and ask her what is bothering her. Emma says that she's had dreams that the Queen cast her curse and she was in a strange land fighting her. She remembers the name Storybrooke, but David assures her that it's only a dream. Emma shows them the sword that was under her bed when she woke up.


Prince Henry runs in and asks for Emma's forgiveness because he was practicing for his knighting ceremony. Emma assures him that he'll be the finest knight the kingdom has ever seen, and Henry assumes the sword is for him. He takes and vows to protect them all, and wishes that he had known his father. Emma assures Henry that he's always looking after his son. David takes Snow back to the celebration and Snow tells Henry that their family is done fighting.


At the diner, Henry and Regina arrive Regina demands to know where Emma is. She figures that they're tearing themselves apart just like the Queen predicted, and knows a way to strike back.

Gold enters his pawnshop and casts a locator spell to find Gideon. However, something blocks his magic.

In the mayor's office, the Queen has Aladdin serve her. Regina comes in and says that she's there to get Emma back. The Queen warns that Aladdin can't undo wishes, and says that Regina should thank her. She explains that she knows Regina better than anyone, and she knows that she wanted to tear Emma's family apart and kick her out of town. Now she's accomplished both. Regina refuses to share her toast to victory, and says that since they're the same person the Queen isn't the only master of the lamp. She tells Aladdin to send her to the same place as Emma, and Aladdin does so.


Regina appears in the Enchanted Forest and calls to Emma. The dwarves go by and Regina runs over to them. They assume that the Queen is back and run off to warn the others. Regina continues on and finds a statue dedicated to David and Snow after they banished the Queen.

Emma is nearby, gathering flowers, and Regina approaches her. Shocked, Emma assumes that she's the Queen as well, and Regina explains that they're from Storybrooke and share custody of a son. She tells Emma that she's the Savior and her family needs her, just as an arrow misses Regina. David and the Snow arrive and say that she can't be there because the fairies banished her, and Regina tells Emma that they're not real. Emma refuses to believe her, and Regina tries to get through to her. She teleports away when David tries to attack her.


At the apartment, David insists that he can't wait for the Queen to use her two remaining wishes. He starts to go get the lamp, and Hook stops him warning that they're outgunned. David tells him to go to the sheriff's station in an hour and they'll end the Queen's reign.


Regina goes to her castle, now abandoned, and hears something laughing from the prison. She goes in and finds Rumplestiltskin imprisoned in a cell. He's happy to see his apprentice back, and Regina asks for his help. Rumplestiltskin why he should help her when she failed to cast the dark curse, and Regina says that Rumplestiltskin and the world was created by a wish to trap Emma. The Dark One recognizes the Savior's name and says that he'll make a deal. He wants his freedom in return for his help, but Regina refuses. Rumplestiltskin points out that the world isn't real and she has nothing to lose by letting him go. He says that Emma became the Savior because she needs a villain: the Queen, the one that she knew. Rumplestiltskin says that if Regina shows her inner darkness then the Savior will return. If she frees him then he can send them both back to Storybrooke via a magic bean. Regina frees him and Rumplestiltskin tells Regina to meet him at the lake at noon. He says that she should look like the Queen as well, and Regina conjures her old dress.


Gold approaches Belle by the lake and says that Gideon has disappeared. He releases the tracking bracelet from her wrist and says that it's about whether their son is safe. When Belle doesn't believe him, Gold has her call the convent to confirm his claim. She learns that something happened to Mother Superior.


At the palace, everyone gathers for Henry's knighting ceremony. Snow assures Emma that they'll defeat the Queen again, and Henry makes his entrance. Regina watches from the shadows as Henry kneels before his parent and grandparents. He vows to serve the kingdom, but Regina comes in and easily knocks the guards away. She immobilizes Snow and David, and Emma begs her not to hurt her parents. Regina asks if she knows a hero who can stop her, and Emma begs for mercy. Disappointed, Regina tells her to look for hero and when she finds it, she'll know where to find her. With that, Regina teleports away with Snow and David. Emma tells henry that she has it.


Hook and Jasmine go to the sheriff's station, but David isn't there.

David goes to the mayor's office and slides the sword to the Queen. He wonders if she still has it after using Gold and Aladdin to strike at them rather than doing it herself. The Queen slams him around the room, but he manages to grab the lamp and summon Aladdin. Aladdin warns David that all wishes come with a price, and David says that the only person who will pay the price is the Queen. He wishes that the Queen gets exactly what she deserves... and nothing happens. The Queen says that all she did was to rip the Charming apart, and now David is all left alone. She already has what she deserves. David charges her and the Queen immobilizes him.

Hook, Jasmine, and Henry arrive, and Hook points out that they have the lamp and she's outnumbered. The Queen releases David, says she'd rather watch them suffer, and teleports away.


At the old castle, David tells Regina that they always defeat the Queen. Emma arrives and tells parents that Regina won't harm her, and steps forward with a casket. It contains the key to the kingdom, and Emma surrenders to save her parents. Regina says that she just wants Emma to remember what happened and get her back to Storybrooke, and apologizes for what she has to do. She rips out David and Show's hearts, and tells Emma to be the Savior or her parents die. Emma says that she's not the Savior, and Regina tells her that she has to fight. Furious, Regina crushes the heard and kills the Charmings, and Emma sobs in tears. She realizes that Emma really can't fight her.

Henry comes in and says that he'll fight, and Emma begs him to stay back. He refuses and Regina says that he won't her hurt her son. She braces himself as Henry strikes... and Emma immobilizes him with a spell. She tells Regina that she remembered when Henry prepared to kill and Regina assures Emma that the Charmings aren't real and she didn't kill anyone. Emma takes the sword and says that is' time to top the real Queen.


The Queen walks down to the diner, and a hooded figure comes out. it casts her aside with a magical gesture, and then transforms her into a snake and confines her in a cage before walking on.

Gold and Belle go to the convent, and Granny explains that they found Mother Superior in a state of shock. Mother Superior says that the black fairy took Gideon and she couldn't stop her.


Emma and Regina go to the lake to meet Rumplestiltskin, and Emma admits that the pain and fighting makes her what she is even if it's her end. Regina explains that she made a deal with Rumplestiltskin to get them home, just as Rumplestiltskin arrives. He hands over the magic bean and teleports away to raze some villages.


David looks at the sleeping Mary Margaret and wonders if he's just as bad as his brother. Hook assumes that he's not, just as Henry, Jasmine, and Henry arrive. Jasmine suggests that David use his wish to break the curse, but he tells her that she's the master of the lamp now. She says that they have to find Agrabah no matter the price to save her people, and Aladdin gives her the Savior's amulet to give to Emma when she returns. Jasmine makes her wish and they disappear.

At the pawnshop, Belle and Gold argue about whose fault is. Gold promises that he didn't speed her pregnancy, and Belle wonders what they've done to each other and to their son. He says that they have to work together and there are realms of dark magic where his mother lurks. Gold says that there's place of immense dark power and time runs differently there.

Leroy enters the apartment and shows them the transformed Queen. He says that the hooded figure transformed her.

The hooded figure enters the pawnshop and removes the hood, to reveal that it's their son Gideon... now an adult.

Regina and Emma open the portal, but robin appears and opens fire on them. Regina starts to go to him, and Emma reminds Regina that he's not real. The portal starts to close, and Emma tells Regina that they have to go. The portal closes as Regina stares at Robin.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 5, 2016