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The Return of Doctor Mysterio Recap

In an apartment in New York City, a boy lies in his bed sleeping and dreaming. Someone swings by his window, and the boy Grant Gordon finally wakes up. He goes to investigate and finds the Doctor hanging upside down, swinging back and forth. Grant opens the window and asks what the Doctor is doing, and he says that he was setting a trap on the roof and accidentally tried it out. The boy points out on that they're on the 60th floor as the rope starts to break. When the Doctor asks if he can come in, Grant says that he has to ask his mother and closes the window. As the Doctor struggles with the window and the rope continues fraying, Grant comes back and says that the Doctor can come in because he's expected. The rope breaks and the Doctor manages to grab the windowsill, pulling himself in. Grant gives him milk and cookies. Realizing that it's Christmas Eve, the Doctor ho-ho-hos and eats a cookie.

Later, the Doctor thumbs through Grant's comic books. Grant comes back and says that his parents went back to sleep. They go up to the roof and Grant sneezes. He explains that he always gets a cold during Christmas, and the Doctor gives him a glowing red crystal to hold while he checks his trap machine. When the Doctor only says that he's "the Doctor", Grant says that in the comics he'd be called Dr. Mysterio. The Doctor tries to explain what his machine does, and says that there's been a lot of localized time disruptions in New York because of him, and he's hoping to calm it all down. He has Grant turn it on but nothing happens. The Doctor then has him put the gem in its housing, explaining that it's a pure dwarf-star crystal, "The Ghost of Love and Wishes," from a red hole. It knows what the holder wants, and draws power from the nearest star to make it happen.

Grant says that he thought it was medicine... and swallowed it. Grant's chest is glowing red, and he starts to levitate. The Doctor pushes him down to the rooftop but Grant drifts up again. The boy panics and flies off into the sky, the Doctor holding onto his ankles.


Years later, Grant wakes up to the sound of a baby crying. He goes to the baby Jennifer's room to comfort her, and calls Jennifer's mother Mrs. Lombard to assure her that everything is fine. Grant's chest glows red as he hangs up.


Young Grant lands on a radio antenna, and the Doctor explains that the gemstone is giving the boy what he wants: superpowers.


At the Harmony Shoal Science Research Associates office building in New York, Mr. Brock is giving a press conference. One reporter, Lucy Fletcher, asks him why he has so many benefactors but she can't find any of them. Brock jokingly says that he killed them all and looks over at his underline, Dr. Sim. A short bald man, Nardole, asks where the little boy's room is, insisting that he's not looking for the restroom.

As the reporters leave, Brock goes over to Sim and asks if there's a problem. Sim says that there's something he needs to show him, and Brock notices Lucy talking to a janitor. He tells Sim to meet him there at midnight while he deals with something else. Once he walks off, Sim dabs at his nose… revealing a blue liquid.

That night, Sim is at his desk when Brock comes in. They go to the next room while Lucy--posing as the janitor--follows them. Nardole has snuck in, and says over a radio that it's all clear.

Brock and Sim go to a vault holding dozens of jars of disembodied brains. The senior executive points out that their benefactors donated brains for a top-secret research project, and the project isn't to be discussed by any company employees. Lucy sneaks up to the vault door and peers in, listens as Brock warns Sim that neither of them have the clearance to know what's going on. Sim's eyes flash briefly, and he says that he first counted 24 specimens. Then there were 30, now there are 36. However, there have been no deliveries: some of the brains just arrived.

As Lucy backs way from the door, she finds the Doctor behind her, chewing loudly on sushi. He tells her to keep listening, and Lucy turns back to the vault door. Inside, Sim's nose is leaking blue fluid. He daubs at it with a handkerchief and suggests that Brock tap on one of the jars. When Brock does so, the brain throbs and a pair of eyes appear on it. Brock turns and realizes the eyes are just like Sim's. "Sim" then points up at a jar with a brain, and says that is the real Sim. Brock punches him but Sim ignores the blow and grabs him by the throat. He then adjusts his head that the punch knocked askew, and says that the same thing happened to him that is going to happen to Brock. He walks out of the vault and a group of masked surgeons step forward out of hidden doors.

Sim seals the vault door and the surgeons grab Brock. One of them opens one of the jars with a brain inside.

In the hallway, Lucy and the Doctor wait until Sim goes and then the Doctor leads Lucy to where he's parked the TARDIS. The Doctor introduces himself as a special agent with Scotland Yard. He points out that Harmony Shoal has offices all around the world in capital cities. Nardole joins them as Sim turns on the lights and aims a gun at them. The Doctor turns around and tells Sim to shoot them in the back and try to explain how he shot them in self-defense. Lucy and Nardole turn around as well, just as someone taps on the outside window. Lucy points out that they're on the 100th floor, and Sim turns to see a masked superhero levitating outside the window. The reporter recognizes him and says that it's the Ghost, and he's real.

The Ghost shatters the window and floats inside. Sim shoots him but the bullets bounce off of the hero's chest. He then throws Sim across the room and asks Lucy if Sim was annoying her. The Ghost says that he enjoys her column, and asks who the Doctor and Nardole are. The Doctor introduces himself, staring at the Ghost intently, and the Ghost seems to recognize him. The hero then offers Lucy a ride home and flies off with her... and the Doctor mutters Grant's name.


The Doctor tells Young Grant that he'll be back to normal once the gemstone leaves him. He makes Young Grant promise that he will never ever use his powers as long as he has them. Smiling, Young Grant agrees.


The Ghost lands outside Lucy's apartment and a signal goes off on his iPhone. He says that he has business to attend to and quickly flies off. The Ghost flies back to his apartment, transforms into Grant, and goes to check on the baby. The Doctor is sitting in the corner holding it, and says that he tracked the gemstone inside of Grant. He insists that Grant's powers are an anomaly and don't belong on Earth, and reminds Grant of his promise to never use his powers. Grant explains that he's the baby's nanny and that's how he makes a living. Nardole gives him the baby's bottle, and Grant says that he monitors the baby.

Lucy comes in and collects her baby, and sees the Doctor and Nardole. Grant signals to the Doctor not to give away his secret, and the Doctor says that they wanted to make sure she was all right. Lucy tells the Doctor that they need to talk, and goes to put her daughter to bed. Once they're alone, Grant tells the Doctor that Lombard is Lucy's married name. He ran off when the baby came along.


At school, a teenaged Grant is sitting in the hallway when the Doctor sits down next to him. Grant says that the gemstone hasn't passed, and the Doctor figures that it's now a part of his DNA and has bonded with him. He realizes that Grant is shy, and Grant says that he can't stop his x-ray vision. He can't look at anyone because he sees everyone as naked, and Lucy goes by. The Doctor realizes that Grant likes Lucy.


Grant and the Doctor go out on the fire escape, and Grant tells the Doctor that a couple of years after high school, he ran into Lucy again and she remembered him. She fell in love with Grant's best friend and eventually they got married and had a daughter. Then he ran off with someone else. Fire trucks go by and Grant sees a fire in the distance. He flies off to handle it as the Ghost. Lucy comes out, holding a squeaky toy, and tells the Doctor to meet her in the kitchen.

Inside, Lucy is writing an article about the fire. Once she finishes, she questions the Doctor about his cover story. She doesn't believe his claim about being from Scotland Yard, and threatens the squeaky toy until he tells the truth. The Doctor admits that he's investigating Harmony Shoal, and Lucy demands to know what the brain things are. He finally says that the brains are independent alien life forms migrating from planet to planet extracting and replacing the nervous systems of compatible hosts. Harmony Shoal is extracting the brains of key authority figures around the world and preparing Earth for full colonization. Lucy figures that he's telling the truth, and asks what Harmony Shoal has to do with the Ghost. She figures that the Doctor knows the Ghost and trusts him, and demands to know his secret identity.

Lucy realizes that the Doctor isn't used to being talked to like he has a boss, so he must work independently. She demands to know why he's investigating Harmony Shoal, and the Doctor interrupts her to point out a report interviewing the Ghost on TV. His app goes off just as the baby monitor in the baby's room beeps. The Ghost flies off and Lucy tells the Doctor that she has to know who he is. Grant comes out with the baby seconds later, and late takes her. The news runs a report of another emergency, and Grant flies off again. Lucy calls the Doctor in and asks if he can put her in touch with the Ghost, and the Doctor suggests that she might know him. Grant comes back in and offers to get Lucy some coffee, and she asks the Doctor if he can put her in touch with the Ghost. Grant secretly shakes his hand, and the Doctor starts to tell her the truth.

Before Lucy can pursue the matter, the phone rings. She answers it and the Ghost identifies himself. The Doctor slips out to the kitchen when Grant is speaking on the phone in his deeper "Ghost" voice. He says that an interview is possible but he says that he won't discuss his secret identity. Lucy agrees and suggests that they meet the next night for dinner and an interview. She then goes out to the kitchen to ask Grant to babysit for her. He hides his phone before she sees it, and Lucy says that she has a date/interview. Grant says that he has a date, and Lucy is surprised that Grant is seeing someone, He agrees to look after Jennifer and he'll figure out something with his date. Once she goes, the Doctor points out that Lucy is jealous of herself. When Grant mentions that he's known Lucy for 24 years, the Doctor remembers River and tells Grant not to be an idiot. Grant asks if he's okay, and the Doctor says that he's always okay before walking off. Sirens sound in the distance and Grant flies off to deal with another emergency.

At Harmony Shoal, Sim is working at his desk when the "new" Brock joins him. Sim shows him video of the Ghost's early arrival, and says that it's the finest vehicle the planet has to offer them. Brock asks who the Doctor is, and Sim figures that he may be dangerous. The Doctor arrives and offers them mercy. He suggests that they get off Earth, and Brock takes it as a declaration of war. He opens his head and takes out a gun, aiming it at the Doctor. The Doctor says that whatever they have planned--whatever it is--won't work. He warns that there have been countless attempts to invade Earth and not a single one has succeeded. The Doctor whistles and Nardole materializes the TARDIS around him.

Before Nardole goes over what he's learned about the Ghost, he points out that the Doctor cut him out because he was lonely. The Doctor insists that he's too busy saving a planet, and Nardole points out that he always does it when the conversation turns serious.

Lucy prepares to go out and Grant says that she looks nice. She insists that her interview/date is strictly business. Once she leaves, Grant transforms into the Ghost and flies to meet her with a picnic dinner. He meets Lucy on the roof and realizes that she has changed into her dating dress. The Ghost says that she looks nice.

The Doctor materializes the TARDIS at Harmony Shoal in Tokyo. He floods the lobby with Pokemon as a distraction to get everyone out, then checks a computer and finds a signal beaming into space. He detected a similar signal at the New York office, and figures that there's something in low orbit.

The Ghost sets the table and lights the candle.

Back in the TARDIS, the Doctor tries to get a fix on the object in orbit but it's too well shielded.

After eating, the Ghost explains about his powers. He admits that x-ray vision made his adolescence difficult. Meanwhile, the aliens scan for the Ghost and move into position when they find him. Sim and Brocks activate the surgeons.

The TARDIS materializes near the alien ship in orbit, and the Doctor suggests that they go aboard.

Lucy asks the Ghost if he has a significant other, and how he copes with his double life. He asks her how she copes with a career and a baby, and claims that he knows about her baby because he did his research. Lucy says that she has a nanny, and the Ghost assures her that it isn't a problem. The reporter says that there aren't many people like Grant, and then excuses herself to step away for a moment.

On the street below, an ambulance pulls up and Brock and the surgeons get out.

The TADIS materializes aboard the spaceship and they go off to the bridge... and set off a silent alarm. Sim receives the alert and mans a computer station to send two drones after the Doctor and Nardole.

The Ghost apologizes for implying that there was something wrong with Lucy's friend Grant, and she says that not everyone can be a nanny. She wonders why she cares that Grant was going to go on a date. Behind her, Grant takes off his mask and tries to turn her around to ace him, but she walks off. Hiding her eyes in her hands, Lucy says that she takes Grant for granted while Grant tries to get her attention. She talks about how Grant has never lied to her, and then looks up... just before Grant puts his mask back on.

Brock and the surgeons come out on the roof and Brock says that if the Ghost takes any aggressive action then he'll kill Lucy. One of the surgeons puts a brain jar on the table, and Brock says that they want the hero's body.

The Doctor and Nardole enter the bridge and the Doctor realizes that the reactor core is overloading. It's no longer a ship: it's a giant bomb. They spot the two drones on the monitor, approaching the bridge, and the Doctor seals the door. The Doctor realizes that the aliens are going to drop the ship on New York City, except the Harmony Shoal building which is designed to withstand a nuclear explosion and worse. Sim contacts them via the monitor and the Doctor explains that the people will panic and they'll find the safest place to hide themselves: the Harmony Shoal buildings in every capital. When they come running, the surgeons will take them over. However, the humans have one plan as always: the Doctor.

Brock tells the Ghost that they have a tool capable of cutting open the Ghost's skull. Lucy tells the hero not to worry about her, and the Ghost apologizes to her and then flies off. Brock says that at least he gets to kill Lucy and pulls his head apart. Lucy points out that if Brock kills her then he loses his only hostage, and Brock points out that there's another hostage downstairs. Grant stumbles through the rooftop door and says that he's the nanny.

The Doctor wonders why the aliens haven't already launched their attack, and Sim says that they will strike when the time is right. Realizing that the time isn't currently right, the Doctor realizes that since he can't stop the ship from crashing or disarm it, there's only one thing he can do: the unexpected. He hits all the buttons and switches, and the ship heads for Earth's surface. Sim tells the building's employees to lower shields and brace for impact.

Grant dares Brock to point his gun at him, but Brock figures that the Ghost will come at Lucy. He yells to the superhero, saying that he will kill her if he doesn't return.

The Doctor tells Nardole that now that the core has armed, the shields are down and they can use the TARDIS and transport the ship into deep space. He opens the door, assuming the drones now have other things to worry about. One of them grabs Nardole and the Doctor quickly seals the door again on the drone's arm. Meanwhile, the Doctor realizes that the controls are locked but he can still warn someone.

Brock looks up and sees the ship coming down, and realizes that it's too soon. Meanwhile, the Doctor sends a message to Grant via ultra-sonic frequency that only he can hear. He says that if the ship hits the ground then the city will be destroyed. Grant tells Lucy to get down, takes off his glasses, and braces himself.

The Doctor tells Nardole to brace for impact. The ship comes down and... everyone in the city looks up at the sky. Brock and Lucy stare in shock at Grant, holding the spaceship. Grant looks at Lucy and shrugs.

In the ship, the Doctor tells Nardole that the reactor core didn't split because Grant absorbed the impact.

As Grant asks Lucy not to slap him because he's holding a giant bomb, the TARDIS materializes nearby. The Doctor tells Brock that his people don’t have a chance because of people like Grant. As Lucy starts to kiss Grant, the Doctor suggests that Grant get rid of the spaceship first. Lucy puts Grant's glasses on and kisses him, and he flies up with her and the spaceship.

Brock aims his gun at the Doctor and says that it isn't over. The Doctor says that it is and shorts out the gun with his sonic screwdriver. UNIT is heading for Harmony Shoal to shut down the aliens for good, and the Doctor goes to change Jennifer.

UNIT secures Harmony Shoal and finds a brain-less Sim body slumped over at his workstation. The soldier goes to call Osgood... unaware that the alien has put its brain in one of the UNIT soldiers' bodies.

Later, Grant and Lucy have the Doctor and Nardole for dinner. Grant says that he's retired as the Ghost, but Lucy wonders what happens if there's another emergency only the superhero can handle. The Doctor says that the world will be fine now that he's back, and he'll take care of anything that comes up. Grant wonders where he went, and Lucy realizes that the right question is: "What was her name?" He finally says that everything ends and it's always sad... but everything starts and that's happy. He leaves and Nardole says that her name was River Song. She and the Doctor were together for a while and they were happy, and then she died a long time ago in a library. He promises that in the end, the Doctor will be all right because he'll make sure of it.

Smiling, the Doctor leaves in the TARDIS.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 26, 2016